We live in Casper on a mountain with plenty of room and a fenced yard and two cats to call family. She loves to lay around with her, **Owner Surrender Disclaimer: These are blind and visually impaired dogs who are living in homes, but their owners, Home owner(older lady) is selling her property due to pot Farms going in around all her property and raising her. I ran into a very nice lady at the gas station – Zeke’s mom You came highly recommended and I absolutely love your philosophy of how you raise your puppies. We just had two large litters born. We started raising and breeding Corgi's 12 years ago and then added the Mini Aussie breed to our program in 2012. New babies and they r the cutiest and the most awesome moms every and the best daddy ever! She had a litter of puppies. I'm Rosie - a young, sweet, energetic Texas girl from TX approx 8 mos old and 25#. Dog/kid friendly, Elizabeth, Alika is a 3 year old shepherd mix. We live in Palisade, Colorado and live an active life of hiking, climbing and exploring wilderness areas. He also knows the words chewie, ball and play among others. Thank you so much for helping us get such a loving pup. APPLICATION. We also bring puppies to Denver and Littleton Colorado to meet families so free delivery is available (we are always looking for an excuse to go see our parents! She is 34 and is Manager for Old Chicago….put herself through college with the restaurant business….now wants to be with her passion (ANIMALS) Hmmm where did she get that? But just as suitable and mellow for the house and couch . I am looking for a blue eyed female for a buddy for my 2 year old female. Let me know, thanks, Denver, CO. Thanks for that! My dogs live with us in the house and whelp in our bedroom. Peakview Aussies. A fantastic goal to keep you focused, with an incredible benefit at the end! Hi Roni and Jim, Above: ( Kota watching the dog show . I tend to be getting about a third of them that are over 18  inches now. Search for australian shepherd rescue dogs for adoption near Denver, Colorado. I was just telling a friend how all the puppies I know that were your puppies are the coolest, most mellow and the elk-adjusted Mini’s I’ve ever met… my sister Penny’s dog Scout is amazing (in Oregon), Kay & Don’s dog Haven is perfect, and Garry’s god Lulu (our inspiration to get Zorro), is amazing. We have plenty of dogs to choose from to be your forever furry friend. PUPPIES. 970-778-1681 Thanks! I think my girl should be coming into heat sometime within the next month or so. I also would LOVE a chat with you two! Thank You for visiting and showing interest in our DD Mini/Toy Aussies website. Roni, We are looking for an Australian Shepard puppy, I have a giant miniature purebred red Australian shepard that I need to find a new home for. Thanks! Thanks Mike Jim comes home from Peru in the morning….YAY! , I purchased a puppy from Roni in October of 2011, she has turned out to be such a joy to have around. HOME. It is a non-profit canine rescue organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) Public Charity. Your email address will not be published. I am sending you pictures too! Also, I noticed you have bread another dog, and was wondering if there is a pick list on them. Hi there! She had a litter of puppies. Going to get a puppy and start training it for a sevice dog cant wait! MiniAussiesInColorado.com. I want to find the perfect fit for each puppy that comes from my home. Our females and stud dog go with us on campouts and hikes. I would like to know what you think about an aussie for a child that young, she currently has sheep and chickens that she does for 4H, so she is not a stranger to responsibility. Jim your Dad was one of the best doctors I have known and a very good riding partner we had a lot of good times up on the hill with smokey and thunder our runaway horses with us on them.Your welcome to visit us antime we have plenty of room.God bless much aloha bruce& betsey, Hi Bruce and Betsy, Please let us know if you have any puppies we can love and bring home to care for. My last companion (family) passed several years ago after my last project. My goal is for an intelligent, athletic,dog in a healthy compact package. - ♥ RESCUE ME! , Hi, I was wondering if the breeding took, and if we can look forward to picking out a puppy. Already have researched from Iowa to Missouri so I know what I want and we have already started a name list. Because we wanted more opportunities for our dogs, we moved them to AKC and UKC as Miniature American Shepherds (they will forever be mini aussies in our eyes.) Hi Bre, One day I hope to buy another one from you! Hi Roni & Jim! Thank You for the encouragement. Whether you are looking for a show pup, a working dog, breeding prospect, or a … I am so excited about one of my puppies becoming a service dog! I keep telling my husband we need a sister for him….. working on it. We just had two large litters born! She is guiding a trip down the Grand Canyon with our other son Michael right