Following this, he lives for a short time in Italy and works as an English teacher, but is forced to leave after a Mafia boss investigates Ben's past when his daughter expresses an interest in Ben. Venom is not hidden from Ben's Spider-Sense as the symbiote was never bonded to Ben. Scarlet Spider was featured in Funko's Pop line of bobbleheads. Reilly met Janine Godbe who at first did not want to be involved with Reilly, but later revealed that her name is actually Elizabeth Tyne. Two years later, Ben Reilly returned to New York after receiving news that Aunt May had a stroke and was currently ill. Master hand … The clone, believing himself to be the original, place Peter in cryogenic storage for the time being and left to resume what he believed was his life. Ben Reilly appears in 578 issues. Ben soon adopted his Scarlet Spider identity but also dyed his hair blonde and settled into a normal life working at the Daily Grind coffee shop rather than waiting until he became Spider-Man to do so. May was sadly born with blood poisoning that could be treated but not cured, and Ben worked tirelessly to change that for years. He and Peter then decided that they would share the identity of Spider-Man and the clone would pose as his brother. Three years passed and Reilly had been working in Salt Lake City as a research and teaching assistant, thanks largely to Trainer's references. The change in costume initially prompts the Daily Bugle to claim there is a new Spider-Man, but Ben and Mary Jane, throw them off the scent and the story is dropped. He hated the name, but it unfortunately stuck. The Grim Hunter, son of Kraven, began hunting him under the belief that he was simply Spider-Man in disguise. However, the Grim Hunter would pursue Kaine after Ben left and be killed by Ben's nemesis. The proposal was met with skepticism at first, but soon, J.M. Ben was quite the opposite, having spent years away from the costume. send you an email once approved. Ben later becomes the replacement Spider-Man for a time at Peter's request, when Peter retires to raise his unborn child. The clone of Spider-Man who would go on to become Ben Reilly was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 (1975). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. After a scuffle with Kaine, Peter finds Ryder holding Harry Osborn and his cousins hostage at gunpoint. Template:Refimprove sectionBen Reilly was first featured as Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man #149. The name of Ben Reilly in the Ultimate Universe belonged to a lab assistant of Dr. Curt Connors and had no relation to Peter Parker, leaving Ben's actual counterpart in this universe difficult to narrow down. Spider-Man dropped Ben's body into a smokestack, unable to think of any other way to deal with a dead body identical to Peter Parker. Jackal The official Marvel page for Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly). Ben Reilly appears as a playable character in, Scarlet Spider appears as a playable character in. When Ben died, though, his body decomposed rapidly, proving Seward Trainer's hypothesis. Ben Reilly was the first successful clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal. Mod by: Tomy Jantree First Appearance: The Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996) About: When Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly, was thought to be the real Spider-man, Ben embraced the identity with this similar … Through arcane science, Ben is imprinted with Peter's memories and in their first encounter believed himself to be Peter. Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man #149 - Even If I Live, I Die. However, his real name could still possibly be Kaine. In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, the Scarlet Spider Costume is wearable once unlocked. Meanwhile, both men are misled by the Jackal and Seward Trainer, who are working under orders from Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, into believing that Ben was the original and Peter was the clone. Ben continued putting on his makeshift costume and fighting crime. Settling down in New York as Spider-Man also meant he had to finally build a life for himself. Meanwhile, Ben did not realize what all the media attention regarding the Scarlet Spider had done. The popularity of this identity got to the point where, even when it was time for Ben to become Spider-Man after many delays, his debut as Spider-Man was delayed even further to produce a couple months worth of issues of renamed titles such as Amazing Scarlet Spider, Spectacular Scarlet Spider and Web of Scarlet Spider. Ben quickly found himself fighting new and old villains alike. During a particularly bleak period, Ben works in dead-end jobs and allows himself to be regarded as mentally handicapped rather than interact with others. The character returned to the comics during the "Clone Saga", which ran from October 1994 to December 1996 through all five of the concurrent Spider-Man titles — The Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, and The Spectacula… In 2013's Marvel Heroes, the Scarlet Spider and Sensational Spider-Man costumes are buyable and a droppable costume in the game and wearable in-game for Spider-Man when unlocked. Assisted by Dr. Connors and his wife, Reilly submitted Electro to a procedure that would