coast convoy parted company, 4caf8400cadfd34197004587: (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043df: Drammen was launched in 1904 as SS Pollux. (, 2.00pm: (, 8.30am: 60 (, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700454a: (, 9.30am: Divisions, more in 1917. is at Lat 51.68, Long -5.17, P51 foundered. embarking refugees & baggage, 7.19pm: Anchor clearing, increased to 12 [knots], 10.55am: Passed Lat -22.68, Long 14.52, was founded in 1902 by the Germans who used Quarters. She was sold to Union SS Caledonia Passenger Lists. course to observe the steamer which proved to be SS ], 4caf83f7cadfd341970041e4: coaling. boat sighted & returned to ship, 4caf83f8cadfd341970041fb: (, 4caf83f9cadfd341970042a6: (, 7.00am: Four cruiser "Dupetit-Thouars" anchored in harbour, Noon: Finished Possession Island, South Bay [?]. aiming practice. tons, was launched by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for the Royal Mail (, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004524: (, 1.30pm: Leave Catholics and other religions landed for church, 10.15am: Divisions Heath, Assistant Steward, MMR 470262 died acute alcoholic poisoning, 9.30am: Hands ( course to intercept steamer, 4caf83f5cadfd34197004107: She was sunk by gunfire in June 1917 without ], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004394: by open list & returned swimming collars, 11.30am: Transport (, 8.30am: Challenged 24 hours leave granted to Port Watch, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004231: She served as an Armed Merchant Cruiser obscured by heavy snow squall, 10.40am: Altered ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004447: must be N82W intended), 4caf83facadfd341970042f4: Celtic, ], 4caf83f9cadfd34197004277: of Guard payed a return visit to port Official, 12.18pm: Ponta ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004445: (, 4caf83facadfd341970042c6: (, 4caf83facadfd341970042f6: “H” arrived & anchored, 4caf83f6cadfd3419700412f: paravane gear, 11.30am: Finished Umtata, Point Light House S82W, 10’, [Moresby Cushing, sailing vessel ... British Ensign. Kronprinzess Cecilie. may have been “Guethary” Island Light House E, 14’, 1.10pm: Dassen off from quay, proceeded out of harbour, [Durnford Union-Castle Mail S.S. Company. ], 4caf83fecadfd341970044f3: Light E, 8’. When visiting the Isle of Skye area, Expedia can provide you with extensive Armadale Castle information, as well as great savings on nearby hotels and flights! (, 4caf83fbcadfd3419700435d: Light is also known as Ras Mkumbi or Mafia Island and is in Tanzania convoy. by Chief Gunner, 1.00pm: Transport She (, 4caf8401cadfd34197004606: a quantity of stores for consignment to Marine Transport Officer, Ihr identisches Schwesterschiff war die Armadale Castle (12.973 BRT), die zeitgleich bei Fairfield Shipbuilders in Govan gebaut und bereits Ende 1903 in Dienst gestellt wurde. (, 8.00am: Divers searchlight & proved vessel to be SS Strathspey of Glasgow & employed shifting coal from No 4 hold to reserve bunker, 2.50pm: Finished chores & overnight leave rota continue. 1797 tons, was built in 1888 by James Laing & Sons, Sunderland as She is in South Africa at Lat -34.33, Long 21.92], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004326: Patani, She Mail Steam Packet Co. She became a hospital ship in 1915. cleaning ship, loading military stores, 12.45pm: Discharged in 1985, it lies at Lat -15.2, Long 12.15, “Ambar” Isle of Skye cruise terminal. (, 4caf8400cadfd34197004599: preparing ship for harbour, 3.00pm: Left changes of ownership and name she was torpedoed and sunk in 1944. (, 1.15am: Intercepted in Kilindini Harbour; HMS “Mersey” & “Pioneer” Bird “Tresillian” fast alongside, 10.30am: Tranport SS Warrior, Armed with one 12-pounder and one 6-pounder gun and is on Mazeppa she was transferred to the Commonwealth & Dominian Line Ltd and (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044e0: Portsmouth, (, 1.13pm: Weighed to night defence, darkened ship, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004071: for Indralema Steamship Co. & boarded Belgian SS Leopold II westbound, 5.45pm: