Their closest rivals Panathinaikos are way behind Erythrolefki with ‘only’ 20 league championships to their name. They’re all good teams, but perhaps not European Super League level. Football still has a greater appeal worldwide, however, as the Champions League is the most-watched sporting event in the world each year – more so than the Super Bowl. It is likely, though, that a Super League would replace the Champions League entirely, though it is not clear how it would affect the participating clubs' domestic and national leagues. Simply put, if you take away the biggest teams from each domestic league, a large amount of the following would transfer interest to the new league. There’s no obvious candidate, but CSKA are a successful outfit on both fronts – they’ve won the Russian Premier League the most times since the turn of the century, and are just four behind Spartak’s ten titles. Do you need a history of Champions League success or will years of domestic dominance suffice? A European Super League. The Football Leaks documents referenced the meeting in 2016, however nothing substantial ever came from the talks – though the emails show that the idea of a European Super League have been far from axed. It's a story we've heard many times: A European Super League is being planned. Sevilla may question why their five Europa League victories don’t warrant a place amongst the elite (and it would probably be preferable not to have two teams from the same city), but Atleti just pip their rivals to Spain’s final spot. For one of the world’s top footballing countries, it’s strange there aren’t more than two teams who instinctively feel elite. In contrast to Spain, we don’t have a single club from the Italian capital here. For this Super League to work, the Super League teams would not be required to play in their countries leagues. Not to mention the fact that an 18-team Super League, plus playoffs, plus a 20-team Liga would put the number of club fixtures north of 80 (and that's … The battle between traditional powerhouses and new money continues in Ukraine, but this time it’s historic giants Dynamo Kyiv that come out on top. The Super League could leave the current Champions League behind, and although the funds would be distributed between fewer teams, this amount of … Partey and Smith Rowe leading new-look Arsenal's creative revolution. The idea of a European Super League starting in 2021 may seem dead, but it's just stunned. The glamour of France’s capital and the wealth of Paris Saint-Germain’s Qatari owners make Les Rouge et Bleu an obvious candidate, despite only winning one continental trophy in their history – the Cup Winners' Cup in 1996. While Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş both have impressive histories, Galatasaray’s UEFA Cup victory in 1999/00 etched their name onto the consciousness of football fans across the continent. The glamour of France’s capital and the wealth of Paris Saint-Germain’s Qatari owners make Les Rouge et Bleu an obvious candidate, despite only winning one continental trophy in their history – the Cup Winners' Cup in 1996. Super League (currently known as the Betfred Super League for sponsorship reasons) is the top-level professional rugby league club competition in the Northern Hemisphere.The league currently has twelve teams: eleven from England and one from France with clubs from Championship applying for a spot in Super League XXVI to replace the now folded Toronto Wolfpack. Furthermore, considering the “super league” would operate like a normal league, many teams would have to opt out of their current leagues in order to participate. Can we really overlook Brussels, the unofficial capital of Europe? Dabei handelt es sich um eine geplante „geschlossene Liga“, für welche sich außer der an der Planung beteiligten Klubs und „eingeladenen Gastvereinen“ niemand qualifizieren könnte. The plans outlined in the documents showcased intentions for the clubs to register a company to organise the 'European Super League' of which they would be permanent members for 20 years, ineligible for relegation. Top English clubs in bombshell talks to join European Premier League. The European Super League is said to be coming closer to a reality and details of the discussions between elite clubs on the continent have been outlined by Spanish outlet Diario AS.. The Euro Super League would be a 20-team tournament made up of England’s biggest clubs, plus teams from … Let us know what you think of … Inter’s 18 league titles and three European Cups make them hard to ignore too. Liverpool and Bayern Munich are among the teams who could be in the Super League (Image: Bongarts/Getty Images). PSV Eindhoven are their closest rivals after lifting the European Cup in 1988 but, in truth, they can’t really lay a glove on the honours de Godenzonen have accumulated over the years. Not too much of a debate here, Ajax are the Netherlands’ most successful club domestically and in Europe. Following documents collected by Der Spiegel, plans for top European clubs to form a breakaway league of their own starting from 2021 have been exposed – with the reality of an elite European 'Super League' becoming more possible. For example, how many teams would be in it? Assuming the Premier League remains a 20 team competition, the English representatives in the European Super League would play a minimum of … The ‘new money’ owners of Manchester City would undoubtedly be outraged, but it would seem foolish to ignore everything the capital has to offer. Die European Super League ist ein Projekt, welches von den bedeutendsten Fußballvereinen in Europa angetrieben wird. Goal has the full guide. According to the report in Der Spiegel, the term sheet in the leaked email awaited signatures dating 2018 from the 11 'founders' – Spain's Barcelona and Real Madrid; England's Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United; Italy's Juventus and AC Milan; France's Paris Saint-Germain and Germany's Bayern Munich. Blåvitt won the UEFA Cup twice and even reached the European Cup semi-finals in 1985/86 and 1992/93. FC Copenhagen have been Champions League group stage regulars over the years and are the region’s premier club based on current UEFA coefficients. From limitless to limp: How can Klopp fix lacklustre Liverpool? Europe’s richest clubs want a super league: perhaps it’s best to let the greedy go. The 18-team Super League SLGG would contain many of the world’s most valuable soccer teams. Should there be a spread of teams across Europe or is it better to have more teams from the most prominent leagues?With so many questions and permutations, Football Whispers have put together a suggested 20 team European Super League, that could go some way to satisfying all the requirements of a pan-continental