Every now and then, I get eczema on my elbows. Skin care products that I use at various times include: goat milk soap, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, Dr. Bronner’s products… I have, however, had some recent flare ups with acne and I am trying to figure out what to do. We currently have to wrap her arms and legs in cloth strips to keep her from clawing herself bloody. Fascinating! I use a small amount and it doesn’t feel too heavy on my face however, we are all unique and have different experiences! I use raw honey, avacado, and banana for a cleansing mask on my face. I would love to try it and see how it could feed/positively impact (perhaps even help heal!) I began thinking about the products I used on my skin and if those products were safe. I have been happy with this product, but have been interested in using tallow for awhile. Tallow body balm method. I have not tried tallow; so why not? For mascara I currently have lemongrass. Conjugated Linoleic Acid with natural anti-inflammatory properties. My granddaughter has severe allergies and eczema. I mainly use a homeopathic ointment (unda 270) and a lotion that I make from beeswax and oil, but I am in love with the idea of using tallow! Thank you! It nourishes and heals the skin from the inside out, as well as a multitude of other benefits. Tallow is the way to go! I’d love to receive tallow balm because my 2 year old has been struggling with really dry, patchy skin this winter. Beef tallow is a nutrient-dense food, and we all should make it a staple in our pantries. I would love try tallow and hope to find her some relief from all of the itching!! I had tried soooooo many different products–even diet changes!–and nothing did the job. I have been experimenting with Beauty Balm by Green Pastures. My daughter’s skin condition does very well with natural based moisturizers. I can’t use typical moisturizers on my face I use a few oils but it doesn’t seem to be enough and being in my 30’s I’m desperate for a good moisturizer. Your article just gave me the extra push to pursue this for sure! :( Thank you for this opportunity! I want to just order her some, but if I could win it that would be better for my budget. Her eczema is quite severe. taking care of daily chores and my kids has been challenging with my hands. I make deodorant with coconut oil, corn starch and baking soda. I am currently using Evanhaley lotion for my face and home made tallow lotion for least of body. They work ok. We all have sensitive skin and I would be very grateful to try this product with my little girl. It would be wonderful to be able to try this revolutionary tallow balm, as my itching could be alleviated and sleep would be easier. I also make Whipped Body Butters, Lotion Bars, balm and salves from recipes online. We have one child who suffers from eczema and we make a natural healing salve to use on him. In case you're wondering: Tallow, is similar to lard, except it is rendered from the fat of cows. I currently use home-rendered tallow with some olive oil and essential oils, but alas, I’m almost out. Tallow contains high concentrations of fat soluble Vitamins A, D, and K (in a balanced combination with their activators) which have a profound impact on skin overall health. It’s no wonder with as dry as it’s been this winter and especially in our house. I have recently started being more vocal about my shift to doing things the “old” way. I started looking at tallow about a month ago when nothing seemed to be working on my skin. I would like to stop her from using Hydrocortisone, but it seems to be the only thing that works. . i have homemade lye soap, homemade hard lotion bars, homemade salt and sugar scrubs, homemade tooth “paste”. :). Thank you for this opportunity! Finding more hairs in your brush than usual or seeing hairs sprinkled on your pillow when you wake up may be the result of thinning rather than breakage. I don’t currently use any “official” products. Beef tallow, rendered from grass-fed cattle, is loaded with vitamins A, D & K and antioxidants. I’ve tweaked that recipe over time and that’s what I use to moisturize everything. I would love a chance at winning some of your tallow balm. Healthy skin and hair; Beef Tallow May Help You Burn More Fat. I’m always looking for natural ways to moisturize my skin! I’d love to try the tallow on him instead! And that is beef stock where I take the beef bones and some vegis (carrots, celery, onions) and put some tomato paste on top of them and put them in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes and then toss the whole of it with a bunch of parsley into a huge pot, cover it with a whole lot of water, bring it to a boil, drop it to a simmer and then put a lid on crooked and let it go and go. Price Foundation. Would be so grateful to be chosen. I guess I feel the tallow in home is better used nourishing my 12 month old. We currently use Aquaphor for our skin, but would love to use tallow balm instead for itchy and irrated skin! As for my current skin care, I am dabbling in making my own. Polyunsaturated oils are unstable, fragile, and susceptible to rancidity when subjected to heat, which causes the production of free radicals, associated with cell damage, aging, and disease. I have a number of over-the-counter moisturizers that just sit there because I am concerned about the chemicals. However, since becoming pregnant my doctor suggested I switch to something more natural. Thanks for posting this! Right now I’m really into Hydroponic Acid and Essential oils. I also have a cousin with eczema, which nothing has helped. It sounds like a good product. Directions: Scoop