Learn More. Meanwhile, Marge decides to … We at Glow Pharma Pvt. Like: Comment: Related: Share #25 Lisa the Veterinarian - The Simpsons [S27E15] Released: 2016-03-06, Rated: TV-PG. As a result of her innate love for animals and thirst for knowledge, she chose veterinary … While at an indoor water park, Lisa saves a raccoon from drowning. Dr. Lisa - The Vet Helping You Keep Your Furry Family Healthy's cover photo . The Simpsons. Season 27: Disutradarai oleh: Steven Dean Moore: Ditulis oleh: Dan Vebber: Tanggal mula ditayangkan: 6 Maret 2016 () "Lisa the Veterinarian" adalah episode kelima belas dari musim kedua puluh tujuh sitkom animasi Amerika … Lisa becomes a veterinarian after performing CPR on a raccoon, and learns a harsh lesson when the neglected class hamster, Nibbles, dies. Like: Comment: Related: Share: Mystery Baskets of Clips. Lisa discovers her calling after saving a raccoon, meanwhile, Marge moonlights as a crime scene cleaner. Meanwhile, Marge moonlights as a crime scene cleaner for a little extra money, and the trauma of the gory scenes make her increasingly dead inside. / Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Cauble, Jr. fly to Houston Monday to attend the same meeting where Cauble will receive his trophy and the recognition and honor accorded him in Austin at the recent meeting of Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Convention. Like Dr. Ray, Dr. Jones is an associate veterinarian and began working from the 1st of July, 2019. Add the first question. D'fhéach 3.09 milliún duine ar an eipeasóid. 06/15/2017 . USDA veterinarian now work-ing in the Bahamas on an as-signment. The Critic 70. Summary: Lisa becomes a veterinarian's intern while Marge gets a job cleaning up crime scenes. The journal regularly commissions topical reviews and commentaries on features of major importance. Lisa becomes a veterinarian after giving CPR to a raccoon. "Lisa the Veterinarian" scored a 1.3 rating and was watched by 3.09 million viewers, making it Fox's highest rated show of the night. Her schoolmates and family members ridicule her for her beliefs, but with the help of Apu as well as Paul and Linda … June 18, 2014 ACardAttack 1 Comment. Copy the URL for easy sharing. … It has some good parts, but Lisa the Veterinarian does not turn out merely as well as it could have. Lisa the Veterinarian S27 E15 5 Mar 2016. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Veterinary & Feed Supplements Bolus, Suspension & Powder. Prior to joining Dr. Pol at Pol Veterinarian Service the information on Dr. Jones virtually does not exist. Dr. Lisa Chimes is more than what meets the eyes. Pol Veterinary Services. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 15, 1995. Thanks to the media coverage, Lisa is given the responsibility of caring for her class’s pet hamster during spring break. Lisa takes a job as veterinarian's assistant, but soon lets the responsibilities of the job get to her head. Lisa, the “self selected, unpaid veterinary intern” saves it with Milhouse’s epi-pen. Score: 16.802. As those episodes have shown, all the elements are still in place (especially since Harry Shearer’s been lured back into the fold) for the show to reel off a quality episode at any time. About Glow Pharma. The Simpsons "Lisa the Veterinarian" Season 27: TBA v - e - d. Media; Main Characters. They were a litter of 7, out of which 2 survived the ordeal and can be seen nursing on momma Lisa. Dr. Lisa Jones joined Dr. Pol at the same Dr. Ray did. Lisa the Veterinarian S27 E15 5 Mar 2016. "Lisa the Veterinarian" "The Marge-ian Chronicles" "The Burns Cage" "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back" "Fland Canyon" "To Courier with Love" "Simprovised" "Orange Is the New Yellow" Chraol an cúígiú heipeasóid déag, Lisa the Veterinarian, den seachtú sraith is fiche The Simpsons ar an 6 Márta 2016. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. My name is Lisa Buren and I am a student of veterinary medicine in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Associate Veterinarian. Dr. Ray Harp. Creator: Matt Groening. Einmal hinzufügen. Movies. Darum geht es in Lisa the Veterinarian: Nach der erfolgreichen Behandlung eines getaserten Waschbärs, hält man Lisa für eine Tierärztin und bietet ihr eine Stelle in Springfield an.

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