I’m not a fan of 4,000 eggs in one basket. div.rbtoc1611060956723 {padding: 0px;} When I began experiencing this issue I used MoH as an attempt to narrow down the problem to the simplest dialplan possible. Based upon the inline backtrace the ao2 object is likely to be a codec format. The dialplan is essentially a scripting language specific to Asterisk and one of the primary ways of instructing Asterisk on how to behave. Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable. I think that if you tested 4k simultaneous calls with standard media streams on the majority of them, you would not experience the problem. It sounds like Richard is saying that these refcount logs may not actually be errors and can be ignored in this scenario. This paper. What Happened To Digium Cards, Pjsip Presence On Cisco SPA525G2 With SPA500DS. * There is no user configurable option to change the excessive ref count trigger value. anyone have any advice on what that could be or because of transcoding? Then Asterisk can use the appropriate one for the channel without transcoding. pjsip.conf is currently setup with a trunk allowing incoming calls from a specific IP. An alternative that comes to mind is to have 1 conference with 1 channel playing MoH in it and then add callers in a muted state to it. CPU usage gets around 50%. I am using SIPP to test. That is out of my hands at the moment unless it just can’t be done. A form of scripting language, the dialplan contains instructions that Asterisk follows in response to external triggers. filename. ; maxduration - Is the maximum recording duration in seconds. However, the current desire is to work with already existing hardware. If so would it help to change files I am using are gsm. So, I used a existing asterisk extension to test my phones dial plan configuration. ... My dial plan is, [test] exten => 1001,1,Answer. [ 94 ] Although Macro() seems like a general-purpose dialplan subroutine, it has a stack overflow problem that means you should not try to nest Macro() calls more than five levels deep. The Asterisk server has to be running in the background for the CLI to start. The FRACK itself is benign. Premium PDF Package. From: asterisk-users-bounces@lists.digium.com I've seen many weird errors in Asterisk before, that didn't harm the actual function of the pbx. I installed each codec for MoH, core sounds, and extra sound packages. I can share XML if desired but it simply waits on the line while music plays for 8 seconds. Evaluate Confluence today. Since Asterisk is distributed under the GPLv2 license, and the UniMRCP modules are loaded by and directly interface with Asterisk, the GPLv2 license applies to the UniMRCP modules too. Many developers tend to externalize functionality from the dialplan into AGI, while the same functionality can be achieved by writing dialplan macros or dialplan contexts. I used sippycup to generate it with the following steps in the yaml file. Never tried this, don’t know if it fits your case. The available releases are released as versions 13.38.1, 16.15.1, 17.9.1 and 18.1.1. I was using a MySQL CDR, but I had left the “CSV” type of CDR on. First thing I would try to do is reproduce the behaviour against a known good number that you will answer. Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit, I had that problem before – I believe “task processor queue reached 500 There are two Asterisk implementations: a channel interface and a dialplan application interface. On my systems I have MoH and sounds installed in wav, ulaw, alaw, gsm and g729. It is meant to simulate simultaneous calls on an IVR. So, after 32 seconds, Asterisk hangs up the call. The pages in this section will describe what the elements of dialplan are and how to use them in your configuration. I know from experience that Asterisk can handle more than 4k simultaneous calls, however it’s an extreme case to have all of them playing music on hold. Then this time Asterisk actually crashed. At around 500 calls per second I begin to see the following ERRORs, [Aug 28 17:46:14] ERROR[26150][C-00005594]: frame.c:343 ast_frdup: Excessive refcount 100000 reached on ao2 object 0x26bffc0, [Aug 28 17:46:14] ERROR[26150][C-00005594]: frame.c:343 ast_frdup: FRACK!, Failed assertion Excessive refcount 100000 reached on ao2 object 0x26bffc0 (0), #0: [0x45d229] /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0x1a9) [0x45d229], #1: [0x526ce6] /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_frdup+0x116) [0x526ce6], #2: [0x5fa616] /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_translate+0x306) [0x5fa616], #3: [0x4bf16b] /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_write+0x104b) [0x4bf16b], #4: [0x7efeb578230b] /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_musiconhold.so(+0x430b) [0x7efeb578230b], #5: [0x4b5b52] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x4b5b52], #6: [0x4c259c] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x4c259c], #7: [0x4c4a45] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x4c4a45], #8: [0x7efeb578478d] /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_musiconhold.so(+0x678d) [0x7efeb578478d], #9: [0x58ec79] /usr/sbin/asterisk(pbx_exec+0xb9) [0x58ec79], #10: [0x582e84] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x582e84], #11: [0x584e7c] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x584e7c], #12: [0x5863fb] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x5863fb], #13: [0x60002a] /usr/sbin/asterisk() [0x60002a]. Hi all, I have searched long and hard for an answer to the problem that I face and so far have not found it. Just like the scenario above, this is a basic scenario that only requires minimal adjustments to the following configuration files: res_parking.conf, features.conf, and extensions.conf. Arguments. I am using SIPP to