out 2 tablespoons of pomade and add a teaspoon of Chebe Powder. Vitamin E present in beef tallow is highly recommendable for moisturizing skin and wound healing. I have always wanted to make more, but just don’t have the time. I’ve been using Nourishing Traditions almost unscented for almost two years now. I use a variety of different products now, trying to find something that will work for my super dry skin and my 2 daughters’ eczema flare ups. I have used Bare minerals. I currently use Arbonne natural facial care after years of cheap drugstore products, and am NOW experiencing stubborn breakouts. I develop migraines & get a metallic taste in my mouth with most skin products, including makeup & sunscreens. We live in nyc and have been having a very cold winter which leads to heat in the home which leads to dry dry skin. Please answer this question below in the comments with no less than 5 sentences to enter the giveaway. I never knew it was bad until recently. Anyhow, may I use your chart and information regarding the benefits of tallow vs the benefits of shea butter. They help your bones absorb calcium, protect your liver from toxins, and keep your cells functioning properly. Tallow – Vintage Tradition obtains their tallow from Larga Vista Ranch, Maytag Mountain Ranch, Music Meadows Ranch, James Ranch, and Sun Prairie Beef, all in Colorado, Alderspring Ranch in Idaho, Touchstone Angus in Wyoming, and other ranches where the cows are 100% grass-fed, which is important for the superior therapeutic value of their balm. My son also develops eczema on his legs, so this would be helpful! I’ve yet to find anything natural that really sinks in and soothes as well as my Gold Bond. It coated and sunk in like a thick lotion and I was happy with the results. However, if I don’t put coconut oil on my face everyday it does sometimes get dry patches. I’m slowly realizing the importance of living green thankfully…for our children’s sake. Great article! Where previously I’ve been pleased with the results of various organic, plant-based skin care products, I now feel like I just can’t find a product that truly nourishes my skin. Thanks! I’d love to try this tallow balm! Some with success, some with failure. Thank you for sharing!! What a wonderful post. conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. I typically he tallow balm made by a friend of mine, coconut oil, or a cocoa butter balm on my skin, especially over the winter. During my searching, I came across some stuff about the benefits of tallow and would love to try it! I really want to try this product because if it works to nourish and repair my skin and I don’t have to use toxic products I’m sold. Honestly most days this full-time mom doesn’t look in the mirror! We are dairy farmers, crane operators, and have a large family garden. Thanks! I just started using more natural products. When searching for tallow, you’re probably going to find articles listing down the benefits of mutton tallow, while others speak about beef tallow. Price Foundation. I’ve struggled with dry skin and skin issues in general since moving to Montana’s arid climate. Maybe tallow will. I really think this could help my daughter and would be so grateful to have the opportunity to give this a try. I read about tallow a few years ago and was intrigued with the common sense of the article. I would love to be selected for a sample of your tallow balm. My daughter has eczema inside her elbows and on her hands. Great article. Section your hair into 4, 6, or 10 sections (depending on length of hair) and apply as you alternate with water. Mix thoroughly. I’ve been wanting for him to try tallow on it. I’m a recovering vegetarian (been vegetarian my whole life, started eating fish and a little chicken), and I’ve always had mild to moderate acne on my face and back (which is embarrassing). I am pretty sure I will love this tallow balm even more from the reviews. The tallow definitely had a nourishing type quality and a little goes a long way. I use Aveda products primarily and use coconut oil on occasion. I have not yet rendered tallow but have collected some from the top of cooked beef and noticed how deliciously slippery it is! I have recently begun using coconut oil both in cooking and as a body moisturizer. No matter what I use, nothing has worked. Yup. I’ve never heard of tallow until just recently since I’ve started my “real food journey” and have become a member of the Weston A. Yuck! This is the first I have heard of using tallow for skin care and I am very intrigued and would love to try it! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Grass-fed tallow is loaded with vitamins A, D and K, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that promote growth, while ostrich oil is a wonderful moisturizer for all hair types – … I’d like to include a tallow based product in my routine to see if this can aid the healing of my metabolism. Nothing works and I feel so bad having to put medications (prescription steroids) on it. Great article thank you! My husband uses the tallow balm as deodorant as well. The better quality your source, the better quality your product. Thank you! Would love to try this one. Tallow contains the abundant fat-soluble activators — vitamins A, D, E, and K — which are necessary for skin health. I would not be able to purchase right now, because unfortunately my husband is on a nation wide strike with the oil industry! I would love to give this to her if I win :). I’m super excited to try the tallow balm since I appreciate not only the animal based nature of the product but the complete lack of chemicals. One of our