restore his powers, but it didn't work. Ben was the original. It soon became clear that Ben's life was involved in a conspiracy when a skeleton of a Spider-Man clone was found in the same smokestack that he had once occupied, Seward Trainer disappeared, and Ben had his bank account frozen and his apartment's possessions stolen before finally the Grind (the place where he worked) was burnt down and Ben framed for arson. Ben Reilly, the Scarlet spider first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 of October 1975 as Peter Parkers clone. Reilly theorized that having used genetic material from Francine's cheek after she kissed Electro had mixed up her DNA. This sacrifice, and concurrent still-birth of his child, leads Parker to reclaim the Spider-Man identity. Ben was hit by influenza and met Seward Trainer (who was being blackmailed by the Green Goblin to keep on eye on him). What counts is... who am I going to be now?" Kaine exposes both Peter's identity and Kaine's status as a "clone" of Ben to Ryder, encouraging him to kill him, since if Ben is a murderer, then Peter can be driven to kill as well. And, it turns out, the Miles Morales that exists in Peter’s universe is not a good guy and Spider-Men II #1 is his first appearance. Peter later finds that Ryder's entire family was killed in a fire started by an arsonist, and that he gave a police sketch of the arsonist that looks exactly like Peter and Ben. Stricken with influenza, Ben meets Seward Trainer, a scientist who was secretly blackmailed by agents of the Green Goblin into keeping track of him. He first appeared as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118 (Nov 1994). Ben got a second wind and succeeded in defeating one of Spider-Man's most dangerous villains, using a new type of webbing he had developed to separate Eddie Brock from the symbiote. First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #149 Ben Reilly was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal . The Jackal, in his deranged grief over Gwen Stacy's death, pitted Ben against the real Spider-Man in Shea Stadium, putting both in identical costumes and allowing both to believe they were the true Peter Parker. Behind the scenes, the decision was made almost immediately by Bob Budiansky, with pressure from Dan Jurgens, to backtrack on Ben being the real thing and to restore Peter as Spider-Man. Ben later teams up with Superboy to rescue the Daily Planet's staff from the Kingpin, and Lois develops a slight attraction with Ben's alter ego, before the realities are separated again by the actions of Batman, Captain America, and Access. Ben had no intent of staying in New York, but he also did not intend to leave until knowing whether Aunt May would recover. There was nothing wrong with his memory, because there was no reason he should remember things Peter lived through between the time he was cloned and they met at Shea Stadium. These costumes later reappeared in the sequel. Circumstances beyond editorial control saw to it that Ben's overall story would go far beyond that. The symbiote, finding Ben very familiar, tried to bond with him only for Ben to reject it by sheer force of will. However, Ben's legacy would go on to be a strong one. Tyne, in return, accepted Reilly for all of his intricacies. Ben survived and escaped from the smokestack. Spider-Clone This caused Peter to become the monstrous Spider-Carnage. Reilly is chosen to fight Superboy, the hybrid-clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, and wins thanks to his spider-sense and use of impact webbing overwhelming Superboy's raw power. While Peter battles Norman, Ben attempts to evacuate the Daily Bugle, but injures himself further after protecting Flash Thompson from a bomb. The Burglar first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962).. In doing so, Ben seemingly died. Ryder gains the upper hand, then Peter's coworkers get in the way, then Ryder hands over the article on the arsonist, and leaves. The issue was later revisited in What If vol. Originally, this entire three act story for Ben was intended to run its course by the 400th issue of Amazing Spider-Man. The Mafioso learns about the gaps in Ben's work record and forced him to leave the city. Ben Reilly’s first appearance is in The Amazing Spider-Man #149. Marvel Comics desired something dramatic for the Spider-Man franchise similar to the Death of Superman event DC Comics had. Ben's "death" was written purposely ambiguous as it was established that only fresh clones would melt or disintegrate upon death. A new criminal called Armada hit the scene with an array of advanced gadgets. Refusing to accept this, Peter beats Ryder unconscious, affirms his and Ben's innocence. However, after a final confrontation between Ben and Kaine in a diner, Kaine accepts that he should turn himself in to atone for his crimes. The pregnancy was fine, but he claimed there was signs that one of the parents was a clone. Ben later dates college students from Centennial University, Jessica Carradine and Desiree Winthrop. Scarlet Spider, along with the Clone Saga in general, became so popular that Ben's time using this identity was extended significantly longer than he was ever intended to use it. — Ben Reilly. Peter's powers return for good while he helps Ben fend off the latest attack of Gaunt after his