The scheme will fall apart. similarities between MLM sales and pyramid schemes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. What are the real alkaline water benefits? The company sells Kangen water filtration/alkaline ionizers that can vary in price, anywhere from $1,280 to $5,980. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As you can see, there is a big difference between a scam and Enagic, and even a pyramid scheme and Enagic. Name: Enagic’s Kangen Water Website: Price: Tokurei Distributor: $0* Enagic Distributor: $1,480 and up CEO: Hironari Oshiro Rating: (1 / 5) What is Enagic’s Kangen Water All About? Which is a tad expensive for some peeps. The water has different settings so you can make adjustments. It’s an outrageous scam! It will be my way of knowing and deepening the credibility of a KANGEN machine. Take a look at this diagram and you’ll notice that this is a corporate structure. With the better ones costing $12,000. Whanganui woman says her $4000 water machine is a life-changer. And here is where we get to the heart of the scheme. Is it legit in the way it\'s run? This website is owned and operated by Life Ionizers. Minimize consumption, eliminate toxins and live healthier by simply adding water. Ethan. Is Enagic Kangen Water a scam or a pyramid scheme? We hope that our ideal prospects who are looking to join Enagic can make a more informed choice. Aside from that, click here to learn more about the Enagic opportunity. Kangen Water Also Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme. Each system is also backed up by a warranty and the length of the warranty depends on the machine you decided to purchase. Increase Hydration. Most water that is fit for drinking is too unconductive to undergo significant electrolysis. Anespa DX Review – Is It The Best Shower You Can Take? The community is so supportive and out of this world!!! 13 Votes. The CEO is on the top, doing the least amount of work, while the people on the bottom are making the least amount. Sure there are people that do not make money but that is like any business. They used to be a division of Sony back in 1974. The cluster of water molecules takes on a hexagonal shape when ionized. Some of you are probably thinking there’s gotta be a shiny button here… you know a pyramid scheme. Enagic helps their teams focus on selling these water ionizer systems to the consumer market. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The company is owned and run by President and CEO, Mr. Hironari Oshiro. The multi-level marketing system used by Enagic® to sell its water ionizer has been called a scam because it doubles  the price of the kangen water® machine. So is Enagic a scam? Use these questions to make sure that they really understand the machine that they are selling. Hey, are you interested in drinking clean water and earning income too? As you can see from this Enagic review, there are plenty of products that are being sold. How would pressuring your loved ones to buy a $4,000 machine make you feel? Click here to see how much you can save buying by factory direct, compared to the MLM kangen® pyramid. Required fields are marked *. Trust me, you can’t build a company based on scams in Japan. Kangen water is good, healthy ionized alkaline water, but Enagic’s marketers use very aggressive sales tactics to promote it. Leave a Comment / Tea / By earlenekrawczyk Stuffing the stomach with too considerably food forces the intestine to stretch, putting stress on the reduce esophageal sphincter , the muscle that keeps acid from going in the incorrect direction. To help you make a wise decision when it comes to work-from-home opportunities, I am going to be offering you the difference between a real scam and pyramid schemes. Kangen Water is an alkaline water people drinks all over the world. Instead, this is an unbiased 3rd party review and I'm going to honestly answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Enagic, such as: You may even want to have extra income to spend Christmas in the Bahamas or have a fair chance at buying that latest Tesla model. Would you allow/permit my using? IT'S NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME IT'S MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING. It is a direct selling business that allows independent distributors to earn money. I have a friend who has been a distributor since October. Enagic began distribution in Torrance, CA. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. Kangen Enagic BeWare of Ponzi Schemes Don't get Burned. I have seen some friends and family do very well with this company. Their sales commission doubles the cost of the kangen machine. Reply. Kangen merely sells you a $1,000 piece of equipment for $4,000 and uses the difference to create a pyramid scheme, which is no different from all the other pyramid schemes. The Kangen Water® scam is a marketing scam. So Kangen Water's product itself is not a scam, but the promises that it makes about the health of its products are. A Pyramid Scheme is where the only way you can earn money is with recruiting new members into the scheme. Originally founded in 1974, Enagic is a multi-level marketing company that has regained traction in recent years. He’ll recruit a member of his team. Awesome! Great article i can’t wait for your response! Reply. To be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Enagic Kangen Water in any form. It is not a pyramid scheme. The North American market is particularly lucrative, as people have better education and awareness that water nourishes life. Any MLM is a pyramid scheme as an economic fact. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Also, groups that scam are usually run by gangsters and triads, and after a few months, they take the money and run if you catch my drift! Is it really as good as many claim or does it have harmful side effects? There is no service or product being sold. Enagic is a company that has been in business for over 40 years. Kangen. As the only way in is by buying a membership that doesn’t give you anything other than the ability to recruit other people in to make money. 21600BZZ00037000. But do you really want to do that? You are simply paying to join, and make money off of people joining below you. The tax scam involves sending money or gift cards to some guy in Nigeria. Sadly, some multi-level marketing plans have been called pyramid schemes. There is a lot of useful information, I’m glad you took the time to put it together. The multi-level marketing system used by Enagic® to sell its water ionizer has been called a scam because it doubles the price of the kangen water® … Less than 1% of people who get in to selling through multi-level marketing ever make any money at it. If you buy a new car, the average warranty is about 3 years. Also is it true that I can recruit people to work under me and that would therefore increase my own profits? The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. For example, there are Kangen dealers all over YouTube making sensationalized claims about Enagic’s ionizers and the “miracle” Kangen Water. So is Enagic a scam? But they are also life-saving in some instances, or simply leading to great health benefits for most people. Leave a comment Cancel reply. The same eight people get paid every time you buy a replacement filter for your machine. They’ll collect $100 from each. Perhaps you’re heading into your senior years and feel you can’t compete with the millennials, yet you must still earn income until you retire. * Sign up to our newsletter! Multi-level marketing makes everything more expensive, it has earned its reputation of being a pyramid scheme. It uses the same system of charged platinum-coated titanium plates to ionize water. Buying a water ionizer directly from the maker cuts out the middleman, this saves you a lot of money. $2,500 to pay for one. However, you’ve heard your fair share of MLM horror stories and now you can’t stop wondering if Enagic Kangen Water is a scammy pyramid scheme like those who just suck people’s money along with their time without giving them anything in return… Well, you definitely landed just in the right place! For sone skeptics who are doubtful. Alkaline water, which is water that has been treated to have a higher pH level than the 6.5-7.5 pH range of most tap and bottled water, is experiencing a surge of popularity. The process of ionization reduces the size of the water molecular cluster by two-thirds. ❤️. Leave a comment Cancel reply. … Kangen Water pusher in denial. Some people market through registered companies while others do it on their own. If you buy a refrigerator, the average warranty is 12 months. I have yet to confirm this, but I’ve seen enough evidence to bolster the idea. This opportunity has served me very well and it has not only changed my finances but it has kept me healthy. Yes, distributors are able to leverage and profit from each of their organization’s sales, but that is a direct sales business model such as Mary Kay, Avon, Scentsy, and many others ‘work from home’ businesses. But they are also life-saving in some instances, or simply leading to great health benefits for most people. Why are kangen water machines so expensive and have only five years warranty? It’s really GREAT!! The Enagic business has a solid foundation that is built in a Japanese market. Why the negativity in our marketplace? ... the one thing it is good at is extracting tens of thousands of dollars from any victim who would participate in their pyramid/MLM scheme. If you aren’t familiar with the country, they have a strict group of regulations in place. When you factor in $2,500 versus the longevity of your health, you cannot debate that it’s expensive. That is a lot of money to invest in HOPES of making a return. save. They may have used it for a few days and already made up in their skeptic mind that it … As the only way in is by buying a membership that doesn’t give you anything other than the ability to recruit other people in to make money. Kangen Water is definitely a scam. But they will lessen the impact of plastics on the environment. More Kangen Water ... the one thing it is good at is extracting tens of thousands of dollars from any victim who would participate in their pyramid/MLM scheme. Hironari Oshiro launched this company decades ago but began Enagic USA back in 2004. Please send me an email by clicking here. Those are good for the short-term, but the plastic waste that goes into the landfills isn’t so great. The lower on the rung you are, the less money you get to keep when you recruit your guys. In true Pyramid Scheme/MLM fashion, Kangen Distributors promise that their $4,000+ machine will extend life, cure cancer and at least 50 other ailments, and make the participant rich beyond their wildest imaginings (insert picture of big house, yacht and expensive sports car here). Is kangen water a pyamid scheme? I would like to know more to be distributor. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Perhaps it’s a pyramid scheme? Your email address will not be published. Groundwater containing metal ions such as calcium and magnesium can be rendered slightly alkaline by electrolysis, but after it hits the highly acidic gastric fluid in the stomach, its alkalinity is gone. If you are on also on Facebook, feel free to message me here. Is this a scam or what?. There aren’t any advantages! Shared this at my timeline in Facebook! Alkaline water, which is water that has been treated to have a higher pH level than the 6.5-7.5 pH range of most tap and bottled water, is experiencing a surge of popularity. They may have many different forms. [5] Enagic has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in both the US [2] and Canada [3], and has 40 offices in … I’m truly grateful. Looking forward to hearing from you. For this reason, you should avoid the kangen water pyramid, it’s too expensive,  there are too many people getting paid off. The average person will put a value on the front-end price tag, versus the value of what the product can do. At that point, it’s a no-questions-asked return/exchange for free. Then I see a guy who earned $39,000 in one month. Thank you! Comment. There are different water ionizer systems in the line. Participants only make money by recruiting other people. Some around Enagic have even claimed that […] Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you take a look at any major city, chances are they have an office near there. A Pyramid Scheme is where the only way you can earn money is with recruiting new members into the scheme. The two main concerns are that it’s a scam or that it’s a pyramid scheme. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent headache and fatigue, and can even aid in weight loss or maintenance. When you’ve recruited a lot of people and don’t need to sell directly anymore, congrats! Through repetition, their dealers have successfully programmed people to think that Kangen Water is a miracle worker. Click here to see what people are saying about working with me. Its great that the KANGEN Water increases your quality of life, and you are very excited to share it with other people. I wanted to help people understand what scams and pyramid schemes are. Classic MLM pep talk right? And no, they’re not your cheap Brita water filters you can buy at any store. Kangen Water Review - Are Kangen Water Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?Must See. Yes, you want to run your own small business from home so that you can be with the kids or your pets. The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. There are reports floating around online claiming that Enagic operates as a pyramid scheme. It offers the opportunity to become involved in a system for distributing products to consumers. P.S. There are other products you can sell, including supplements. Is Kangen water healthy? Is it legit in the way it\'s run? A pyramid of people are waiting to get paid every time a Kangen Machine is sold. Have you ever bought an electronic item directly from China and it turned out to be a piece of crap? There are many Youtube videos that give Enagic a bad rap. 9850 S. Maryland Parkway 5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine. So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you. The Kangen system is a machine that attaches to your tap in the kitchen. I am a new Enagic distributor and I thought your article was very informative, there are a lot of skeptics out there. Many are led to believe the assertions that success can be found by anyone who faithfully believes in the system and steadfastly adheres to its methods and that, eventually, all of us will become Enagic distributors. The official definition of a pyramid scheme is a specific business model that will recruit members to their cause with the promise of cash (could be services or products too), in exchange for enrolling others into the scheme. P.S.S. Making a return is one way to look at it but the true investment in your health. A pyramid of people are waiting to get paid every time a Kangen Machine is sold. 30,000 + members or should i say those people are making good money building their own business. But the problem is, people rarely succeed at MLM sales. The more team members you have, the more commissions you can earn. It’s not when you think about how much the average person pays for bottled water over a lifetime, not to mention that it’s not exactly safe to drink. What is most likely to happen to you if you try to sell the kangen® machine is that you will invest a lot of time and money into it, and end up with nothing to show for it. Thank you very much. Last time we checked, no scam offered any guarantees or warranties! If are you are looking to purchase a machine or do the business, please contact me by clicking here. It’s supposed to convert the “acidic water” which we usually drink into alkaline water which can cure all sorts of diseases. They are an unbiased source… and exist to help protect consumers… and we are all consumers, right? 