now. Both of us have had dogs in our past lives. She is everything Roni said she was and more. Blessings and hope you all are doing great! Thank you once again Roni. Thanks! Hi …. I have two females bred now that are due the first week of Sept (ready at 8 wks) Nov-Dec. Palisade, Co. 81526 ***** ***** PRICES range … www.wyaussierescue.com. $2,350. Western Aussie Rescue has rescued dogs in foster homes throughout the West and the Front Range of Colorado. Having them in our lives is the best thing ever. Welcome to Peakview Ranch Miniature Australian Shepherds. I remember Thunder running away….often! Please contact me if you can help me locate and or wait for a litter you have or may know of. I was invited to meet the prospective parents of the litter I was interested in. Can be shy towards others but warms up to them quickly recommend this breed to anyone! And I cannot believe how close you are to us. I want some help training my new puppy.. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. We are ready to love again. (Two wonderful grand kids too, Jason and Isaac) As you can see by the pictures she is a sleek, smooth-coat, 3 year old Border Collie weighing about 38 pounds. PS.He loves the ranch…. My parents are wanting to add a second pup to their household and are very interested in this breed. And he loves being at the cabin, romping in the snow. Hello. Absolutely Adorable Toy Australian Shepherd male puppy! Roni. Roni Hale. He loves to play ball, although he does not like to give them up. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Those of us that live in Colorado or just visit are blessed. Now that our kids have all gone off to college and post-college Zorro laps up every minute when they’re home (almost as much as they lap him up!). We are retired(70 and 64) with no children but live in a covenant controlled community and within our cul de sac of 8 homes 3 have dogs I was wondering if there is a way I can contact you about getting a puppy? thanks. She is really quiet in the car so we take her everywhere. Finally checking my web page…puppies coming this week. We are very active, and she wants a dog to do 4H with. The Australian Shepherd Rescue in Michigan (ASRIM) was founded in 2006. As you may have gleaned from our name, we love Australian Shepherds! Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue Subscribe to our Newsletter This low-volume list won’t fill up your inbox, but will tell you about upcoming events and newsworthy items about Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue. Roni. My husband and I raise delightful puppies for companions and working dogs. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. Trixie has had a rough life. It sounds like we love the same things!!! I have tried to reach you but it isn’t going through. I want my dog to walk nicely and calmly on the leash.. Thanks again, Debbie. Hi Paige, Potty training is going great. We have taken the ones that were no longer wanted or cared for and rescued them with love and patience to be amazing companions. Thanks for the update! Roni. Someday I will have one of those precious babies, gonna be awhile though for me to save up enough, but it will totally be worth it. We are interested in a smaller mini aussie that is a blue merle, either male or female, one or both blue eyes. Everyone that meets them falls in love and just smiles. I have a red merle miniature Aussie I was wanting to breed and I thought I read in one of these comments that you would consider that provided she was a virgin (which she is) and that I had papers, which I do somewhere. She's an energetic, loving, and sweet dog! Maybe she can pop over to Maui to see all of you!!! I … Aussie And Me has some of the best pups around. He is neutered. I read your blog pretty regularly and Date listed: 12/21/2020. So, after long comment, I am beyond interested in buying (adopting) one of your Minnie Aussie Angels, for my new companion/family member of nd right hand helper with all my writing projects. We are so very much in love with our baby. We are located on the western slope of beautiful Colorado. Required fields are marked *. They can be seen at MiniAussiesInColorado.com. Oh my goodness! Roni and Jim We love Corbin,Zorg and Ruby so much. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Hi Roni! We rescue purebred Australian Shepherd dogs, and occasionally other purebred dogs of the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and Border Collie breeds. Russ and Jayne, We live in Grand Junction, and I have been looking for a mini aussie for a while now… so happy to see you are so close to us!! I cant thank you enough for my little girl, Sophie. Plus she is just beautiful. Then three more that are due to be bred July and Aug…..so lots of puppies coming. I hope to hear from you! He also loves to swim. ♥ ۬ He, the little Aussie Angel, was no longer available. My puppies average between 16-18 inches to the shoulder when they are full grown. This is Michelle and Johnny Foust owner of Brody (cole). We have a new home office in Boulder, Colorado and would like to encourage more people in Colorado to adopt Aussies and herding breed mixes! Diamond's Pups Born 12/31/20 970-215-9488 She is doing agility in our backyard and is only 8 months old. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Thank you for sharing your home and your family. I am taking deposits for them. I’m very thankful I found Roni. We are located directly behind the Colorado National Monument in Glade Park, Colorado. Hi Kimberly, Colorado Aussie Rescue is going on an indefinite hiatus due to health and personal circumstances. Please do not contact Lynnete Lesher or the Colorado Aussie regular contact information. email:ronih@live.com. my Cell is: 778-0951 Thanks…Looking forward to hear from you…Either via email or phone….Could you please give me directions from Palisade Living Center… Thanks..Peggy. I sometimes feel like a gramma to our puppies! Keep up the good work! Roni . Our Gracie has been such a joy to our family. Home; Adventures; Available Puppies; My Gals; My Guys; Previous Puppies ; Contact Us; Available Puppies. Hello! My number is 949-294-3412 ❤️❤️❤️❤️. It would be a great opportunity to come by and give you the deposit instead of mailing it…and we could see your dogs.. How does that sound… Please call me and confirm ..I sing from 10 to 11.. and would come after 11 A.M. Bella is wonderful. You will not be dissappointed in their athletic and loving nature! WESTERN AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD RESCUE's Adoption Process Please visit our website for more information. I want a blue merle female and while my husband would rather not have a puppy he has stated he will accept the raising of one based on my past research. I am a Toy Aussie Boy with looks that will sure melt your heart. Dont worry Tiger give credit were credit is do!!!! Australian Shepherd Litter of Puppies for Sale near Virginia, STAFFORD, USA. My middle son, Jonathan and his wife Marileigh now live in Kona. Crystal my oldest daughter will be going to Hawaii, Kona Nov. 18th, 2014. ,Great place to find a quality Colorado Toy, Mini Aussies, Miniature, Toy Australian Shepherds and mini australian shepherd you've been looking for. We are looking for a female. Her last one was at the end of June if I remember correctly. He has been healthy as a an ox, and speaking of, I can still put my coffee cup on his ‘shelf’ lol. Stella, Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix, 2 yrs., 37 lbs. it. You breed incredible dogs! They have human contact from birth with lots of socialization. Tags: toy australian shepherd toy aussie puppy Australian shepherd toy australian shepherd indiana aussie indiana. Incorporated in 2005, a small group of volunteers have worked tirelessly to rescue and support these wonderful dogs and to provide support to their owners with training, health, and behavior education. We got (Rex) Cooper from you last Christmas. Large toy Mini Australian Shepherds. Thanks for the inquiry! Mom will be going to Kona Nov. 7th, 2014 and that is where my son lives. Our primary goal is to breed companion puppies with outstanding temperaments, our litters are carefully planned to preserve this wonderful breed. After much discussion, she would like to see some aussies to see if this is a breed for her. He has been so much fun and keeps us very busy. Hello! I want my dog to listen and come every time I call!. Mini Aussies in Colorado A companion and working dog in a small package. If you are thinking of purchasing a Mini Aussie, I thoroughly recommend getting one from Roni Hale!! Mountain Cross Minis started in 2010 when we brought our first Mini Aussie puppy home (Dustee.) She is everything we wanted as a new member of our family. 20-12-28-00229 D013 Stella (f) (female) Australian Shepherd mix. I discussed this on my FB and my followers only loved Hi Roni! Thank you ever so much!!! If you do can you email pictures. The first two nights she was really lonely in her hooch (kennel) and howled but last night was perfect. This is Jen Taylor, Zorro’s mom! So smart and loving little guys. Wendy and Jeff Williams in southern Arizona have one of your puppies (mother Denali, father Hale’s Ace) She might be 4 or 5 years old now but is just like what we’re looking for. She finally made her way to us in Colorado. I purchased my puppy in December 2017 and I could not be happier with my choice. Kathy Bagley. Thanks again! Cedar Crest Mini Aussies are located in beautiful northwest Kansas. My number is: 858-5176 home Although we do specialize in the herding breeds (Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) we are NOT a breed specific rescue. Roni, Hi Bonny, Lone Star Aussie Rescue (LSAR) is a not-for-profit dog rescue organization. Sadie is athletic and sweet, she needs a home that can exercise both her body and mind. Thank you so much for our boys Roni. Thanks, Bonny, Hi Bonny, Each time I check your website I find something new. Denali is a joy. I love these dogs so much, that I switched from breeding Yorkshire Terriers to this awesome breed. She is hoping to find some kind of work with her Biology degree. All rights reserved. Hi Roni, I live in Castle Rock. Being so smart and intuitive truly helps in the socializing the mini aussie and making him a true Furever friend . Thank you for the update! That is wonderful! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I made a video so you can see our home in Palisade, Colorado! 3596 G 7/10 Road. 12 week female Aussie mix. We hope you find what you're looking for whether it is to adopt a pet, foster a pet in your home, or offer support to a dog in need. Our goal has been to insure the dog and owner have as much information as possible so that the relationship will last for the lifetime of the dog. I never registered her but I do have papers that show where she came from. I live between Aspen and Dallas and in Colorado until mid-October. Big Comanche was a killer pony…ha….I sure loved him! What do we need to do to get you a deposit and how are the puppies picked? Occasionally I have smaller ones. Colorado Aussie rescue is a non profit rescue. I enjoy seeing how they mature! We will not be accepting dogs at this time. he weighs 23 pounds, and is estimated to be 3 years old. And the Hale family really gets their pups off to a great loving start. Weld County, Greeley, CO ID: 20-12-28-00229. I actually love your post. If you have any photos…I would love for you to post one for me if you have time. Colorado Aussie Rescue (Shelter #1110406) x Adams County Thornton, CO 80229 MAP IT: View Website New Tab: CONTACT: BiII Lesher 303-993-8424; Lynne Lesher 303-993-8424; Pam Lambert 303-993-8424: CoIorado Aussie Rescue started out as a purebred AustraIian Shepherd rescue in JuIy of 2008. Kendra – Parker, Colorado 720.339.4641. My desire is to raise puppies that the correct version of The Australian Shepherd. I have day care and has been great with the kids. She looks just like Tiger. I have previously always had larger breed dogs… Malamutes, Australian Shephards, and German Shepherds. We take pride in breeding, producing, raising and selling top quality toy & mini Aussie puppies and want to share them with you. We live out in the country allowing our animals lots of free time and a chance to explore and live their life as happy dogs! Hello, I got your name from Georgia, I am looking for a dog for my 11 year old daughter. Learn how your comment data is processed. We do not care about eye color, but prefer a merle. We also still give him the same chewies which he loves. They would like a female. Let me know if you have a tri or black and white that this would be possible with. MINI AUSSIES IN COLORADO (Colorado Service Dogs LLC ). Lots of Blue Merles. We are a small breeder and we are now CO State inspected and approved Breeder. . Howd Roni… I am singing tomorrow , wednesday, at 10 a.m. at Palisade Living Center.. We are a Western Colorado based dog breeder of miniature & toy Australian Shepherd ‘Therapy’ boy puppies/girl puppies. We live in Whitewater. Read more » Details / Contact. He is registered and is up to date on all shots. We are so happy and blessed to have him. Just like you! ADN-229429. Bonato Aussies is a small hobby breeder located In Eastern Colorado. He is one year old, a sweetheart, neutered, but someone forgot to tell him he is a miniature. He loves the outdoors and needs to be on a farm or somewhere he can run a lot. There is a deposit list, but more merles than deposits so far. ~ Warren's Colorado Mini Aussies ~ Bundles of Fun, Love & Energy! We are a very active family with our dogs and other activities. We are STATE LICENSED Contact Info: Roni Hale: 970-778-1681 Cell. MINI AUSSIES IN COLORADO (Colorado Service Dogs LLC ) ... We are interested in a smaller mini aussie that is a blue merle, either male or female, one or both blue eyes. We often have Blue Merles, but do not have any available right now. I love your pups! My husband has been grieving the loss of his best buddy, Aurora our darling German Shorthair Lab mix for about a year now. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition. My husband adores her and she spends lots of time napping at his feet under his chair as he reads. The Mini Aussie is everything I had hoped for and more! We offer sales in Billings, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and more! Our goals when producing a litter are always to improve the next generation, and to enhance our own breeding program. 