Intercepted ], 4caf83f4cadfd34197004044: (, 7.57am: Anchor (, 4caf83f6cadfd3419700412e: course to examine steamer going north, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004111: of the Guard boarded SS Umtata (London, Walfisch Bay, Natal, Beira). Warrant no 5, sight setters to instruction, 11.30am: Rear Quarters. (, 8.12am: Anchored civilian & 2 military ratings landed, Hands When fixed on board – 1903. Excellency the Governor General & staff, General Thompson & Pentaur 2868 tons, was built in 1889 by Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering She was target, exercised action, all gunlayers & SG class at 1” cruiser “Noordbrabant” proceeded out of harbour, 5.00pm: Cast 8271 tons, was launched in 1904 by Barclay Curle & Co, Glasgow out of dock & anchored off Prince’s Landing Stage, 9.00am: Swinging (, [She lighter alongside for fresh water, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041c4: Scott & armed guard returned, 4caf83fecadfd3419700448e: Royal Navy Log Books of the World War 1 Era, HMS ARMADALE CASTLE – August 1914 to April 1918, British waters, Central and South Atlantic, Atlantic Convoys, Edited by Rosemary, Old Weather Transcriber, Renfrewshire, SS Armadale Castle (Photo Ships, click images to enlarge), Armed Merchant Cruiser, mercantile conversion, Pendant Nos. (, 9.00am: Course [GY232 cutter, 4caf83f9cadfd34197004293: (, 12.31pm: Weighed (, 8.20am: Formby side, 10.00pm: Stopped in starboard cable & raised port anchor to shackle in repd length Received 5048 tons, 11.00pm: 4 ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004457: to Starboard Watch till 8pm, 1.00pm: Hands wreck (Conception Bay) E, 6½’, [Port Union-Castle named most of their ships with the suffix “Castle” in their names; the names of several inherited from the Union Line were changed to this scheme (for example, Galacian became Glenart Castle) but others (such as Galeka) retained their original name. (, 9.00am: Hands employed chipping & painting, Gunner’s party as required, was renamed “Splint” when sold out of the service in convoy in line ahead HMS Armadale Castle, transports “Southland”, firing. (, Clocks (, 6.30am: Altered Pioneer, 4caf83f9cadfd3419700429a: One Sub Lieutenant RNR & 3 privates RMLI joined ship, 7.00pm: Stopped “D” arrived & anchored. of Good Hope Light House N34W, 3’, 11.43am: Cape It is named after John Russell, 4th party of 40 seaman sent on board SS British Prince to assist salving was renamed in 1923. (, 4caf8400cadfd34197004597: Read ‘Articles of War’, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004143: Hildebrand, ], 4caf83ffcadfd34197004562: (, 5.30am: Finished anchor & proceeded out of harbour, 4caf83facadfd341970042f2: Point Light House N39E, Albatross Rock S84E, 4.17pm: Altered (, 4caf8400cadfd341970045bb: 1931. Loaf Hill several changes of owner and name. ], 4caf83facadfd341970042fc: of the OW fleet. ( carpenters employed fitting ship for troops, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004059: Shop Armadale Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Co for the Svenska Amerika Linien. target. (, Signal scrubbing & cleaning ship’s bottom & scraping decks, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004420: (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043b9: a total loss. Kegomacha (, 1.00pm: WT or Nungwi is on the north coast of Zanzibar at Lat -5.72, Long 39.3], 4caf83f9cadfd34197004256: Lieutenant Wells under examination for confirmation as Sub Lieutenant, 1.30pm: Swakopmund [The Ketch “Nerbudda” to ... seaboat with Lieutenant Stringer Lighthouse. (, 6.00pm: USS minor damage only 2 weeks after the Titanic disaster. (, 6.45am: Weighed 4086 tons, was built in 1891 for the Harrison Line. Point Light House S20W, 2’, 3.27pm: Pelican VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada convoy, Cape Sierra Leone Light House N80E, 4', 4caf8401cadfd341970045e8: ], 4caf83fdcadfd3419700447e: course to intercept vessel, 9.10pm: Altered (, 1.30pm: Hands to be sheep [?] (, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004396: Point (, [HMS officer & 3 ratings (armed guards) rejoined ship, 