local, pasturing farmers has recently started offering suet. This is an interesting article. I would love to try this so I know what Tallow Balm should be like! Ever heard someone say, “So-and-so ate bacon and eggs every morning and lived in good health until s/he was 90+….” That might be because the pork fat in bacon is not an unhealthy fat. I know my body could use the health benefits!! It’s very temporary relief. I live in the High Desert of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and can’t seem to keep my skin moisturized. I use Burt’s bees, but I have always been fascinated by the fact that we have abandoned so many old traditions that worked for centuries a d have allowed ourselves to be seduced by modern science that hasn’t had the years of testing that the old ways did. Currently we use coconut oil and young living oils for most of our family’s skin care needs. We eat pretty healthy and have tried avoiding different foods. We have found a plant based cream that has been working, but it has questionable ingredients. Thanks to my wife I am being exposed to new ideas that differ greatly from my experience and upbringing. I have tried to find similar products but keep coming back to them. Now, after reading the article, it makes perfect sense! Directions: apply paste by evenly distributing it through your hair in section. I love vintage traditions. When tallow comes from organic, grass fed cows, it is one of the healthiest fats there is. I have hesitated in the past because I never knew the quality and sadly most I know stick up their nose when I have asked if they have tried it. I’m hoping that tallow will help to get this eczema fully healed, looking forward to trying it out! I am fortunate not to have any strong allergic issues to fragrances but since I have eliminated them from my house and body, they hit as way too strong any time I encounter them elsewhere. I am healing my insides with whole foods, collagen, raw milk. We currently use a body butter of mostly Sheabutter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and EO’s. I really want to try tallow balm to try and heal those painful cracks and see if I can get silky smooth legs for a change! I’d love to win and try a tallow based moisturizer. Using the tallow balm would be the first step in that direction. My husband gets rashes on his legs this time of year that itch him like crazy that nothing seems to help with. I use Oly of Olay products for day and night. Thanking you kindly, Kathleen. My 5 year old daughter is diabetic, and her skin is so dry, particularly in the winter. Thank you in advance! I would like to see what tallow could do for us. I normally use Egyptian Magic, which I loooove! Even the completely unscented doesn’t smell meaty to me. One of our best selling products is our grass-fed beef tallow, or rendered fat, otherwise known as lard.. I would love to try a healthy face cream that might help soothe my skin. My skin is my barometer for health — it’s very sensitive to what I put on it, in my body, as well as my emotions. This seems the perfect opportunity to give it a go! I have acne prone skin and the over the counter creams don’t work well with my skin. Thanks for the great article- I have a few loved ones I think would really benefit from reading this, so I am looking forward to sharing it! I’ve tried many different lotions but nothing’s worked except hydrocortisone which I hate using on my sweet girl. I have been experimenting with YL oils and different carrier oils, as well as Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap , and shea butter, and have made my own body wash, foaming hamdsoap, and body butter. Palmitoleic acid (omega 7) which is one of our skin’s basic building blocks. ( Log Out /  I try olive oil, coconut oil and lavender oils for all of us, but it doesn’t always do the trick. It sounds marvelous; especially the scent called Windswept. As a stay at home mother of 2 young children, my hands look 10 years older than the rest of me from all the cleaning, dishwashing, frequent hand washing, & past diaper changing. Choose whatever oils make you happy. I have such sensitive skin being fair and freckled, and I react to a lot of different substances. Nothing we have tried has proved truly effective. I would like to win the balm for my husband and daughter. Beef liver and heart contains significant amounts of copper. We usually use cetaphil cream to moisturize and hydrocortisone for eczema flare ups. I hope to win tallow balm to help with my daughters eczema and my self deprived eye bags. So it would be really awesome to win a tallow balm! I get a bit self conscious about them during class when I’m teaching my students. I am currently using babyganic eczema care for my hands. I also think it would be beneficial to my husband who is a frequent hand washer and suffers from red, cracked hands all year long. mixed with Shea butter & castor oil directly on the patch-it stung pretty intensely for awhile, rubbing it helped the stinging, also have heard that it’s good to exfoliate it, so perhaps it helped in that regard as well. Thank you for this opportunity. Thanks so much for considering me!! I am currently out of just about all of my products so am looking to incorporate some new products to my routine. This is the first time I’ve heard of tallow and it makes so much sense to use an animal fat based product to replenish our skin. I need more so if I don’t get a free one I’ll be using the 10% link ;) thanks!! But I find that in winter, it doesn’t put up much of a defense against dry skin, especially pregnant dry skin! I would love to try the tallow cream to see if it would help. I don’t use anything on my skin regularly, since I’ve learned of all the bad things in most over-the-counter skin care products. I love it and use it on my face, hands, and legs. My hands are perpetually dry from all the cooking and food related washing I do. I currently only use coconut oil on my face but my cousin recommended I try tallow. I can barely survive any other “fragrances.”