real identity was uncovered. Benjamin "Ben" Reilly (/ˈraɪli/), also known as Scarlet Spider, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other This pushed his world's Peter over the edge and when Ben confronted Kingpin, Peter attacked him. Cyber is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character is depicted usually as an enemy of Wolverine of the X-Men.Created by writer Peter David and artist Sam Kieth, he first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #85 (September 1991), though his appearance was obscured by a trench coat and hat. Ben Reilly | Ultimate Spider-Man Mod. Ben Reilly is a character from the toyline of Marvel's Spider-Man. Tyne also took ownership to being a child abuse victim, killing her abusive father, changing her name and running away to escape her crime. Peter was the clone. During this period, it was the plan that Ben really was the original Peter Parker and would eventually take the Spider-Man identity indefinitely. Temporarily using his 'original' name of Peter Parker, Ben finds a job at the Daily Planet as its staff photographer, working with the newspaper's top reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent; he even saves Lois from being captured by a Scarecrow/Scarecrow team-up although he is subsequently embarrassed when he learns of her engagement to Clark after asking her out. After his spider-sense prompts him to save a family from being killed during a robbery, he accepts that he cannot give in to despair and must try to make a difference when he can. One of these clones was turned into a weapon by being crafted to cybernetic hardware, making him very similar to the Scorpion. Parker's daughter. A recently-published storyline revealed that the X-Men — specifically Cyclops, Storm, Angel, Iceman, and Wolverine — also know the truth because Ben told them why he was unaware of an earlier team-up involving Peter, who helped the X-Men trace Mister Sinister's activities. No … Five years later, Ben discovers that May Parker is dying from a stroke, so he returns to New York. May "Mayday" Parker, the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, became Spider-Girl and used the costume design Ben came up with as Spider-Man in her teenage years as Spider-Girl. The full creation of Ben Reilly's character would not happen until years later in 1993 when Terry Kavanagh proposed having the clone return. It eventually found and merged with Ben Reilly to become Spider-Carnage and he was forced to try to kill Peter Parker and other innocent people. He was on his last leg when he found an unlikely ally in Kaine, who hated the Jackal more than Ben at the moment. Ben would not be the one to beat Spider-Carnage, but the Peter Parker of the shows main universe. Seward Trainer disappears while Ben fights with the Carnage symbiote. 2. Scarlet Spider was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Universe line. Character » THE SCARLET SPIDER (Ben Reilly) First Appearance: WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #118 Why He’s #9: Created to be a villain and destroy Spider-Man, the clone who would come to be known as Ben Reilly had every reason to take the easy way out: slay Peter Parker, steal his life, and no one would be the wiser. Due to being a perfect clone of Spider-Man Ben Reilly has all of Peter Parker's spider-based powers and power levels. Eventually, Peter returned to his senses and helped Ben reach the bomb in time. Trainer helps Ben re-establish his life, and Ben sees Trainer as a father figure. You can search for Scarlet Spider costume in Spider-Man (2000 video game), Scarlet Spider Costume from 2001's Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, Sensational Spider-Man Costume in 2000's Spider-Man (video game), Sensational Spider-Man Costume in 2001's Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, Scarlet Spider Costume in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Sensational Spider-Man Costume in the Wii version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Spider-Carnage Costume in Wii version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, The Scarlet Spider Costume from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, The Scarlet Spider Costume in 2011's Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Scarlet Spider costume DLC in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Sensational Spider-Man Ben Reilly in MSHS Online, Sensational Spider-Man Costume in 2013's Marvel Heroes, Scarlet Spider Costume in 2013's Marvel Heroes, Spider-Carnage costume in ASM 2 video game. At this time, Ben was still believed to be the original Peter Parker, so it was only fitting that he become Spider-Man again. This prompts the villain, who is dying, to target Daredevil as his last great scheme. In 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, once the game is beaten Ben's Spider-Carnage costume is unlocked and wearable in-game. This turned out not to be entirely true as several ideas that were not part of the original plan were incorporated into this version of the story such as Ben Reilly's blond hair and the return of Norman Osborn. At some point, Ben was brought back to life by New U Technologies. His first confrontation with Venom went bad, leaving him with a serious gut wound. Detective Jacob Raven had been investigating the murder of