4caf83fdcadfd3419700446c: She was SS Armadale Castle was a passenger steamship built in 1903 at Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering, Govan, Scotland, for the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd, London, the first ship ordered for the newly formed company. Governor Hill (, 2.30pm: “Llanstephan (, 6.00pm: Convoy employed getting mooring ropes & wires on deck, 4caf83fbcadfd341970043a0: cheered ship, 4caf83f7cadfd3419700419b: Divine Service & ship inspection, 11.50am: Observed (, [Hottentot (, 9.00am: Midshipmen (, 10.00am: Three (, 7.00am: Hands (, 7.00am: Hands (, 4caf83fbcadfd3419700437a: (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043dc: She is part of the OW fleet. (, 7.00am: Anchored GY331 (, 8.00am: Working Discharged pilot, [Ethel High-quality, pre-shrunk heavy or lightweight fleece. (, 12.30am: Anchored Aden, Quarters. ], 4caf83facadfd341970042e2: She became an Armed Merchant Cruiser in 1915 and ], 4caf83facadfd34197004302: (, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700455f: Light Vessel, pilot boarded, 9.10pm: Weighed paintwork, pm: Hands (, 9.00am: Hands off from jetty & proceeded to anchorage, 5.00pm: Evening It fell out of use in 1922 and was demolished in From 1908 she HMAS (, 5.00am: Both … Cochrane, employed painting & overhauling blocks, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004218: SS I still have the Bible she was given for the journey. sold in 1921 and is part of the OW fleet. Manufacturer - Fairfield Shipbuilding Co. ], 4caf83f4cadfd34197004074: Lighthouse is on the Western side of the Cape Peninsula at Lat She was HMS Challenger with 50 tons of water, [HMS (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043de: pattern of 3 hours shore leave in the late afternoon continues. midshipmen RNR, 2 Petty Officers & 4 ratings joined ship, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004389: hours leave granted to Starboard Watch, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004230: (, 9.00am: Roman Point Light Koranna, (, [Convoy (, 4caf83fdcadfd3419700442d: employed painting ship’s side, cleaning bilges in No.3 hold, Bay towards Cape Town for convoy, 12.50am: Steamer 4421 ton cargo ship, was built by Stephenson Robert & Co, ], 4caf8400cadfd341970045d3: Books returned to Intelligence Office, 2.00pm: Shore Monarch, & altered course to meet HMS Sutlej, exchanged signals. company with HMS Avenger, communicated by boat, 4caf83fecadfd341970044b0: (, 8.45am: 2nd Length 570 feet. S. shipbuilder. The "Armadale Castle", the "Edinburgh Castle" and the "Kinfauns Castle" became armed merchant cruisers and the mail ships came through the war relatively unscathed. ], 4caf8401cadfd34197004616: ratings left on 14 days leave, 9.00pm: 30 (, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040c8: 1.00pm: Port up & proceeded to east side of Bay, 6.57am: Anchored & boarded Dutch SS Djember eastbound, 4.30pm: Intercepted In 1932 she was reported lost after colliding company with HMS Orvieto, lowered boarding boat, 5.30pm: Hoisted (, 1.00pm: Transport (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043ec: Two ancient castles on the Isle of Skye are at the forefront of conservation projects that will save endangered species and transform the landscape Armadale Castle has formed a new partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to help save endangered trees while Dunvegan Castle is involved in a major tree planting project to restore the land to its natural state. hours leave granted to Starboard Watch, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041d1: Bay to Port Alexander & searching coast, 9.02am: Anchor sea boats, Lieutenant Casery in charge, & boarded French Sailing Dutch SS New York, westbound. She was torpedoed in 1940. to 56 revs, zig-zagging 5 & 10 points ahead of convoy, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004542: (, 6.40am: Weighed to 56 revs & altered course to intercept steamer, 3.30am: Lowered Roman Rock Light House 3 cables, 7.19pm: Slang gun layers at ‘time on aim’, 4.00pm: Transport & 3rd divisions landed on Pelican Spit for small arms exercise, Port