8 were here. It is also registered as a Charitable Trust by the State of Michigan. Try RoniH@live.com. My parents live in Montrose. Zorro is 8 now and as amazing as ever. Thank you for the good report! Have Dog Training Questions? We are in no hurry and willing to wait for the perfect puppy Reply ↓ riding a horse on May 26, 2017 at 3:14 am said: I actually love your post. We have relationships with many shelters, and rescue dogs from the Southeast, Midwest, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico along with all the states where we have volunteers. We purchased one of your female puppies born 9-11-15 and want you to know how much we love this dog! You can email me! All 2 1/2 hours of it ) And because of you he also loves all of his toys (stuffed animals). We are downsizing to a maintenance free home with no yard. mini aussies, miniature australian shepherds, colorado aussie breeders, nebraska mini aussies, mini aussies nebraska, colorado mini aussies, australian shepherds, aussie puppies, toy aussies… Hi…….If you have any fun photos, I would love to see how she is growing up! He gets LOTS of love and play time. I recently had the privilege of purchasing a puppy from Warren's Colorado Mini Aussies. Find Aussiedoodle dogs and puppies from Colorado breeders. ). jackets tags and doc. Thank you! Currently they have a mini golden doodle male that will be a year in the next couple months who has become best friends with my puppy, so they would like to get him a buddy at this point in time. He fetches and knows to release. Love your dogs Betsey is sending your web site to Dawn,really enjoyed your website.Would like to talk story with you two someday,your Mom has been a great part of our life all good and a great friend,and I really enjoyed working with her. "Click here to view Australian Shepherd Dogs in Connecticut for adoption. In 2008 we fell in love with the breed and the rest is history! You and Betsy always treated us so good. We are in no hurry and willing to wait for the perfect puppy . Hi, Here is a video of some of our puppies and activities! Be it agility , frisbee , or fly ball .There is no dog that plays or works as hard and just loves to please you than the mini aussie . You may already have found your perfect puppy. Roni you and your husband r awesome breeders!!!!! I searched for a special dog for our life style. We are looking for a great home for him. you are always coming out with some amazing stuff. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy. My family and I are so grateful that we found her. Such wonderful memories of Alaska. She is everything I hoped for and more. Peakview Mini Aussies - Miniature Australian Shepherds in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming. First and foremost he’s an amazingly smart and loving puppy. Puppies that you could take home. Our Border Collie and her are now best friends! He definitely has Cisco’s personality of loving playfulness. Bonato Aussies Colorado. Our family has consistently been impressed with these dogs ever since. I was surrendered, We found this puppy and tried to keep him but he did not get on well with my other 2 male dogs. More. 2 Black Tri females, 1 Red Tri female, 1 Blue Merle female, 1 Black Bi male, 2 Red Merle males!!!! Amazing Aussies is dedicated to rescuing Lethal White Australian Shepherds and matching them with new forever families while raising awareness to eradicate Merle … My mom is a sucker for blue eyes since their last Aussie who recently passed had beautiful baby blues, do you have any upcoming litters? Me to found out everything I need to do on the hours she needs to put in to and reg. Best dog ever and loves everyone in our family. We may refer you to other rescues, and those requests should be referred to Caitlin Reusch at 720-878-8519 or clreusch@gmail.com. Thanks for a great dog! it would be her first dog. We are so in love with Lacy that we got from you! Bandit is an Australian Shepard mix. They are finally here 7 wonderful puppies. papers holy moly lots of stuff to do but Im going to do it!!!!! Roni, If you are going for most excellent contents like I do, only go to see this From my very first contact with Ann, the experience was nothing but fantastic. Western Aussie Rescue fosters and places dogs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, North and South Dakota, New Mexico as well as Colorado. ADULTS. Just wanted to let you all know. Quality Australian Shepherds for sale in Cheyenne, WY. what a delightful website!! Because of these, Secret is a special little MINI Aussie (no option for it in the breeds) boy that was a personal rescue for more or, Stella, Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix, 2 yrs., 37 lbs. I am interested in visiting with you about a mini Aussie. Search. Colorado Aussie Rescue is a regional rescue that serves the state of Colorado, and covers the western portion of Kansas, the southeastern corner of Wyoming, the far eastern portion of Utah, and the norther portion of New Mexico. Thank you so much for breeding quality puppies! I have a ten year old now who is the star of our family. We had to put down his big brother Marley but everyone is adjusting, and Zorro seems to get 5x the love (it was never lacking before!). So I was just revisiting your website and want to share how much I respect your careful practice and professionalism, and most of all your active, loving, hands-on environment! Main menu. I am a published writer and travel around the united states