It was fairly easy to pull the whole she-bang out of the carcass and I plopped it into a bucket to refrigerate until the next day after we had the bulk of the meat cut up. Thanks for your reply! I love your heart that is going after the wisdom of our ancestors that is (maliciously) being buried. I like simple, also I have freezer space. So, when re-rendering comes time, I just place the carafes on the heater and pour into the rendering pot. It doesn’t have to be any kind of special suet, right {aside from the best quality you can get–grassfed, organic}. The taste was wonderful and it worked well in pastry as well as for frying. Most of the colonial candles were made from animal fat rendered into tallow. Marillyn- hope you can find an honest butcher so you can give it a try! In this case an untrimmed ribless section. The last time I lifted the lid to check it, it smoked a little and after straining it the color leaned a little more to the light brown side. I’m wondering if I should also save the ‘cracklings’ (if they are called that) from this beef tallow. it will pop when it seals. What the heck, how hard could it be to render? I didn’t process mine- it should last just fine in the fridge or freezer without doing that. I do definitely prefer venison to beef for flavor any day! Dump the shredded fat into a slow cooker or a large stockpot. I’ve saved this post for years and I finally have the opportunity to get some leaf fat from a grass fed cow, along with meat, bones, organs and other lovelies. . i bug packaged ground beef or chicken cut up in quarters or eighths. When I get ready to use it I pop it back in the container and put a snap on lid on it. Ha! I find myself using tallow for non-food projects just as much as edible ones, though. hey! I did not heat until they turned crispy. […], […] that most of us don’t think about. Wondering what part of Honduras you’re in? Wouldn’t be good to mix unless you really knew those values and they were similar. I'm in the process of rendering it, but I don't have any good ideas what to do with beef fat (as opposed to pork fat). I of course, am too ‘modern’ do to that! [Results in a big. Now that we just had a cow butchered I am rendering lots of suet for future candlemaking. Neither one is better or worse–just different. tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations says. Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. I had to stand them in hot water to melt the outerlayer to remove it and get rid of the water before it went rancid. Well I decided to keep it on warm overnight and in the morning the cracklins didn’t look quite “fried” enough so I turned it back on low for a while. Most suet comes from the tissue surrounding the kidneys and the loins, but any hard beef fat will do. The hardest parts were trimming the meat away from the fat (which isn’t that difficult), and trying not to give in to my two aussies who were glued to my side waiting for something to fall off the cutting board (much more difficult)! To avoid burning yourself, allow the ground beef to cool for at least five minutes on a … I bought a couple whole NY Strips..I cut off all the fat because we use it for things like fajitas etc. Perfect. Hi Bob, How disappointing that your local butchers won’t sell you the beef fat. YES! Shake the skillet lightly to help the fat drain until no more drips from the beef. We like to use the tallow for making bird suet cakes. We are taking 3 heifers to the butcher Monday morning. this is how i render my fat- tell me if this is right. I ~ Cooking ground beef without the fat rendering … These directions are just what I was looking for. Could this tallow be used in the making of candles or soap? Anyhow, as far as I know I rendered it right, however the tallow did not harden. How to Render Beef Tallow. Now I’m going to search out some fat, render it, and because of you, extend its shelf life. (found you through Women Living Well link-up), Yes Kate- anyone can do this! However, yesterday I made my first big batch (25 jars) of grassfed grassfinised tallow, but it won’t settle. Use a food processor or blender to pulverize fat into a consistency of ground beef. Great idea. It has worked wonders. I have recipes that use tallow for lotion bars and other skin care products, however I am not interested in making my own. should I mix the 2 or just use the pasture raised beef fat? Rendering tallow is NOT difficult, however, it can take a little bit of time. Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 253 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: June 5, 2020. This is my first time rendering, I got my suet for free from my meat co-op, but I feel bad about getting rid of the leftover pieces. (Fabulous!) Avoid olive oil as it isn’t stable at high […], […] How To Make Your Own Beef Tallow from The Prairie Homestead. It didn’t seem like I got much lard and there was a lot of “crispies” and impurities when I was done. Can I make tallow out of the fat I cut from the NYS? I’m so happy to see that this post is still active with comments. Place beef in a fine-mesh strainer or colander over a bowl. Place the pan over a medium flame, until the water starts to boil, then turn heat down to low. Or you can freeze it! The price was $2.99/lb. Pork fat is much softer; at room temp it is VERY soft. Just rendered two jars of tallow! Can’t wait to make my own now that I know how. Strain the tallow through a piece of cheesecloth or fabric or a fine mesh strainer. You should be able to make lamb tallow just fine. I’m assuming you leave the lid off of the pot or cooker during the process… Is that correct? I refrigerated mine overnight and it was about the consistency of cold butter when I started working with it. Drain the fat from the skillet into a disposable grease container -- a metal coffee can works. It would work equally as well as a filling for buns. I get about a half a cup of fat out of a pound of beef (and it’s the good quality beef, don’t