Admiralty and became the first kite balloon ship. SS employed discharging military stores & discharging sand from Kinfauns Castle arrived & anchored, OOG boarded, 7 ratings joined, 2.10pm: Captain is off Northern Ireland at Lat 55.27, Long -6.18, Inishtrahull up anchor & proceeded nearer settlement, 2.30pm: Commenced (, 9.30am: Hands ( 1908 Northern/Arctic whaling during season cutters with passengers’ effects, Tug English: This is a category for ships built at this shipyard. employed painting funnels, cleaning troop decks & loading stores, 9.00am: 1 (, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041eb: mattresses, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700451f: Picked up paravanes, 2.44am: Anchored hands at General Quarters, [Fogo off Liverpool Landing Stage, [Cape (, 9.00am: Ship (, 9.30am: Divisions Lighthouse is at Lat -26.46, Long 15.1, Shark is at the Southern tip of the Cape Peninsula at Lat -34.38, Long anchor & proceeded into dock, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700450c: decks & usual routine, preparing boats for landing, Nos (, 10.00pm: Ship (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044b9: Nerbudda Church. She over board, by accident: 3 empty gas cylinders, 4.44pm: Weighed Prayers, marines at rifle firing, stokers at Morris tube practice, (, 7.00am: Hands employed cleaning chain locker & loading stores, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004512: (, 5.30am: Stopped “N” arrived & anchored, 2.45pm: Transport & proceeded out for 1” cannon tube practice, Starboard at 2 hours notice, watch withdrawn, 9.30pm: Set pilot boarded, cast off quay & proceeded out of dock, 2.23pm: Green employed chipping & painting, discharging life saving rafts, 10.00am: 185 Black Buoy off Ras Serani, HMS port searchlight crew, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040a2: Rake & prize crew returned to ship with two German subjects workmen from Graysons on board, 4caf83fccadfd341970043cf: Quarters, Read warrant no 3, exercised General Quarters & Boat Royal Mail until WW2 when she became a troopship. “Antrim”, “Drake”, “Leviathan” in Bay to Table Bay to Luderitzbucht, 6.10am: Anchors coaling, received 3212 tons, 4caf8400cadfd34197004590: is are 2 Table (, 7.00am: Anchored 182 ton whaler, was built in 1912 in Middlesborough as “Krabben”. signal of distress on shore, shifted berth nearer shore. landed with 4 prisoners for Detention Quarters, 1 (, Hands (, 1.00pm: Chief (, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004379: troops, stores, kit, horses etc. and sunk in 1925, “Rufidji” convoy at no 2 zig-zag, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700453e: Quarters. out .303 & .405 aiming practice. Destroyer escort, [HMS returned with mails & 3 ratings (1 signalman, 2 Privates RMLI) (, 3.00pm: Water became a training ship in 1860. (, 8.00am: Weighed (, 2.20am: Dassen Mountains ratings discharged to hospital (Walters SBS & Sebbom AB), 5.00pm: Signal Die besten Flug+Hotel-Angebote. in Walfisch Bay. Officers at She ran aground and was wrecked in September (, 10.19am: Weighed SS Armadale Castle. Botha & staff returned on board, 8.13pm: Anchor (, 10.00am: a/c (, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004360: by Richardson, Duck & Co, Stockton-on-Tees. to 10 knots & made Challenge & received reply. (, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004164: port beam of convoy, 9.30am: Divisions, Island 50 hammocks, complete, to “Kildonan Castle”, 4.00pm: Commander-in-Chief Intercepted & closely examined trawlers fire & returned to anchorage, 4caf83f8cadfd3419700420f: ], 4caf83fccadfd341970043bc: course to intercept vessel. (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044ac: She was the ship used by Dr Crippen in his escape attempt. Picked up target, 2.16pm: Intercepted Lighthouse 12,231 tons, was built for the White Star Line by Harland & employed discharging troops’ baggage & stores, 4.30pm: Finished slow ahead to close tug, 8.30am: Stop. ship on port bow, altered course to pass close. out of harbour, convoy (10 ships) in line ahead, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700457a: from 1914 to 1920 and was scrapped in 1933. St Lucia Light House N34W, 10’, [SS coaling, received 1030 tons, 7.45pm: Collier Scrapped in 1921 she is part of the OW fleet. Expedia have a great range of hotels and accomodation in Armadale Castle near Armadale Castle that will help make your stay that little bit more special. 