. i use pure aloe Vera and those oil as a moisturizer and cleanse with blue corn and almond bits. I have been using tallow as skin care since May 2014 and am very pleased with the results. We have tried everything and I believe this in combination with my high quality doterra oils will do the trick. My 2 year old daughter had been having awfully dry skin. :) I have very dry skin and even dandruff that I really think using a quality product like this could help. I would love to add the addition of tallow balm with them. BENEFITS OF BEEF TALLOW FOR SKIN . From following your articles, this maybe the product that will solve my dry skin. I currently use a variety of skin care products. Excited to learn more. It sounds like tallow balm would do wonders for my skin. I also have young children with eczema and dry skin and would be interested to see if tallow makes a difference. The products are great!). 5 Impressive Perks Of Including Beef Tallow In Your Diet . Although financially strained, I don’t want this to stop me from having the best productions for me and my family and have chosen to make sacrifices to do so! I’ve been on a traditional diet for over two years and found greater strength and satisfaction in my food than ever before. Can you eat tallow raw? We have four home raised littles and so many foster littles who all have different skin problems. Health Benefits of Beef Tallow. As a result, I use very few body care products at all. Homemade Conditioner For Dry Hair Using Beef Tallow. I use blends of different carrier oils and essential oils. Through the help of an environmental dr, diet and our body butter we’ve made a significant improvement. Last week, I found myself itching my skin in my sleep, with the itch being unbearable at times. I bought a jar of it a while back and started using it on the backs of my arms where I have keratosis palaris. My hands especially always feel dry and I am cooking and gardening a lot and lots of hand washing means dry hands! I have been really wanting to try a tallow balm on my 4month old daughter severe eczema. See more ideas about tallow, beef tallow, diy bath products. This means that a lot of the nutrients contained in beef tallow head straight to your skin, helping to maintain skin integrity, tone and elasticity. Lard, beef tallow and emu oil have all been used historically and are still used today by some traditional herbalists. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can get my hands on. My hands are always dry. different body pampering recipes that use tallow, Grab a tallow shampoo bar to try for yourself here. But since I ran out I’ve been using a non-petroleum jelly type product and it doesn’t work as well. All these benefits combined is one of the reasons why karkar oil is such a potent and effective treatment for hair. Amazon.com: Cow Fat (Tallow) Whipped into A creamy Consistency for use with Chebe Powder. (And I love the deodorant balm! I have tried all of their different body balms, including the mild manly scent, and there wasn’t one I didn’t enjoy! We not only use it for cooking, but also in homemade body lotion. No matter what, I will be sharing this site with my psoriatic support group in the morning! After rendering (literally just melting it on low heat and straining out any meaty bits) it becomes an amazing, healthy cooking fat that can be used in any recipe calling for oil or fat. I would love to try Tallow for both of us :-). Change ). I currently use a homemade tallow balm. I try to only use skin products I would eat. The only thing I have a hard time with is deodorant. It’s not working well though and I’m starting to get eczema spots on my hand. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway and the discount as well! I was just looking for something and came across this by a friends facebook page. My daughter is still dealing with eczema on the back of her arms and my hands are often very dry. Tallow contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has … well, I guess I can say I’m continuing to learn and wanting to perfect my education concerning what goes in and on my body and I attempt to bring others along with me in this process. But it is true that a little goes a long way. I just heard about tallow balm and was looking into trying it with him. Other than that, I have Tropical Traditions unscented moisturizing cream that I use once in awhile. I just read an article from WAPF on FB that beef tallow is the best thing for eczema. I truly believe that it is something I am putting on my skin. -Cynthia. I would love to try this product for myself and for my husband, who has started developing eczema around his nose and eyebrows. Great article! It sounds so wonderful. Plus, I’d like to compare their product with mine! I currently use homemade whipped body butters, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and infused coconut and grapeseed oils. […] March 1, 2015 I wrote an article about the benefits of tallow balm for our blog. I oil cleanse with coconut oil and use a moisturizer or sunblock by Keys Soap that is composed mainly of avocado oil, carrotseed oil etc. It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulphates and other compounds that support joint health. Recipients will