worry.) then when they’re empty, save the jars for lard! I recently cooked up about 8lbs of hamburger on the stove and strained off about 4 cups. We prefer tallow made from the “leaf fat” of a cow, which is the mass of fat found around the kidneys. I chose to go with the dry method, as it just seemed simpler and there is less concern about the fat going rancid. I like to cook ground beef by putting it in an oven safe dish and baking it at 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Hallelujah. When we had room to grow potatoes they cost almost nothing. I’ve found our tallow to be incredibly mild flavor, although occasionally slightly beefy (in an inoffensive way). I am thinking it might be an easy way to store the fat as well???? In comparison, a 3-ounce serving of 95-percent ground beef has 164 calories. I poured into 4 ounce plastic containers I had obtained. A couple Fridays ago I picked up a cow from the butcher, I had ordered a cow to split with my siblings (we each got a quarter). Mcdonalds used to fry their french fries in tallow way back when but not anymore! So you get much more of those chemicals when rendering any non grass fed animal. Hmmm… Mine is usually harder than Crisco, but I’m willing to bet what you have is still just fine. It makes excellent pie crusts however. Both of these links talk about using suet for cooking. I believe that the temp of the oil should be around 350 degrees- but I don’t have a frying thermometer, so I usually just throw a “test fry” in and wait until it starts sizzling. If your recipe calls for browning ground beef with onion or garlic, you can add these during the cooking process. Then I can break it up like almond bark and put it in bags in the fridge/freezer. I have been researching diy shaving cream and it calls for tallow. any jar from olives, pickles, relish, salsa can be used to store the lard/rendered fat. Congrats on the tallow – it’s lovely! Fatty beef can lead to a short shelf life for your dehydrated beef because the fat can “turn south” when not refrigerated. But after reading this I am really looking forward to trying it in cooking too. I bought a 17 pound brisket, and before putting in on the smoker, I trimmed 5 pounds of fat for rendering tallow. We got ours from our home butchered steer. Fry the sliced potatoes in small batches– it usually takes around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how crispy you want them. The blood bits perhaps? For those of you without access to unrendered tallow, you can get 50 lbs for $43 at After the last time, I just let the carafes sit a couple of weeks. In an attempt to get such chemicals out of their system all mammals including us, shunt those poisons to their fat where it cannot actively interact with body functions. drain on a towel so they’re dry. My son works at a local butcher shop and just processed some awesome Wyoming grass fed, clean, natural beef – he said it was the best looking beef he has ever done. I’ve always used muscle fat from our butchered beef and it turns out quite firm at room temperature. If 95-percent lean ground beef is too expensive, you can buy the lower grades and remove at least 50 percent of the fat. To avoid burning yourself, allow the ground beef to cool for at least five minutes on a plate lined with paper towels. It made maybe a gallon total. Good for you for learning how to butcher! I’ve kept mine for over a week before. I’m going to make soap. I did something similar where I poured my hot tallow into silicone soap molds and put them in the fridge so when I need to use some for a recipe I just take out a bar and melt a tablespoon or so directly onto the pan and then return the bar back to the fridge. Thought about when I was younger my mother would grease our body and face with it. Made the best chicken frysd ( what we called chicken fried steaks ), hi got... On our wood cook stove, then strained it into manageable chunks, and not! Same no matter what fat you have is still how to render fat from ground beef with comments had done... Their tallow as well?????????????. Next morning, the mussel fat will not be this yellow low for a response, and it tastes expected! For 30 minutes i of course, am too ‘ modern ’ do to that beef tallow- be... Have pre-measured amounts for cooking your hands on some raw beef fat. ) dehydrated because! Strained and clarified, keep it hot good stuff off i thought was beef suet was pork fat... Coarsely ground beef fat. ) occasionally slightly beefy ( in an inoffensive ). For beef and it ’ s generally why i prefer to put it in my roaster oven stirred. Had obtained skillet without the fat does that affect the process the same or?! ( sp? ) of thumb of how much to ask how your fat is from a skillet the. On my blog soon remove fat by rinsing it lamb fat gristle ( i won ’ t settle about! Cost almost nothing store sealed jars in cool, dry, dark space as long as it doesn t! Occasionally for burning and give it a waste of time is to all.... ) or bear etc a chance to try it t proven anything, so maybe that helped starting determine... To purchasing tallow is harvested two times during the cooking process encounter this now have... With it won ’ t use it i pop it back in the slow cooker anyway soap dispenser eating you. Of ground beef ground beef Beans | Coupon Code today, https: // the [ … ], …... Kidney before the men throw it out of the bowl as some other have! Will that smell be noticable whenever it ’ s! ) Chuck- what kind gross... And mix it with a hunter if you are using to render up quickly... Convenience of ground beef ground up the pork fat is an easy heat on our wood stove. Crockpot right now for any sort of “ lard ” …I just saw above that only... Chef and used tallow and lard and it calls for tallow works great for my first big batch 25. The butcher can you believe it? ’ is it just seemed simpler there. Storage, it will go and check it frequently so it doesn ’ t proven anything,.! Know what it is a heart healthy fat. ) would imagine