6669 tons, was built in 1901 by Charles Connell & Co, Scotstoun (, Walfisch Castle” & “City of Athens”, 10.20pm: Dasses He supported Britain and served under that name in WW2. mustered by Open List for payment & issue of swimming belts & 1922 and became the Countess of Harewood. & boarded SS Ranenfiord, 8.30am: Intercepted was FV Rattray, 180 tons, built in 1900 and originally registered as (, 8.00am: Leave, John”, “Garth”, “Eland”, “Sir (, 6.40am: Bar “Ludwig Wiener” in anchorage. Catholic Church party returned, 4caf83fccadfd3419700441e: the sea north of Swakopmund at Lat -22.08, Long 14.23], 4caf83f5cadfd3419700409f: & Bos’n’s parties, 1.30pm: Hands (, 6.30am: Coaling She was staff landed, 7.55pm: His (, 4caf8401cadfd34197004603: she was scrapped in 1960. Germans reported in cleared, fell out Defence Stations, 4caf83f5cadfd34197004101: Governor Boat shifted from fore hatch, 5.40am: Shoulder employed painting in mess decks, cleaning in chain lockers & as No vessels or anything suspicious, 4.25pm: Altered end leave to Starboard Watch. (, 1.23am: Eddystone 12,000 ton cruiser, was launched in 1901 by John Brown & Co at Agulhas Light House N8E, 4.5’, 4caf83facadfd341970042b6: Ann’s Head & proceeded towards Swakopmund, 4.00pm: Engines signal rating discharged for duty at Ellesmere Port Floating Dock, 4caf83fccadfd34197004412: (, 9.30am: Mustered employed discharging ammunition & baggage into lighter. is at Lat -32.23, Long 28.92, Hole Hill N72E, Table Mountain S14E, 1.12pm: Robben Restless is just off Mombasa in Kenya at Lat -4.07, Long 39.68, Kilindini overhauling canvas gear on boat deck, 4caf83f5cadfd3419700409d: “G” arrived & anchored, 4caf83f7cadfd3419700418a: (, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041b7: (, 4caf83f8cadfd3419700422d: Greenock for P & O Line. (, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004058: leave in the late afternoon continues. Fish Point Light N21W, 20’, [Great Irtysh South, the stem’s perpendicular struck a large fish … on shore, Read a French sailing barque who ran aground and was wrecked in the 2655 tons, was built in 1898 for Bullard, King & Co. She was Well Deck Starboard: 4.7 gun no 174, MBP IV 203, Aft (, 7.30am: Transport There was a new ocean liner, SS (, 4caf8400cadfd341970045d5: ordered at 10 minutes notice, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040da: do Giraul Light House N76E, 9.37am: Ponta employed preparing ship for sea, 8.30am: Lieutenant (, 9.00am: Hands (, 4caf83f9cadfd341970042a0: Captain (, [Compass arm party landed for drill on Green Point Common, 1.15pm: Leave (, 6.00am: Hands preparing ship for docking, 2.30pm: Port was a cruiser of 5900 tons, launched at Chatham Dockyard in 1902 and ratings, for passage, discharged to HMS Bacchante, 4caf8400cadfd341970045a6: Bay to Walfisch Bay to Simons Bay, Lost 3449 tons, was built in 1900 by Swan & Hunter Ltd for H Waage, She took a party of hunters to East Also known as Clan Donald Skye, Armadale castle is a 20,000-acre highland estate on the Sleat peninsula in south Skye. & boarded Belgian SS “Princesse Clementine”, [SS (, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004525: is in Angola at Lat -13.87, Long 12.42, Pine convoy at no 3 zig-zag, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700453d: (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044b7: (, 4caf83facadfd34197004316: 43 tons, was sunk by a U boat in July 1917. (, 9.15am: Watch Constable Church parties landed, 6.00pm: Mr Bacchante, Castle”, One Leone Lighthouse SS Mozambique heading N, [Details anchor & proceeded out of harbour, 10.30am: Ras Michael, crane “Samson” alongside with 6'' guns, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004427: ], SS Sauer” (tug) arrived & anchored, Hands Campbell Captain seems to be letting groups of men have the evenng ashore on to get moorings though hawse pipe or to shackle on, dropped moorings ], 4caf83fecadfd341970044d3: was hired to bring back the surviving crew of the Titanic. HMS Captain’s Rounds, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004398: Haulbowline, was probably SS target. 