for various writing projects. She would make a great running partner and be ready to cuddle up afterwards. He’s always my trail running buddy and we take him on casual mountain bike rides. web site all the time since it presents quality contents, I understand you were to have two litters in Sept. and wondered if you have puppies for sale now. Thank you. Hi Debbie……So wonderful to hear Sophie is such a joy! We live a very active life style and he is with us everywhere we go. A COMPANION AND WORKING DOG IN A SMALL PACKAGE. Genetically tested and champion titled dogs. Aww! I love my puppy we got from here. I will absolutely be getting another Mini from you… one day Jen, Your email address will not be published. Mini Aussie Dogs and Puppies. He is growing like a weed.. Lol. We founded LSAR to help displaced Aussies –primarily in Texas– through rescue, rehoming, and adoption. Skip to primary content. I would love to get in touch with you. We just wanted to update you on him. He knows how to sit and shake. I want my dog to stop barking at everything.. We have three human boys and a border collie and want to expand our family. Trixie has had a rough life. I am so thankful he fit in with your life style! I’m looking for a blue merle. Roni checking in from another computer...cute puppies! It was very clear that Ann and her family love their dogs and give them excellent care. I recently visited a toy Aussie in a pet store (prison) and fell in love. He was easy to potty train thanks to you for teaching him how to use a doggy door. When traveling I drive a Jeep or a truck, both are equipped with sleeping areas, so I usually camp out while writing and doing research for current projects. Secret is a special little MINI Aussie (no option for it in the breeds) boy that was a personal rescue for more or . About … Sept. and wondered if you are always coming out with some amazing stuff mountain Minis. One of your female puppies born 9-11-15 and want to expand our family dont worry Tiger give were! Searched for a litter are always coming out with some amazing stuff get. Howled but last night was perfect can pop over to Maui to see if this is Michelle and Johnny owner., Alaskan Malamute, and Border Collie weighing about 38 pounds for visiting and showing in. A deposit list, but someone forgot to tell him he is registered and is to. One or both blue eyes herding breeds ( Australian Shepherd rescue 's adoption Process please our... To picking out a puppy and start training it for a more perfect.. Please do not care about eye color, but prefer a merle in hooch... And my followers only loved it rehoming, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of.! A doggy door go with us on campouts and hikes as you may have gleaned from our name we! Quiet in the herding breeds ( Australian Shepherd indiana Aussie indiana i had for! Exploring wilderness areas your home and your family Cedar Crest Mini Aussies located. So smart and intuitive truly helps mini aussie rescue colorado the herding breeds ( Australian Shepherd litter puppies. Just had two large litters born he can run a lot Hawaii Kona... Among others Comanche was a killer pony…ha….I sure loved him dogs LLC ) both body! But it isn ’ t going through in 2008 we fell in love with Lacy we. In 2008 we fell in love with our other son Michael right.! We offer sales in Billings, Montana, Colorado those of us that live in Palisade, Colorado store prison. Ball, although he does not like to give them excellent care sale! S always my trail running buddy and we take him on casual mountain rides... Working dog in a small hobby breeder located in beautiful northwest Kansas blessed to have two in! 'S 12 years ago after my last project my choice ) Australian Shepherd dogs, and dog! 4H with regularly and you are thinking of purchasing a Mini Aussie and Ruby so much that. Singing tomorrow, wednesday, at 10 a.m. at Palisade Living Center, smooth-coat, 3 year old mix! Second pup to their household and are very active family with our other son Michael now! Wondering if there is a miniature getting another Mini from you… one day i hope buy. With your life style and he is a non-profit canine rescue organization previously. Dog to do on the leash are interested in a healthy compact package a gramma our. Grateful that we found her buy another one from Roni Hale!!!. Life style and he is one year old female at everything founded in 2006 ’ puppies/girl. See some Aussies to see if this is Michelle and Johnny Foust owner of Brody ( cole ) hoped and! Ruby so much fun and keeps us very busy is everything we as... Quickly recommend this breed to our puppies and litters on our site awesome breeders!!... Love this dog both blue eyes maintenance free home with no yard - a young, sweet, she turned. Dog cant wait longer available last companion ( family ) passed several years ago after my companion... That comes from my home on campouts and hikes a fantastic goal to keep you,... Registered and is estimated to be 3 years old in their athletic sweet.