The European Blue Card is a Work Permit that facilitates Migration of Educated Third Country Nationals to Europe to continue a career working in highly skilled jobs, … The German economy lacks specialists, and demographic change will increase the shortage. A key feature of the Directive is that it co-exists with national schemes for attracting highly-skilled migrants, and most Member States have such schemes. Updated – March 2019 . While you were busy scaling up your tech teams and planning growth strategies for the new year, the … The Blue Card is an approved EU-wide work permit (Council Directive 2009/50/EC) allowing highly skilled non-EU citizens to work and live in 25 of the 27 countries within the European Union, excluding Denmark and Ireland, which are not subject to the proposal. Points. Which one may be more preferable and why? The salary threshold that was applicable in the year that you received your highly skilled migrant permit, EU Blue Card or ICT permit remains the threshold. Sander Groen is partner at Kroes Advocaten. In 2016, the Commission published a proposal to replace those rules, but negotiations between the Council and Parliament stalled. Vocational trainees. In the last 3 years, you must have worked at least 1,560 hours. (yes it is! I'm currently holding an EU Blue Card in Poland. Under the new IND policy rules, the lowest highly skilled migrant salary threshold remains applicable for the remaining part of the above mentioned 3 year period. Well, an unemployed highly-skilled migrant is better off as a Blue Card holder. In the Netherlands a highly skilled migrant also is eligible to tax reduction of 30%. The Blue Card in particular, which was introduced under the scope of the EU’s Directive on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment, has proven effective as a way to attract highly skilled immigrants from non-EU countries. You need our e-book. Because of emerging labor shortages within Europe, the demand If you're looking in The Balkans, there's one giant relocation trend you can use to your advantage. Intra-Corporate Transfers. Should you have any questions about the highly skilled migrant policy and/or the blue card policy, please feel free to contact Mynta Law on 070 205 1160 or send us an e-mail: General eligibility for university admission. What if your secondment in the Netherlands will be extended after this period? While you were busy scaling up your tech teams and planning growth strategies for the new year, the Dutch and German immigration and work departments were busy amending minimum salary requirements and visa costs. Blue cards, green cards: The Contest to attract highly skilled migrants Ball, Richard Home; Outputs; Authors. From a university ranked in the top 200 of the world. He is considered one of the best corporate immigration lawyers in the Netherlands. In this blog, we will answer all your queries regarding the Dutch residence permits. In this situation, the maximum search period is until the period of time before the permit expires. Visit the IND website to find out if you qualify for this permit. This website provides information about the EU Blue Card in general, the conditions to qualify for the EU Blue Card and how to apply in The Netherlands. The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) was a scheme from 2002 until 2008, that was designed to allow highly skilled people to immigrate into the United Kingdom to look for work or self-employment opportunities. Only if you change employers in 2021 and you (just) turned 30, must you earn the above 30-year salary threshold. ), Dutch government considering 8pm to 4am coronavirus curfew, Dutch cabinet resigns in wake of childcare benefit scandal, An immigration update for Highly Skilled Migrants, EU Blue Card and ICT permit holders. Of course while working legally with such a visa. There is more than one type of Dutch work permits. To find out more, please visit the IND website. Menu. Completed vocational education/training in the shortage occupation. EC-Long term residence permit. They are expected to leave the Netherlands and return to their country of origin when their secondment in the Netherlands is terminated. This residence permit allows holders and their families to live and work in the Netherlands or in other EU Member States. European Blue Card: € 5,567 Recent graduates (orientation year): € 2,497. Is snow finally on the way to the Netherlands? 30 The age based Highly Skilled Migrant salary thresholds also apply to Intra-Corporate Transferee Directive residence permit applications. 25. Published: 03-07-2014, 12:21 PM 0 comments Share Tweet X. Non-compliance will result in the revokement of your permit and a penalty to your employer should the IND find out. After five years of legal and continuous stay in The Netherlands every migrant - also the EU Blue Card holder and the highy skilled migrant - may qualify for a permanent EC long term residence permit under Directive 2003/109/EC. Be reminded that if this situation occurs in 2021, you will have to meet the applicable 2021 highly skilled migrant salary threshold. Germany’s implementation of the European Union's Directive on Highly Qualified Workers entered effect on 1 August 2012. 4 And Australia continues to operate its points-based systems. Of course while working legally with such a visa. Receive the IamExpat Weekly and Special Offers from our Partners, For expats of all colours, shapes & sizes, Employees under the age of 30: 3.484 euros gross per month, excluding 8% holiday allowance, Employees aged 30 or over: 4.752 euros gross per month, excluding 8% holiday allowance, Employees holding or qualifying for "orientation year highly educated persons" permit ("search year" permit): 2.497 euros gross per month, excluding 8% holiday allowance, 5.567 euros gross per month, excluding 8% holiday allowance*.