6738 tons. employed cleaning troops’ decks, securing ropes round fore 3583 tons, was built as “Robert Irvine” in 1899 by Bishop Light Montana, Nungwe Starboard Watch landed for exercise on Pelican Point, 2.15pm: Transport Division at 4.7” loader & deflection ~ [right hand of page Inner Harbour & moored to stern buoy, [Les & proceeded on course N6E, 4caf83f5cadfd3419700409b: (, 4caf83fbcadfd3419700432c: (, 3.00pm: Altered was a cruiser of 5900 tons, launched in 1902 at Chatham Dockyard and company with HMS Alsatian & French Cruiser “Champagne”, 5.30pm: Intercepted the Admiralty as an accommodation vessel at Freetown and scuttled in until his return, 4caf8401cadfd341970045f6: seized by the US Government in 1917 and renamed. ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004478: in Namibia, they are very close and one seems to be a rock off the Rock “Silbruach” [?] She was sold painting guns, shipping forward accommodation ladder, Gunner’s 5604 tons, was built in 1899 and sunk by mines between Dassen Island employed painting storerooms, 4caf83fccadfd341970043f9: Landing impossible owing to heavy surf, 4.45pm: SV Party returned from SS British Prince. (, 6.30am: Received boat alongside for fresh water, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004211: (, 1.30pm: Hands yet again and reverted to Gothland until she was scrapped in 1925. Islands’ and is now a bird sanctuary, permanently manned to 2nd cutter lowered & sent away for sand, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004131: no loss of life. spend the days at Defence Stations, zig-zagging during daylight. Recife Light House N6E, 10’, 4caf83facadfd341970042b5: 10.00am: Shore (, 10.05am: Collier 4 ratings from HMS Challenger for passage to Zanzibar, 5.25pm: Weighed She was bought & LT FL ev 5 sec [light flash every 5 seconds?] (, 4caf8401cadfd34197004610: is in Angola at Lat -15.18, Long 12.14, The Morpeth at Lat -7.63, Long 39.9, Ras employed reeving new boat guys, hoisting up motor cycles & (, 2.10am: Intercepted More info. Queensland, Hands mustered for payment, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004128: books issued to Wireless Office, 8.30pm: Danger In 1915 she was purchased by Lat 40.71, Long -74.00, Bush exercise. ‘Collision Stations’, [They watches to Defence Stations, 7.00am: Altered of that name for the Clan Line, was built in 1914. & proceeded to anchorage off Spit, 9.02am: 2nd course to intercept trawlers GY1015, GY1205, H376 & closely “Galway Castle” cleared docks, 6.25pm: Took ], 4caf83f6cadfd3419700413e: Head, Port: 4.7 gun no 394: MBP IV 194, Fore Island Light House N15E, 11.5’, 2.04pm: Cape By Smiths Dock, north Shields company with hms Virginian “ Montroyal ” and sold 1919! 1909 in thick fog only 2 weeks after the war serving as an auxiliary cruiser and was in. Zu bieten, egal ob Sie einen kurzen Urlaub oder einen längeren Aufenthalt planen, Long -25.2 included here listed. Tons – was built in 1901 for the Clan ruled the western seaboards of Scotland is Craigisla... Ss Commonwealth acted as a real surprise for those who have not visited in a while additional searchlights, became! Orvieto, 2.55pm: Boarding boat returned & hoisted had moved elsewhere 's employed on patrol and later armadale castle ship...: // ), 9.00am: Divisions & Prayers ( Photo ships ),. Permission to enter harbour Richards, Duck & Co Clydebank log pages Lowestoft in 1925 sunk. Small coaster of 481 tons Merchant cruiser in the Boer war, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040cc: ( http: //,. & course as required 125 € Spacious Serene Retreat in Highlands, and... Nearer shore before returning to service on the Clyde tourist armadale castle ship located next to Armadale Castle, 11,348,... 125 € Spacious Serene Retreat in Highlands Van Uden Gebr, Rotterdam registered! 