a ghost story in 450-500 words? On the subject line please include: Ghost Story Contest Entry by Your Name The black roses made the night black. Ghost stories also typically feature some sort of tragic event which causes the ghost to appear. Pick four words from the list of “Useful words to use when writing a ghost story” and in 10 minutes put together a short ghost story. In fact, most ghost stories are real. The thing is, not all ghost stories are fiction. Class-10 » English. To celebrate Halloween this year, FalWriting is hosting a 500-words Ghost Story contest. Words like “horrified,” “horror-struck,” “petrified,” “panic-stricken,” “appalled,” “witless” and “aghast” will do; however, representing the signs of a protagonist's fears are even better. Share with your friends. Climb. . The 5 winners & their short stories are posted below. May 15, 2017 Ms A Mazing . A scary story needs a protagonist frightened out of her wits. Next day morning sarang was missing forever and ever. When I think about telling ghost stories, I think about sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, telling spooky tales with a torch under my chin before retiring to my tent for the night. Never challenge the ghost… Supernatural themes are often associated with paranormal and occult ideas. Page 1 of 50 - About 500 essays. Share 9. To enter the contest: Submit your short story by 5pm on November 18th by sending me an email to Sherezade Garcia Rangel. Jones wingdriver@smithville.net Frank and Annie moved cautiously along the secluded path. Castles and old houses are typical. Clutching wildly, I plummeted towards a near certain death in … Ghost Stories In Winter 200 250 Words. Aim to write at 300 – 500 words. Scary stories are scary stories for a reason: they are the unsettling accounts and experiences in a haunted house or the dark woods, hearing voices or strange noises, or of abnormal sightings and ghostly activity. People were scared by this incident and very sure to believe their faith in ghosts. To write a scary story, you need a scary setting, a scary plot line and plenty of scary words. These stories usually use our fear of death and what happens when we die to build up an atmospheric scene and to build up suspense in the reader. We recommend that you frame such answers on your own.However, a few pointers are given below for your reference. A ghost is a supernatural force. 5 Short Ghost Stories that Will Scare the Life Out of You. Ghost Stories 1726 Words | 7 Pages. The driver who was ready to come but the different people refused to come, absolutely the driver was the ghost. About the contest, they wanted a spooky story 500 words or less. Each winner will receive a free DVD of the the movie "What Lies beneath" We THANK everyone who entered...it was a lot of fun! Many ghost stories are set in old places which are in ruins. Ghost Stories Ghost stories help us to explore the idea of an afterlife, focusing mainly on death and dying. Action Short Stories Climb Climbing Rock Climbing 500 Words. Each ghost story can be told in a different way and still be effective. Words That Show Fear. Characteristics Of Effective Ghost Stories The ghost story genre is one that is very complex. ... greywolf 200 words .. . D.F. Submissions are due in on Monday 18th November. These questions focus on developing your writing and creative skills. Add to library 12 Discussion.

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