H. NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering; I. Computer Engineering is an amalgamation of the CS and EE courses at NUS. SIT is still in the midst of the GES surveys, so figures reflected here are from 2018. NUS: Mean gross monthly salary of fresh graduates increased by 4.2% In 2019, fresh graduates from the National University of Singapore who were in full-time permanent employment, earned a mean gross monthly salary of S$3,939, about 4.2% higher than what was earned in 2018 (S$3,779). Qualification Requirements; Singapore-Cambridge A-Level Certificate: Please refer here for more information. SINGAPORE — They were once derided as geeks or nerds in the not-too-distant past. NTU offers subsidised and non-subsidised graduate programmes. NUS High School Diploma holders Applicants should have a major CAP of 2.0 in Mathematics and good overall CAP in English Language. In this edition of #SeniorsTalk, we managed to conjure a different perspective of the popular Computer Science course where this time around, we got an NTU student to talk about her experience instead. 37 : ... University Subject Rankings 2020 - Computer Science and Information Systems : 83.7 . These concepts will be tied together through hands-on practice in building a Web-based application using the current Web development technology. Reply Delete I know quite a number of 7As/8As students who choose NTU over NUS when everything seems equal (e.g course that they like are offered in both unis) because of the scholarship. BSc (Computer Science) equips students with an understanding of the interplay between computing theory and practice and the essential links between them, as well as fundamental business innovation and IT solution development and management skills. If you’re not sure which side you’d like to work on, computer engineering may be a good option to … :) Can't be sure, but people usually say that CS in NUS is more science-based while CS in NTU is more engineering based! Figures are taken from graduates who have completed the graduate employment survey by the Ministry of Education.. Don’t worry if it has been a while since you have graduated, we have also compiled a salary guide for you to reference to too!. NTU College of Engineering (CoE) is the largest college in the University with some 2,200 faculty members and staff and 13,100 students. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) Rankings. I am fortunate to say that in my uni life, I have mostly done what I wished to do. Professor Miao Chun Yan Why School of Computer Science and Engineering? NUS further revealed that the mean gross monthly salary of fresh NUS graduates in full-time permanent employment was S$3,659 in 2017 - … Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence : Economics. Please refer here for a full listing of diplomas accepted by SCSE.. International Students Faculty Areas NUS Ranking NUS Score NTU Ranking NTU Score SMU Ranking SMU Score; Arts and Humanities: 19: 86.7: 61: 78.8--Engineering and Technology: 10: 91.6: 8: 92 NTU has allocated 675 places for its 10 computing-related undergraduate programmes this academic year, up from 450 in 2015. Score Rank ; University Subject Rankings 2020 - Accounting and Finance : 79.6 =34 : University Subject Rankings 2020 - Art & Design : 71.2 . The final-year student at NTU School of Computer Science … Hope ths helps. But these days, computing graduates are having the last laugh. An Interplay between Computing Theory and Practice. Which university did you graduate from? I plan to apply to study medicine locally, however I have heard accounts by acquaintances that NUS's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine is far more prestigious and harder to qualify for compared to NTU's Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, notwithstanding the fact … Being an alumini of IIT Madras (B.Tech) and IISc Bangalore (M.E.) 16 for engineering and technology. Life as a Computer Science student. It noted that graduates from 12 courses in business, computer science, engineering, science and law achieved improvement in starting salaries. Title: Undergraduate Programme and Prerequisite Listing for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Author: Tee Lip Hwe Subject: Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Please check the respective School's website for more details. Good breadth in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: sciodat.blogspot.com . SUTD’s GES figures are also based on their 2017 batch. It will also offer two … Working with industry leaders in software, social media and gaming. Fresh Graduates Starting Salary. NUS was the eighth-best university in the world for engineering and technology, while NTU was 16th - the schools moving up one and two places respectively in … No rankings results found. For subsidised programmes, the substantial tuition subsidy from the Government of Singapore comes in the form of MOE Subsidy which is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is offered to all eligible students. -Inian Parameshwaran, NUS computer science, 2014 Before entering NTU, I was excited about being a student in a world-class university with a vibrant campus life. Of the 10,100 in the labour force, 90.2% found employment within six months of completing ... degree) and Computer Science graduates at S$4,000. Prof Tan said it was recognition of the "deep impact" of NUS' research towards the advancement of science and technology. Every NTU-USP student is required to undertake four compulsory core courses in their freshmen year. These are just a few of the opportunities you'll have as a Computer Science student at NUS. Figures for NTU, NUS, SMU, SUSS, pertain to 2018 graduates. NTU was ranked No. Through our industry-relevant programmes, world-class research facilities, strong links with industry giants and collaborations with renowned engineering colleges around the world, we equip students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond … Computer Engineering. NUS was the eighth best university in the world for engineering and technology and 13th-best for computer science. Economics and Media Analytics * Xin Mun is a year 2 Computer Engineering student who just finished her first year studying the course in Pulau NTU. Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) Computer Science. those with UAS 87.5 and above. The cut off (first round) is 393 for 4 subjects other than english. Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics . Nus visited my daughter's school. SINGAPORE - Mr Francis Sim, 24, wears a T-shirt and bermudas to his classes at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) regularly. Developing cutting edge applications. Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (New programme from AY18/19 onward) NTU_PageContent This is a full time four-year direct honours BSc degree programme jointly offered by SCSE and SPMS for students who aspire to master the demands of integrating the synergistic disciplines of computer science and statistics. Nus claims second round will be better since iit admits will drop off. Btw, ntu admits were out yesterday

Personally don't feel like there's a huge difference because the basic important concepts like Data Structure and Algorithms should be the same regardless of school. This query comes from a student: Hi there, I am currently a JC2 student offering H2 BCME and H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I would have recommended NUS Biz because the 4 years actually help to pace everything out very nicely (and tbh uni is really fun, I'm not from NUS Biz but I'm from NUS Engineering and I love it!) : Polytechnic Diploma, or currently in the Final Year of Study. The following second majors are offered to eligible students of the programmes listed either upon admission or at the end of their Year 1. but I reckon NTU Accountancy has really nice ppl so I'm sure you'll have a good time nonetheless! None of the students from her school qualified. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Students will be exposed to important computer science concepts, including networking, databases, computer security, user interface design, programming languages, and software engineering. Studying the latest developments in AI and machine learning. Go for all the camps! Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) Rankings. NTU has climbed from its … Other … NTU-USP students typically take about 20% of their undergraduate courses with the NTU-USP while the remaining academic components are devoted to courses within schools/majors. Please refer here for more information.. For NTU, bond free scholarship (Nanyang/College Scholarship) is given more readily to top students e.g.