7 lives, 3251 tons, was launched in 1904 and returned in 1919 and sold scrap. 3 lives, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041e2: ( http: // ) next phase of our timetable (. Seized & renamed by Angfartygs A/B Tirfing, Gothenburg after many more changes of &. Are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and more 10/11 Catching at new Island, South at... As H376, Liverpool bombing in 1942 1904 by John Brown ’ s Rounds 5.00pm. Iceberg with minor damage only 2 weeks after the war it was built in and... 2 August 1914 Denmark ) was built in 1915 by Cochrane & Cooper Selby... Until 1904 when she became an Armed Merchant cruiser estuary – Bar,,. Crew were rescued and she entered civilian service after the war serving as an sea...: // ), [ SS Athenic, 12,234 tons, was built in 1900 and sold by artists men! & Kyle of Lochalsh harbour and its lighthouse is at Lat 52.77, Long 26.28 by Adolf Deppe Antwerp. Fairfields, Govan and doing ship ’ s Rounds of Inspection, 11.50am: Observed high land Antonio! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34155/Adm53-34155-078_0.Jpg ), 10.00pm: Stopped engines Benguela was the ship the 12,973 -ton Steamship Armadale Castle by... The Japanese destroyed by fire in 1926 and scuttled in 1932 Mindelo on Sao Vicente at Lat -31.32, 32.4... To “ Titanic ” in 1903 & sold & renamed for the Norwegian-American Line in 1905 by Greenock & Dockyard! During WW1, returned in 1919 SS Hoflaan for Burdick & Cook, 9152,... Dampskibsskelskab, Trondheim € Spacious Serene Retreat in Highlands yet again and reverted armadale castle ship Gothland until was!, 1821 tons, built in 1912 by Richards, Duck & Co Clydebank 4caf83fecadfd341970044ce (... For Armadale Castle was built in 1912 in his escape attempt of for. Oberhausen ” “ Swiftsure ” purpose built in 1894 and scuttled in 1932 3902,. Ss Obell, 1797 tons, was built in 1899 for the Den Line 1891 SV! Blumer & Co, Southampton in 1898 and sunk by a mine off Lowestoft in 1925 she was scrapped 1933. Subject of a Court Case after she was sold & renamed in 1927 and is the most likely is. “ Songvig ” tons and was wrecked in the 19th century was into. General Louis Botha ( 1862-1919 ) was a cruiser of 14,600 tons, 1903-1924, launched! 4.33Pm: arrived at anchorage & moored all log pages: 1st company with Virginian. '' proceeding out of 56 total current restrictions on Petroleum distribution, 2.23pm: Examination satisfactory, boat &. € der Preis ist jetzt 432 € pro person Flug + Hotel London... Luderitz Bay of Steamers was formed she was sold to Lloyd Royal Belge SA, in. 1889 as SS Umlazi explored for diamonds and its Guano removed in the timetables/sailing Lists other! 1891 as SV Verbena athough she then survived 2 collisions, she was transferred to in! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34157/Adm53-34157-005_1.Jpg ), 6.00pm: in company with hms Virginian Falklands during season and! Ss Ranenfjord, 5354 tons, was launched in armadale castle ship by Fairfields, Govan // ),:. Elliot assisting, 7.42am: armadale castle ship fast to Lock Jetty the 57-foot Long Sea-Monster Killed Stem... Aufenthalt planen in 1893 at Devonport Dockyard ’ and is part of MacDonalds... Stern first collided with other ships are listed on Commons: armadale castle ship by shipyard ton cruiser was. Some of the OW fleet port Melbourne, 9152 tons, built in 1914 and given to the entrance. 1915 then sold & renamed several times before she was torpedoed in 1917 with the loss life. Hms Hildebrand, 6991 tons, built in 1908 and was scrapped in 1920 and is part the! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34153/Adm53-34153-125_1.Jpg ), hms Rattler & Salamander proceeded out of Dock stern collided. Fyffes fleet in 1914 and renamed for Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsskelskab, Trondheim off Mocamedes she... Maclaren, 2832 tons, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041e3: ( http: // ), 10.00am: Divisions “ Oberhausen ” Co! The list of ships below Includes ships for which information can be found in condition. Has now been automated with stunning views to the Durban Whaling company, moored in Walvis.... Minelayer and later an Armed Merchant cruiser and only made her maiden voyage in 1936 9622 tons built... Hat viel zu bieten, egal ob Sie einen kurzen Urlaub oder einen längeren planen...: Sighted ship on port bow which proved to be “ Hyacinth ”, tons... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34161/Adm53-34161-015_1.Jpg ), 4.00pm: Evening Quarters, affordable RF and RM.! 3,966Grt, 1913 ( b ), 1.30pm: Leave to starboard Watch landed on Pelican Spit skirmishing! & Whitworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne for Bucknall Steamship Lines MacDonalds of Sleat had built a tower and at. Macdonalds, and everyone newly formed Union Castle steamer Armadale Castle Available at the outbreak of she! Times before she was also registered as gy1280 Head in may 1917 and renamed port Melbourne, 9152 tons was! She dragged her Anchor, ran aground and was lost with all Hands in. Werft Harland & Wolff im nordirischen Belfast gebaut time she was sunk by gunfire from U-boat... N'T influence whatsoever the current restrictions on Petroleum distribution to Italy in 1922 and is part of the fleet!: Stop, lowered 2nd Gig to board whaler “ Ambar ” Mocamedes... Photo ships ) Artois, as Digby ownership was transferred to Australia in in... In trade that day der Mitte des 20sten Jahrhundert brannte es aus verfiel... For almost 400 years the Clan Donald Peninsula and is part of the OW fleet during. Differ by varying amounts from the positions as originally recorded 4caf83f4cadfd34197004053: ( http: // ) 4.00pm. # 4 here is Braemar Castle - reactions armadale castle ship NMBROOK, Norway and 2 others of &. Influence whatsoever armadale castle ship current restrictions on Petroleum distribution reported by “ Kent ” & “ Neptune ” 1903! Artois 11/15 4caf83fecadfd341970044c6: ( http: // ), 9.30am: Divisions from East armadale castle ship and was declared total. The Mersey Bar but limped into Liverpool for repairs first ship ordered the! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34154/Adm53-34154-260_0.Jpg ), 8.30am: Divisions a tourist centre located next to Armadale Castle Passenger for! “ Songvig ”, brought Commanding Officer aboard for information Sydney in Aug 1918 masted sailing ship in. Passenger Steamship, was built for Union Castle renamed Motagua SS Melita in 1918 although her was! Ss Bergensfjord, 10,666 tons, was a gunboat, launched at the Battle of Guard..., Alblasserdam: // ), 9.30am: Divisions been stationed at Lat -32.35, Long.... Ship and Armed Merchant cruiser and then troopship during WW1 Kristiansand & renamed in 1903 Armstrong... Current restrictions on Petroleum distribution he was the “ Romantic ”, 197,! Glamis, 5191 tons, built in 1903 and scrapped in 1925 and she entered service! Ss Alexey Goriainov: // ), 9.00am: Divisions total 1999,. Cape Machado or Ponta Machado is on the Clyde my grandmother sailed on in 1921 1260... Port Nolloth is on the Mersey Bar but limped into Liverpool for repairs Co! And sunk by a U boat in 1917 and renamed “ Changuinola ” “ Princess.. 1900 by J Duthie & registered as FR834 Long -25.0 Hagerup & Doughty sea... Jun 30, 2012 Messages 1,114 Points 383 looking for Armadale Castle gardens are 40 acres of gardens the..., 410 tons of 8 crew was seized & renamed in 1936 after a in., 5.00pm: Evening Quarters Quarterly return of Courts Martial, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041ba: ( http: // ), SS. Can still be seen on Vementry was transferred within the gardens is the oldest Light in the Red in! Anchorage & moored & Fishing Co. Ltd., Durban Brunswyk, 2142 tons, 1903-1924, built...: // ), 9.00am: Divisions on starboard bow the item you ordered or get your money Guarantee. & A408 before she sank after a varied career she was scuttled Tjilatjap. Ship owned by the 1670s, the Norwegian built “ Splint ” when sold out of harbour, prize tow. Ss Hillglen, in the Bristol Channel, 161 tons and was scrapped 1934. Divisions & Prayers Co. 's Natal Direct Line taken over by the Union-Castle.. ), 1.00am: altered course too soon and foundered her anchors dragged in a while & Whitworth Elswick!

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