competition…. But it’s fascinating to consider what a European Super League would look like if it did come to pass. According to documents released by Der Spiegel, 11 elite European teams could break off and form their own separate 'Super League' by 2021. They’re a team worthy of a spot at Europe’s top table. Which teams could be involved in the European Premier League? The concept of a European Super League consisting of football clubs from across Europe has been discussed from 1990s and has occasionally been officially proposed, but has yet to be implemented. In 1998, Italian company Media Partners seriously investigated the idea. If the latest plans bear fruit, they would effectively constitute the European super league that has been subject to on-off discussions for many years. Nantes, Monaco and Marseille all have a claim, but we’re only going with one French side in our 20 team division. That opens the door for the Blues – with a Champions League, two Europa Leagues and two Cup Winners' Cup trophies to their name – to be included. They would play a schedule of 2 games (home and away) against every team … The European Super League is a concept that rears its head every couple of years, usually around the time discussions about changes to the UEFA Champions League’s format are taking place. Roma are a solid Champions League performer, but they’ve only won Serie A twice in the post-war era (as have rivals Lazio). A controversial one to finish. Two European Cup wins and two UEFA Cup / Europa League trophies since the 1980s can’t be matched by Benfica, who haven’t won a continental competition since 1962. A new European Super League for the continent's biggest teams has been the subject of regular rumours but what format it might adopt remains up for debate Stiliyan Petrov believes a European Super League including all of football’s major teams would prove ‘devastating’ for the Premier League if clubs agree to the invitation. With 34 domestic titles, two Cup Winners’ Cups and a UEFA Cup triumph in 1983, Anderlecht appear the best candidate. The idea is the creation of a Super League, an elite league of top-level competition reserved exclusively for the top names in European club football. Which clubs would make it into a European Super League. With Belgium looking like an up and coming power on the international stage, it feels like they should be represented – that’s despite question marks over the current standard of the Belgian Pro League. According to documents released by Der Spiegel, 11 elite European teams could break off and form their own separate 'Super League' by 2021 FC Bayern is also unaware of why it is listed in a document quoted in this context by Der Spiegel.". This article is more than 2 months old. The breakaway league would consist of 11 core founding members and five additional guest teams, with the founder clubs immune to relegation and guaranteed spots in the league for 20 years. Any such league would potentially doom the Champions League as well as affect the order of their respective domestic leagues. Top European clubs have held secret talks to create a European Super League, according to a report by German publication Der Spiegel. Through breaking off of their national competitions and forming a league where only the most elite players were to partake, the Super League would compete with the NFL and NBA and benefit from huge television rights deals. Welche Teams könnten dabei sein? The wealth in post-Communist Russia would surely be too much for any new competition to ignore, but there are three teams who could make a case for deserving Super League inclusion. It’s fair to say that Scandinavian teams haven’t set European football alight in recent years, but in order to be truly inclusive a team from Sweden, Norway or Denmark should take the final place in our closed shop of continental sides. Die Spekulationen um eine europäische Super Liga nehmen kein Ende. Founding teams … History. Borussia Mönchengladbach? With six European Cup victories it’s impossible to leave Liverpool out and it would be ridiculous to ignore Manchester United with their domestic and European trophy haul. "FC Bayern Munich stands by its membership of the Bundesliga and, as long as I am chairman of the board of FC Bayern, also by the club competitions organised jointly by UEFA and the ECA. In November 2018, there were discussions amongst a group of top Europeans clubs that the 16 teams could break away from the Champions League to set up the new Super League tournament by the year 2021. Much like in Germany, none of the teams bidding to challenge PSG’s domestic dominance feel like they’re Super League worthy. In additional to the core founding members, they would be then joined by five more guest clubs on a rotating basis – Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Roma and Marseille. Both from a commercial point of view and as a sporting competition, any Super League should be a healthy cross-section of European football’s major leagues. Rummenigge said in a Bayern statement: "I absolutely and clearly reject this. German news magazine Der Spiegel claims it has proof that seven of Europe's biggest clubs held secret talks about forming a new breakaway competition. Neither of them can compete with the European giants of Juventus and Milan, even if the latter’s powers could be on the wane. Up to now, it has been a threat used by the big teams in Europe for more money from the UEFA Champions League… It goes without saying we can only include a finite number of teams from each country, with three seeming a reasonable limit if we are to make this a competition that includes clubs from a variety of UEFA nations. 12: France – Paris Saint-Germain. We want that kind of pedigree in our Super League. Bayern Munich and chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, however, have recently denied an attempt to lead some of Europe's biggest clubs into a breakaway 'Super League'. The vote in favour of the reform agreed between UEFA and the ECA was unanimous. Then there’s the issue of what criteria determines eligibility for entry. An 18-team, self-elected and ring-fenced European Premier League, with matches to be played midweek and an end of season play-off to determine the winners, with a … Participants of the Super League could be granted much more significant financial rewards if they were allowed to play with the most superior clubs in the world on a more regular basis – more so than the Champions League. Following documents collected by Der Spiegel, plans for top European clubs to form a breakaway league of their own starting from 2021 have been exposed – with the reality of an elite European 'Super League' becoming more possible. 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