St. Croix Premier Spinning Rods 4.1 out of 5 stars 12. Le nuove Loomis E6X SJR sono le classiche spin jig, canne da spinning G-Loomis da sempre conosciute per la loro affidabilità e per la loro versatilità. E6X 966S MF: Here's a magnum, big fish rod capable of handling everything from tarpon to grouper. Featuring quality components, full cork handles, and multi-taper action. The reasonably priced E6X line is targeted at mainstream anglers, and is being billed as delivering top-shelf … E6X 843S MF: When you need a little more power to fish slightly larger baits, this 7-footer will not only allow you to use a little heavier line, but it will handle larger fish and keep you out of trouble in heavier cover. If you're the kind of angler that enjoys catching big fish on light line, this is a true gem. G Loomis E6X 845 S MGM Inshore GL 12198 - Spinning Denominazione: E6X 845 S MGM Inshore Codice: GL 12198 Lunghezza: 7’ 0” N pezzi: 1 Tipologia: Spinning Potenza di lancio (oz): 3/8 – 2 1/4 Carico del filo Easy loading, easy casting for fishing virtually any size baits/rigs, depending on your style of fishing. It's built to fish cut bait, live bait and or some smaller lures for virtually any shallow water species where you need a little heavier line or lure. Ron Tabiadon won the G. Loomis E6x Walleye Jig Rod with ticket number 4455. G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rods. Their fly rod sales are tiny in comparison. At 7 '6", it will allow you to cast into the next time zone and handle any oversized surprise. The G. Loomis E6X Walleye Spinning Rod offers a lighter construction than previous models. E6X 844S F: Now we're getting into a little more power in the spin category. $219.99 - $239.99. Multi-taper action offers you a lightweight, sensitive rod with precise action and flex for a wide range of applications and presentations. The G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod is made in the U.S.A. ルーミス / G. Loomis 」の釣具商品一覧ページです。本場アメリカから輸入したバス釣り専用商品で、日本製にはない大胆さと長年培われたノウハウが詰まった釣り道具です。 Thank you to all the MCBA members, and friends of the MCBA for purchasing and making donations to the Tribal Decree fund. Overview The G Loomis E6X Steelhead Float Rod has a proprietary "fiber-blend" and E6X technology allow which makes these rods long, light, well-balanced and surprisingly sensitive! The G. Loomis E6X Spinning Rods has expanded and now offers more models than ever. Technique specific … The G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod delivers anglers top-performing saltwater action in a sleek package. G. Loomis E6X Flip Punch Bass Fishing Rod $219.99. $113.09 - $129.99. Loomis does not cater to the small fly shops because their big market is in spinning and casting rods and they don't add every dealer who has a spot on their rod rack as dealers like Sage does. Extensive range of power-ratings for fishing virtually any size soft plastics baits and jig/trailer combinations. It fishes monofilament up to 14-pound test and will handles lures or baits up to 5/8 ounces. And this E6X line is the currently the least expensive series in their extensive rod lineup.. Here’s what they show on their website about their E6X rods: “Saltwater anglers are now offered G. Loomis’ Multi-Taper Technology in the new E6X Inshore rods. They offer very powerful butt-sections to move fish towards the boat with a nice tip for casting distance and control. Want to add a small popping cork'It will handle that rig nicely. This series is designed for bass fishing. The fast taper provides a very positive hookset and when you need to rig your plastics weedless, will generate enough tip-speed to shock that hook through the bait and into the fish. E6X 904S F: Need a little more casting range and enough power for a long-range hookset then this is the answer. $49.99 - $72.99. Strong and balanced, this rod has enough backbone to tame the largest of species but is still sensitive enough to feel the tiniest of nibbles from smaller species.