test. If you want debugging output, add one or many v:s asterisk -vvvvvr. The dialplan is written in a special scripting language, and it is extremely powerful. And yes, again, this guide is mainly targeted to Debian users, other OS users, please improvise and do your best. [mailto:asterisk-users-bounces@lists.digium.com] approached with this task I mentioned as much. Thank you! I do feel like there must be something I’m missing but just can’t to it. ForkCDR - this application forks the Call Data Record(CDR) 02. +1 for horizontal scaling as the best solution in this situation. The Asterisk Dial Options are defined in two fields: Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options (for outgoing external calls); Asterisk Dial Options (for other types of calls); The system wide settings for these options are defined in the Advanced Settings page under the Dialplan and Operational section. https://www.beardy.se/how-to-set-up-a-sip-trunk-in-the-asterisk I’ve tested on asterisk 13.5 and 14.6 with the same results. To transmit a fax from Asterisk, you must have a TIFF file. This is the task processor that is maxing out. second means every second there are 10 entries being put in memory). The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce the release of Asterisk 18.0.0. It ties everything together, allowing you to route and manipulate calls in a programmatic way. Also we will use the application SendText for sending a warning message to the caller. references to the format per channel. That is out of my hands at the moment unless it as well. Using the distro and Asterisk 13, you just need to install the ws_node package “npm install -g wscat”. This is a simplistic calculation as there are going to be some references that have nothing to do with a call. They will also sound better than transcoding from the gsm versions. Actually, the handling is so limited that if, for some reason, a FastAGI script fails during execution, Asterisk will simply disconnect the call. People are often tempted to implement all sorts of fancy functionality in the emergency services portions of their dialplans, but if a bug in one of your fancy features causes an emergency call to fail, lives could be at risk. Hitting the FRACK would result in an average of 25 In contrast to traditional phone systems, Asterisk’s dialplan is fully customizable. Here is the situation: I have FreePBX 4.211.64-5 installed and running. Asterisk dialplan developers. Basic Handling for Call Parking Timeouts. These releases are available fo… 2: 161: December 22, 2020 However, from Asterisk’s perspective the sending of a fax is fairly straightforward. So I am looking for a better way to allow several thousand callers to listen to this IVR menu at the same time. When I was first approached with this task I mentioned as much. Does anyone have any advice on what that could be or on steps to discover it? The Asterisk dialplan. The number of base references would depend upon which codec is involved. Have a look … You might think of phone systems as simply accepting and connecting calls, but Asterisk is capable of much more. The wiki “used” to imply that the default was “no” if priorityjumping was not set. Download PDF. [CDATA[*/ I initially tested with the IVR audio files. By default Asterisk sends a RE-INVITE request after a call is established. div.rbtoc1611060956723 li {margin-left: 0px;padding-left: 0px;} Members are those channels that are active in answering the Queue. Is that simply a side effect of having so many callers listening to the IVR at the same time? Can anyone enlighten me on the meaning and cause of the error? filename; format - Is the format of the file type to be recorded (wav, gsm, etc). I Jumping in Asterisk v1.2.14: In [general] you can set priorityjumping=yes/no. /* h,1,System(echo yo) exten => h,n,System(echo yo) Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to … You will find it less taxing on the server if you have MoH files and sounds files available in all the possible native formats. In fact, it’s far better to keep it simple. The dialplan is the heart of your Asterisk system. I think you mean 13.15.0 as the excessive ref count trap is not in 13.5.0. PDF. ResetCDR - this application resets the CDR 04. However, you could change the EXCESSIVE_REF_COUNT define value in the main/astobj2.c file and recompile. For this reason, when Asterisk sends a RE-INVITE after a call is established, the other side does not answer the request. If I continue my test at this volume or a higher volume, I begin to get errors about reaching the maximum queue size for that particular taskprocessor. I can share XML if desired but it simply waits on the line while music plays for 8 seconds. It defines how calls flow into and out of the system. Any further advice on avoiding these during high call volume? This release is available for immediate download at https://downloads.asterisk. Next we will move on to explain how to handle situations where a call is parked but is not retrieved before the value specified as the parkingtime option elapses. [Sep 1 20:36:46] WARNING[7761][C-0000770d]: taskprocessor.c:888 taskprocessor_push: The ‘subp:PJSIP/sipp-00000020’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks. The Asterisk dialplan is found in the extensions.conf file in the configuration directory, typically /etc/asterisk. NoCDR - this application prevent Asterisk PBX to safe the CDR for certain call 03. A short summary of this paper. It … removed/disabled the CSV CDR module, kept on the SQL CDR only and things have been working fine ever since. Is this a real problem for you – that Asterisk can’t manage 4k MoH sessions simultaneously, even though it can manage 4k standard phone calls? See Section 7 for more information.

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