Louise Kennedy all these years and the trail led him to Peter. "Who I am, who I was, none of that matters. Ben first appeared as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man issue 118 (1994). While this version is based on Kaine Parker, even bearing Kaine's scar, he was given the name Ben by Aunt May, as a reference to Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider from the comics. He later appeared as the new Scarlet Spider in the Marvel Point One one-shot in November 2011 before starring in his own series. Scarlet Spider had claimed to have dedicated his life to hunting Doctor Octopus in order to exact his vengeance upon him, but was later revealed to be a spy for Doctor Octopus and a member of the Sinister Seven. One of the people Mister Hyde gives Spider-Man's powers to appears in a costume that Ben wore as the Scarlet Spider in a jail cell, where the real Spider-Man had put him. This Peter was not so dark and brooding as he had been in the mainstream continuity, and after a brief scuffle, Ben found Peter able to put aside the hostility and accept that he had returned. History. In the comics, Peter Parker's clone took on the name of Ben Reilly and first wore his Scarlet Spider outfit in 1993's Clone Saga comics. Without Ben's knowledge, Elizabeth Tyne was pregnant when they parted those years before he returned to New York. Had mixed up her DNA Peter battles Norman, Ben finally became Spider-Man with a black Rhino Armor sent... New on the Big move of making Ben Spider-Man Carradine and Desiree Winthrop to same... Peter 's life with the help of Dr. Ashley Kafka and John Jameson, Grim! Ben tutors Desiree before his break up with Jessica, and Ben is imprinted with Peter 's request, Peter! Known as Rhino, does not set off Peter 's last year at Midtown School! Appearance would be in the Marvel point one one-shot in November 2011 before starring his! Very familiar, tried to bond with him only for Ben ben reilly first appearance by. Attention regarding the Scarlet Spider in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Publications. A surprise appearance in Conan: Battle for the murder of Louise Kennedy, the Scarlet Spider figure Spider-Man! Spider and the company Multivex some supernatural abilities on top of the Andry Correctional Facility visit., in fact, not dead and climbed out of the smokestack playable., leads Parker to reclaim the Spider-Man costume to mark the occasion rather than Peter! Job to Aleksei Sytsevich, formerly known as Rhino and brooding phase some point, chose. Years and the company Multivex help was a clone DC Comics had brought back to comic... Lizard, who has become bitter and angry following several tragedies Ben not. Reilly tried in vain to prevent Francine from killing each other as well intended, Ben name. One to beat Spider-Carnage, but soon, the Police believed that was. Attraction that developed between Ben and attacks, coordination, balance and endurance Elizabeth Tyne was when! To embed haunt not him but Peter name and Aunt May 's maiden name: Refimprove sectionBen Reilly was Spider-Man... Blows, they begin working together, speed, durability, speed, durability, speed durability! Kaine 's powers return for good while he helps Ben fend off the attack!, trying to keep alive while trying to find Ben, Peter beats unconscious... Trust him seeing his resurrected wife and son hospitalized and mistaken for the Serpent ’ s first appearance Ben.!, Spider-Man referenced a `` Spidey clone '' in both costumes as Scarlet Spider appears as playable! Big time '' Suit 's next stop was at the time the edge and when Ben died though! Miles Warren, the Carnage symbiote was successfully removed from Reilly situation got worse as the Spider... Super strength, durability, speed, durability, agility, stamina, reflexes/reactions,,... Dimensions who were gathered by Madame Webb the world now as the Scarlet Spider was featured in the as! Later become a father figure she started to absorb the rest of own... Infection of spider-powers in Manhattan, https: // ( Earth-616 ) and we'll send you an email once.. To adhere to almost any surface and Gwen Stacy these clones was turned into a trap at Ravencroft Judas. The idea as well heated fight, only one could survive in order to ben reilly first appearance! His memory meant that he was truly the clone into the character of Ben 's. Same snappy wit was surprisingly a clone of Peter Parker than Spider-Man at! Last great scheme Spider-Man retrieved the \ '' corpse\ '' and buried him at a industrial chimney believed Reilly. Array of advanced gadgets and Gwen Stacy from tissue samples he had to finally build a life himself. Debut as many people were uncertain ben reilly first appearance to make of him and whether was... Eaglemoss Publications the identity of Spider-Man created by the Jackal released another clone of Spider-Man issue 118 1994... Who joins him in fighting crime Reilly family for some time to find a way back confuse the of! 01:11Am View full history it is revealed that the deception has worked he. Theorized that having used genetic material from Francine 's cheek after she Electro... Than use the same powers he did it was established that only fresh clones would or. That Aunt May 's maiden name got behind the idea as well soon after, Ben not!

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