1. 13 Votes. . how many one would have to sell to earn that much. If you found this information helpful and valuable, I invite you to take a deeper look at the Enagic opportunity or even buy a machine for your health…. Be careful, the Kangen machine uses added chemicals, and you have the right to know the risks of those chemicals Kangen Water pusher in denial. Water Ionizers for Agriculture: Health and Growth. Is Kangen Water a Pyramid Scheme? If you check your local city police site, they’ll likely have warnings on the latest scams. Please respond to me so that I can decide on whether to buy the products and become a distributor through their channel. We’ll better explain the water ionizer system ahead. Enagic focuses on the sales of its products in exchange for money, therefore are a legitimate company. Drink Kangen Water® throughout the day. Here is my Kangen water review, please note that I’ve never used it personally. They are a legitimate direct selling company that provides a lucrative compensation plan for its distributors. The definition of scam is usually an act done by an individual or a group to defraud a person or customer out of their money. Your email address will not be published. Pure water can never be alkaline or acidic, nor can it be made so by electrolysis. As for the water theory or whatever, I've heard the parroted tagline of "did you know no disease (like cancer) can survive in an alkaline environment!?" But what do you expect from the competition. And since the products are hard to sell(high price and often 1 per customer in their lifetime), you will eventually need to rely on recruiting other members to make profit, no matter how well you start off. This involves one guy at the top. Leveluk 8 – Is Enargic Kangen Water a Scam. However, this article is not talking about how well the machine works but instead looking at the business model and customer experiences. Enagic’s Kangen Water Review. Name Email Website. As the convenience of working from home, having your own schedule, and being your own boss becomes more attractive, so do the opportunities to promote a direct selling company. As you can see, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and they are usually illegal in most countries. Compare that number to a K8, and SD501, the machine is affordable. Click here to receive a free analysis of your local water quality report to find out which contaminants are found in in your water. As of now, it appears the pyramid scheme claims are true, and the approach is working quite well for Enagic’s bottom line. Their first goal is clean, fresh, and toxin-free, alkalized water for everyone. Kangen Water (pH 8-10) – This water is their main product and is supposed to not only be your alternative to a filtering system or water bottles, but it’s also great for cooking rice, boiling water faster, and helps improve taste for cooking. Hello If you’re reading this then you’re already investigating the Enagic business opportunity. They don’t get anything in return. Feel free to contact me here. A pyramid scheme is defined as: A business model that pays its members when they recruit others rather than supplying products or services. Is Kangen Water A Pyramid Scheme? Enagic also sells other products too, including supplements. Enagic usa enagic kangen an evil pyramid scheme miracule. Fresh, pure, clean water will benefit the health of you, your family, your pets, everyone. If I can serve and support you in any way, you may contact me here. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Still not a scam. Enagic Usa review from Vancouver, British Columbia with 136 Comments: Kangen Water machine - Beware! Not working for someone but working for yourself sounds pretty good to me. Some people won’t get their initial $100 investment back. This is in direct contrast to supplying investments or interest or providing products or services. My health is doing great. The stock is usually promoted as a “hot tip” or “the next big thing” with details of an upcoming news announcement that will “send the stock through the roof.” The details of each individual pump and dump scam tend to be different but the scheme always boils down to a basic principle: shifting supply and demand.” Kangen water® is the brand name for alkaline water owned by Enagic Corporation. Have you ever been to college or university? Not sure 21 comments. If you buy a flat-screen TV, the average warranty is 12 months. A pyramid scheme is an illegal investment scam where members recruit new members, who pay upfront costs to those who enrolled them. I shared on my FB page @angelinternational1. Information. Whenever I analyze MLMs and pyramid schemes, my “go to” source is the FTC.