Specially curated programmes for youths to find out about impact – the impact they want to make for their future – and to make better decisions. He has also trained professionals from various companies on data analytics and the use of SAS software. An NUS education provides a strong technical foundation across all areas of computing, meaning that your Business Analytics training will be bolstered by strong general computer skills. Otherwise download the zip file, unpack it to a location convenient to you, and open a command line terminal in the project directory blueprints-text.. For local setup, we recommend to use Miniconda, a minimal version of the popular Anaconda distribution that contains only the package manager conda and Python. Call 6296-2995 for Python Programming Courses in Singapore. 52 Hours Intense Bootcamp This is a beginner's course to learn Python and use it to analyze data. Learn Python programming and conduct real-world financial analysis in Python: complete Python training About This Video Learn Python programming. Nicholas (seen here at his graduation in 2019) credits the technical abilities and communication skills honed through his NUS education for clinching his dream job (Photo: Elaine Lim) It all boils down to being prepared when opportunities knock. Data analytics empowered by Python programming skills will provide you, as a professional, as well as the organization you work for, a competitive edge in the market. The reason being, it’s easy to learn, integrates well with other databases and tools like Spark and Hadoop. Access NUS TalentConnect with your registered email address here. In a survey carried out by Analytics India Magazine, it was found that 44% of data scientists prefer Python, it … MSCA 37014: Python for Analytics This course in python starts with introduction to the python programming language basic syntax and environment. Julian Lin is a Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics with School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His career roles span CIO, Director of IT services, Strategy and Planning, Project management, Applications development, Systems engineering, Data management and IT outsourcing. Know complete details of admission, degree, career opportunities, placement & salary package. Get information about Python for Analytics course, eligibility, fees, syllabus, admission & scholarship. Find out more. This tutorial series was written by Leong Zeng Hui, Alexander, Nelson Lim Jun Kang and Fan Ting Wei. Python for Business Analytics Nov 2020. Python for Data Analytics . A … - Selection from Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals and Data Analytics [Video] Python is replacing Excel to scale business decisions Recently, Julian was ranked 6th in the Microsoft Data Science Capstone Competition. NUS career+. Also tell me which is the good training courses in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for beginners. Koo Ping Shung is an experienced Data Scientist with more than 13 years of relevant experience. Numpy Mathematical Operations. This will dive into the use of powerful open source analytics tools such as R and Python, required and best practices in the set-up of a data analytics infrastructure, hiring and building a data science team, including the set-up of a Centre of Excellence for Analytics and data analytics project scoping. He has been conducting text-analytics research since 2010 and teaching  visualization since 2007. WIFI access will be made available. For more information, visit, Eligible organisations (excluding government entities) may apply for the absentee payroll funding via SkillsConnect at, Eligible individuals may apply for training allowance capped at $6/hr under the WSS scheme, visit-, NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) – All self-employed (i.e. The Python for Analytics programme will serve as the first step in your data science learning journey, and does not require you to have prior programming knowledge, as … We are now located at 3 campuses as our main campus ISS @25 HMKT undergoes renovation. Python has become a key driver in the explosion of big data analytics and machine intelligence across most industries. Programme Dates: 01 Dec - 31 Jan 2021 Venue: Online USD 1,200 (excl GST) | USD 1,284 (incl GST) He managed the industrial relationships through projects and attachments. The course will cover import/export of data, Series and DataFrame data types, and how to use functions such as groupby, merge, and … The course then moves on to show how Python can be applied to data m… So, learn Python to perform the full life-cycle of any data science project. The app automatically retrieves your academic records and builds a customized list of skills for you. It covers basic Python programming techniques and preliminary data analysis, with a great emphasis on addressing practical business problems and real datasets. His data analytics experience range from a wide variety of business functions and industries, gathered from talking to companies or working on data analytics projects. The client supports Python versions 3.4-3.7, but is not tested for newer versions of Python, and Python 2 is deprecated. Majorly, it has the great computational intensity and has powerful data analytics libraries. In this course, Leveraging Online Resources for Python Analytics, you will gain the ability to find resources that can help you to correctly frame and solve your problem. Page 17/23. In this article, we will see how to get scheduled mean speed by bus segment from a GTFS using the Python package gtfs_functions. All Rights Reserved. NUS career+ is a mobile app designed to help NUS students plan their education and career efficiency. We will use the Python client for the Google Analytics API. Most computers and all MacOS systems have Python built in. He also read widely on the different topics related to data science and artificial intelligence, keeping himself up-to-date with their development. NUS BA and OSCM Specialisations are therefore carefully crafted in the business milieu to capably equip students, both in the quantitative and social domains, for the emergent data-analytic, technology-driven and individual-tailored economy. AI and Machine Learning Begins With Me ; Analytics in Industry 4.0 We will like to invite you to participate in a 2 hr workshop (organised by e2i) on Python for Business Analytics on 28 November 2019, 7pm – 9pm at e2i West.In this session, the trainer will introduce various business case studies where businesses had used Python for Business Analytics. Google Analytics API Python client. Python is one of the most popular analytical programming languages for data analysis, due to its high readability and active developer ecosystem. Course Objectives. The Python for Analytics programme will serve as the first step in your data science learning journey, and does not require you to have prior programming knowledge, as … In this online training course “Introduction to Using Python for People Analytics”, Ben Zweig takes us through the basics of using Python and how you can use it for your People Analytics projects. If you are someone who is passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, then this course is for you. His research interest lies in how data science can help organisations and businesses to be more efficient and effective. As a basic level course, there is no prerequisite for students. Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Programmers. User ID and password will be provided in the participant’s kit. Get started with Python for data analytics To get you started, I want to walk you through some basic commands and operations in Python that will be essential to your data analysis skills. data science and analytics nus Try to provide me good examples or tutorials links so that I can learn the topic "data science and analytics nus". It will then cover the Data Science Workflow - training models and testing them through the application of machine learning models to various industry-relevant data science problems. He was an instructor for the DBS Graduate Associate Programme for 3 years, teaching over 200 Graduate Associates on data analytics and received positive ratings. Also tell me which is the good training courses in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for beginners. As data science and data analytics become ever more popular and more specialized, the number and variety of tools and technologies out there can often seem overwhelming. Terms and Conditions apply. Upcoming Courses. With a passion for data analytics, I have pursued a 1-year Master of Science in Business Analytics in NUS (cumulative GPA 4.4/5), which graduated in Sep 2017. Python for Analytics by NUS Business School [Emeritus] Having an analytical outlook can prove beneficial not just for you but also for the organisation you work.