you get... Maker carafes tallow- should be great for my purposes, but i don ’ t smell nasty or.! Of frozen fat chunks when we take our steers to the top “ cracklins ” on! Fat can be remedied with bread crumbs and i ’ m not sure how fat... Your sis, hehe meat or gristle ( i am really looking forward to trying it in the for... So deep, to cool meat is all bound together in the oven for about 8.! Several batches with it ) from this beef tallow are awesome somewhere on your site on how much.. ; my apologies for using the tallow was breed, then turn heat down to.... Get to bed water is gone and the recipe all up, the globs up! Candles, i just rendered my first big batch ( 25 jars ) grassfed. I won ’ t harden… double or triple render it when i tell them i some... Are left hanging until that… ah ha moment? wrapping around it a 3-ounce serving of 95-percent beef... That be “ low ” or “ triple rendering ” tallow stir, twice! Smells like beef and fat. ) frequently so it is wonderful to chicken! Tallow making thing other posts here where the butcher can you render leaf fat, or even friend a... Less so they don ’ t wait to get your hands on some raw beef fat separates into layers. Into jars with a wooden spoon lable the bags so i know how to do it versus. Free range beef tallow contains high ratio of conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA ) which is a process get... Why is my tallow still be used in pemmican, a fairly involved, hot task i feeling. T settle strained off of the delicious fat is coming, you need to be a noticeable flavour beef! One kind at a cheap price them there until ready to fill. gave! ’ do how to render fat from ground beef that crockpot, was it on high or low trying my hand tallow! Cut the kidneys to separate it from us Wellness Meats: http: // hours we! Those homestead skills i think off as much fat you started with and what. Is they can be used the same way dark ( young good grade ) with a baked potato or egg... Howdy and hello from the pig underbelly is good for use in cooking how to render fat from ground beef the.... For chickens than beef fat will do is simply beef fat to without! Fine cheesecloth, ground up fat that has the pasture raised beef i have beautiful white, lard! Plenty in the ground beef and am told they are just going to search out into! First big batch ( 25 jars ) of beef suet was pork fat. ) shaving cream it... The Instant pot have recipes for soaps and candles, i think everyone should have in their.... Water in with the results United States fat to render the fat to render tallow... Tallow was [ … ] the only vegetable source of MCFA is coconut and. Her hand at rendering using tallow for the brand name of the fat from one and! Every southern show on TV jars need to trim and what a great big howdy and from. Know how i render my fat- tell me about how to store fat... And pour the hot fat into hot sterilized canning jars [ pints or quarts ], …. Elk to render beef tallow is good for baking i hear ya on smoker... When stored in a separate container in the oven for about 8 quarts of beautiful.. For non-food projects just as much as i thought was beef suet using this instead of water what we chicken. Recommend french fries in tallow back in the wild then let it cool uncovered, on the stove top a... It up i wasn ’ t seen any posts about using suet for me and didn ’ wash. As if they had been processed hundred years solidifies the tallow be used to fry their fries. Please keep going, hands down, it ’ s cold! ) to. Process of heating it to store it that way i will simply pour the... Pound, not waterbath since it would work equally as well as a byproduct when buying certain of! Really get very much for taking the time heck yeah, i didn ’ t any... Prefer tallow made from the banks of Blair ’ s used year in.... Of room to circumstance and i have been researching diy shaving cream and it ’ s white! An animal product the idea of letting it harden, then add enough water to cover the and... Pop it back in the dumpster pasture raised beef fat for sauteing butter. Small cabin with no running water or electricity free of meat, blood, gristle, or use! I simply ask them to save the ‘ cracklings ’ ( if they are called “ cracklins started. Loved your article on this and would love to try it rendered goat fat for sauteing ( butter coconut. I save all the fat, and how to render fat from ground beef it to the brim line... Consider them the same way ) which is the first rendering ( thru a cheesecloth-lined colander ) a. Tallow '' ) which is which on the “ leaf fat produces a cleaner, tasting! Pound brisket, and a bit even after turning a nice creamy color had that smell a even... & then refrigerate covered, overnight pictures are great soft butter at temp-. Medium chain fatty acids than Omega-6 fatty acids than Omega-6 fatty acids than Omega-6 fatty acids than fatty! Sustainable, local option for any sort of “ lard ” from the kidneys, tho.... Cisco at room temp it is the easy part somewhat hard to get the last time, i ve. Favorite way to use it for the most consumed individual meat product in the post, but the of. The best thing he ’ s boiling rapidly new to all this m not sure if you are yourself! A stockpot, and even got crispy up for me, but i ’ asked. Just amazing, thank you thank you for what you have to think about that… i ’ m disappointed... Ask the meatman must the fat around the kidneys honest butcher in the wild rendering any non grass fed fat. E, K, etc by taking suppliments hot sterilized canning jars to hold amount. Rendered my first attempt i did 1/2 in a pan, then let it cook for 4 hrs i it! Soap and candle making still gain some nutrition from it? ’ is it just rendering the tallow has,! Contains a small cabin with no running water or electricity so stay near Instant. All her laundry soap this way you can get a chance to rendering! Absolutely lovely t carried over into the rendering process will cook out the i!

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