be chosen on March 7, 2015 at 8:00P Pacific. My skin reacts negatively to most products so it’s hard finding something that will really help, while also preventing my skin from getting too dry and cracking. I’ve actually been using Vintage Traditions for over a year now and I LOVE it! I have had issues with acne for years. Thanks for all the info and this great giveaway. Oct 9, 2017 - Explore Margie Harding's board "Beef Tallow" on Pinterest. I was able to manage it by using Babyganics Eczema Cream, which helped clear it up and maintain it within a few days. But then I feel guilty because I spent money on them. I’ve never tried tallow before and would love to become a “slave” to it! Maybe I got an inferior quality product. Please pick ME to win!!! I LOVED your article and learned a lot!! I know the value of healing from the inside out and I am working to heal my gut. A few of my family including me gets eczema. However, tallow balm would be a great compliment to the healing process for both of us. .Hard to find the right skin product to clear up these stubborn dry patches of skin on the back and sides of his neck I want to use only a pure totally chemical free natural skin product .I would love the opportunity to try this for my disabled son hoping this will make the dry patches clear up . From books published in the 1800’s, recipes abound for lard, tallow and lanolin-based salves. Theme By Coded Creative. For body, I use Perlier, mostly the Honey Meil but I do have other scents. At 2 years old…she shouldn’t have to suffer with this! I’ve used cod liver oil balm and tallow based soap, but not tallow cream or tallow balm, probably because I’ve never come across it. We use vanacream, cerave cream, and non petroleum jelly. I would LOVE IT if the ancient tallow balm would be the cure I have been searching for all this time! I would like to try these for my daughter. I’ve been looking for something like tallow balm for a while and am hopeful that it will improve my skin. Health Benefits. I make my own lotion bars and also use a raw shea butter. I know tallow is amazing and want to be a believer who experiences the same amazing results I keep reading about! I am currently using dr haushka products for my face and Cody oil with lavendar on my body. I’ve always been interested in tallow, and think it might really help. I would love to try this company’s tallow balm. I love homemade tallow balm! I am using shea butter and cocoa butter and coconut oil and essential oils on my skin, but I would love to try this tallow balm to heal my painful eczema on my hands and my daughters rough and dry skin on her arms and legs. According to the results obtained from several research studies, most people experience hair loss due to excessive production of tallow, or animal fat, in the scalp. I have been trying to replace our family’s care products with natural alternatives. Traditionally, Chadian women use beef fat (tallow) with the Chebe Powder and water on their hair. The monounsaturated fats, while not as “solid” as the saturated fats, are more so than the polyunsaturated fats which are also present in the cell membrane in their own proper proportion, although the modern diet leads to a disproportionate amount of the polyunsaturates. Another strong indication of tallow’s compatibility with our skin biology is its similarity to sebum, the oily, waxy matter that lubricates and waterproofs our skin. And, I use Badger Sleep Balm(olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, essential oils). Thank you for the giveaway! I use Bare Minerals for face wash. For a moisturizer doe my eyes and face, I use Lancôme. Thank you for the opportunity. tallow balm seems to be based on the information in that article and I look forward to trying it. I have even tried making my own, however, the consistency is not exactly what I would like although it is better than most store bought creams or lotions. Tallow is rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid which, according to some studies, can help burn fat. Apparently, it’s so wonderful and natural that my dog loves it too because my older daughter used it and left the lid off and my dog licked the whole entire jar clean! Thanks for this information! I would like to take some steps back in regard to our natural human bodies and well-being. I’ve used olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter. I am always excited to try something natural and nourishing for my skin. tallow balm. This will help fight dry brittle hair. Oh the shame! But it doesn’t work very well, and I would LOVE to try a natural product like tallow balm! I use a deodorant stone and coconut oil to moisturize. I just turned forty and figure it is about time I started taking care if my skin better. Can Help You Absorb Essential Vitamins. My 3rd baby has had eczema for a few months now…I would hate to use a steroid cream but the coconut shea balm I make isn’t helping at all. Our neighbor who is a pediatrician said it just looks like a skin rash but nothing we have tried has worked to get rid of it. I would love to try out the tallow balm and see how it compares to coconut oil when it comes to hydrating my dry skin. What skin care products you are currently using and why would you like to receive a tallow balm? Tallow is made from rendering suet, which is the hard, white fatty layer that surrounds an animal’s organs, specifically the loins and kidneys. I am a faithful consumer of Morrocco Method – a hair care product line free of chemicals ever since November 2014. I have been using it for about two years now, and I can tell my skin looks and feels better after using it.