[22][23] European trading companies also grew more influential in Bengal. Tipu Sultan pursued aggressive military modernization; and set up a company to trade with communities around the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The ancient history of Murshidabad can be recorded from the period when Shashanka, the king of Gauda গৌড় (Gauda region is a historical country in eastern India, which included Gour in Bengal), established Murshidabad as his capital city. The house has been turned into a museum. Murshidabad district lies in the state of West Bengal, India and is the 18th district of the state. The third Nawab Sarfaraz Khan was preoccupied with military engagements, including Nader Shah's invasion of India. Members of the Nawab family of Murshidabad were part of the Pakistan movement. Murshidabad – Steeped in History It was in 1704, that Murshid Quli Khan , the Dewan of Bengal under Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb transferred the capital from Dacca (now in Bangladesh) and renamed 'Muksudabad' as Murshidabad - after his own name. People who have a lot of interest in history they must know this Bangali author. Dutch Bengali trading posts included the main Dutch port of Pipeli in Orissa; the Dutch settlement in Rajshahi; and the towns of Cossimbazar and Hugli. Bengali Hons English Hons History Hons Geography H ons philosophy Hons polSc Hons Education Hons MURSHIDABAD ADARSHA MAHAVIDYALAYA BA2ND Semester Internal Assessment 2020 EXAMINER p APER cc-3 cc-4 AECC cc-g CC-4 AECC cc-3 cc-4 A ECC cc-3 cc-4 AECC cc-3 cc-4 AL-CC cc-3 cc-4 cc-g cc-4 AECC Topic -rza , TC2V-n— - a gov 0 pe (2 .31 ovsum,0 a Samul Murshidabad Silk had found much favour in European markets in the 18th century and was viewed as an invaluable and priceless gift from oriental markets. A fair is still held during the festival of Jhulan. In the aftermath of the Siege of Calcutta in 1756, in which the Nawab's forces overran the main British base, the East India Company dispatched a fleet led by Robert Clive who defeated the last independent Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah at the Battle of Plassey in 1757. It is also the seventh most populous sub-national entity in the world. The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. The Hazarduari Palace (Palace of a Thousand Doors) was built as the residence of the Nawabs in the 1830s. However, Jafar entered into a secret treaty with the Dutch East India Company. Murshidabad’s famous ‘Chanabada’, a kind of sweet, deserves special mention. Sarfaraz Khan was killed at the Battle of Giria by his deputy Alivardi Khan. The Nawab also began cooperating with the French East India Company, raising the ire of the British further. Soon after the line was published, the Pakistani flag was lowered and the Indian tricolour was hoisted atop the palace. The temple is believed to have been built by Laksmipat Dugar and Jagapat Dugar. Mir Qasim also attacked the British-allied Gorkha Kingdom. Balasore in Orissa was a prominent Austrian trading post. Its a kind of … Official site for Murshidabad district here contains extensive information about the district and its history, along with maps. Murshid Quli Khan, a former prime minister, became the first Nawab. According to the myth , Lord Shiva assumed the role of a destroyer after he found the  Goddess, his dear wife, dead (Sati). HIghlights of her speech: I have come to Jangipur many times before on several occasions, from Azimganj to Beldanga. The Nawabs profited from the revenue generated by the worldwide demand of muslin trade in Bengal, which was centered in Dhaka and Sonargaon. [34][35] Mir Jafar's descendants continued to live in Murshidabad. It is 18ft long and weighs 7250kg. The Bengal-Bihar region was a major exporter of gunpowder and saltpetre. The merchant's role is also mentioned in the Ain-i-Akbari. Mir Jafar was installed as the puppet Nawab by the British. The oldest and newly looked Church was built in Saidabad by a business man Peter Aratun in 1758. In the middle of the wooden structure of Imambwara built by Sirazuddalah stands Madina which is a brick built structure. The place, bearing her each body part ,is believed to be holy and Kiriteswari bore the upper part of her forehead.During the 18th century, the temple was at its full glory. The second Nawab Shuja-ud-Din Muhammad Khan developed Murshidabad's royal palace, military base, city gates, revenue office, public audience hall (durbar), and mosques in an extensive compound called Farrabagh (Garden of Joy) which included canals, fountains, flowers, and fruit trees. The Nawab's jurisdiction covered districts in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. But for all practical purposes, the … The Nawabs continued to issue coins in the name of the Mughal Emperor. However, very little is known about the prehistoric era of Murshidabad. The Murshidabad district of West Bengal is well-known for producing silk of excellent quality. In the beginning it came to be  known as Nawab Palace. The Maratha general Raghunath Rao conquered large parts of Orissa. During his reign the nizamat at Murshidabad came to be debt-ridden. The Nawabs of Bengal oversaw a period of proto-industrialization. It is reckoned to be a turning point  in sponge wood craft.Today sponge wood is widely used in making artefacts, knick knacks etc. [44] The chronology started in 1717 with Murshid Quli Khan and ended in 1880 with Mansur Ali Khan. In 1717, the Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar replaced the imperial viceroy of Bengal with the position of a hereditary Nawab. Murshibad, the history rich place has many stories to tell. During the 18th-century, the Nawabs of Bengal were among the wealthiest rulers in the world.[9]. The cemetery well kept and looked after and with a garden and built by Alibardi in memory of his mother is known as Khosbag. They continued to be a wealthy Indian family, producing bureaucrats and army officers. Covering an area of 5,341 km (2,062 sq mi) and having a population 7.103 million (according to 2011 census), it is a densely populated district and the ninth most populous in India (out of 640). It is situated on the banks of the Bhagirathi. It has thousand doors (among which only 900 are real) and 114 rooms and 8 galleries, built in European architectural style. Bloomsbury Publishing. The dome like shape of Bhabaniswar temple is rich in  architectural design, only to be found in Murshidabad . Trinamool Congress workers allegedly thrashed a BSF jawan in West Bengal's Murshidabad. West Bengal Govt site for Murshidabad district; An excellent article from Banglapedia on Murshidabad here; Lots of statistical information on Murshidabad district here The Chinese tourist Huen Tsang recounted his experiences in Karnasubarna and Mahabihar. Mysore's military technology at one point rivaled European technology. Murshidabad was a major center of silk production. Abbas Ali Mirza has been recognised as the lawful heir of Waris Ali. Nawab Humayun Za laid the foundation stone of this imposing palace on Aug 9, 1829 in the August presence of some dignitaries. Factories were set up in Murshidabad, Dhaka, Patna, Sonargaon, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Cossimbazar, Balasore, Pipeli, and Hugli among other cities, towns, and ports. And even following this, the amount gained was very low. His successor Mir Qasim attempted in vain to dislodge the British. Besides the Cossimbazar railway station the place known as Kalikapur  was believed to be the abode of the Duch. He also feared invasions by the Durrani Empire from the north and Marathas from the west. To the east of Baccowali Cannon stands a 50ft. [9] Nawab Alivardi Khan's successor was Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah.Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah grew increasingly wary of the British presence in Bengal. Murshidabad District has several terracotta Bengali Hindu temples The city today is a center for agriculture, handicrafts and sericulture . Nawab Alivardi Khan endured brutal raids by the Maratha Empire. [42][41][43], The following is a list of the Nawabs of Bengal. The Nawabs continued to issue coins in the name of the Mughal Emperor. Though the palace is in ruins the mosque and the lake remain. [38] After Indian independence, the Nawab family continued to enjoy privileges as a result of the Privy Purse in India. The grand 686  snowy white structure facing Hazarduari is known as Imambwara which was built by the then Nawab Feradun Za. The Nawabs, backed by bankers such as the Jagat Seth, became the financial backbone of the Mughal court. The title today is de facto only and is devoid of any legal sanctity. [13] The Nawabs of Murshidabad were relegated to the status of a zamindar. The Marathas demanded an annual tribute payment. Besides Monohara from  Beldanga, Sponge Rasogollas of Islampur and Rasokadam of Aurangabad are also worth mentioning. But Mir Qasim's independent spirit eventually raised British suspicions. W est Bengal is a state in the eastern region of India and is the nation's fourth most populous. Pratnatattva Journal of the Dept. On 20 June 1756, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah launched the Siege of Calcutta. "Bengal, nawabs of (act. During the rule of the Nawabs a department known as ‘Ambbakhana’ was intorduced to take care of mangoes . In 1704 the nawab (ruler) Murshid Qulī Khan (following Aurangzeb’s orders) transferred the capital there from Dacca (now Dhaka, Bangladesh) and renamed the town Murshidabad. Though silk industry is moribund today in Murshidabad, Kashmiri silk still gains ground even today as compared with other silks of India. The Jagat Seth controlled the flow of Bengali revenue into the imperial treasury in Delhi. The undercurrents that help Murshidabad throb with life are to be felt in her folklores , folkculture ,different culture activities Alkap, Bolan, Gajan, Marriage song, Painting, in the profession of disguiser, Baul, Jari song, etc . [21] The Marathas also promised to never to cross the boundary of the Nawab's territory. The Hazarduari Palace, or the palace with a thousand doors is the chief tourist attraction of Murshidabad. p. 308. 1Km from the mosque of Katra and to the South East was set a cannon on a pedestal which is known as Jahankosa Cannon which is 17.5ft. Mir Qasim continued opposing the British and his father-in-law.