They'll probably cancel the ticket. To look up a parking ticket or camera violation, you need the 10-digit ticket or NOL number. Please verify the plate number, state and type values and search again. If your name and address is on the ticket that would not be so and you are put on notice. … Find your license plate number either on your vehicle’s registration or your parking ticket. However, if you aren’t certain, you are advised to pay again to ensure your payment can be verified by the parking attendant. The correct date of your vehicle registration is 1-1-10, but it was inserted in your parking ticket incorrectly as 1-1-12 Click on the Service “Pay a Parking Ticket.” Click on the link "Pay a parking or camera violation online with license plate, summons, or NOL number." it should have been ha55*** but instead was na55***. Ive paid so much in Somerville parking tickets, I feel like I own part of the city, so I'm all for trying not to pay it. Inspect your parking ticket with the same fervor you inspected your last home prior to purchasing. Enter your license plate number and the state vehicle registered into the provided form. Fill in your violation number OR your license plate number, the state your car is registered in, and the type. Story time: yesterday I found a ticket on my car's windshield. If you go to and look for "How to pay a parking ticket" you can search for your license plate number and see if there are any tickets for that plate number. Apps such as DoNotPay can help you navigate the process of contesting a parking ticket. My real plate number ends in a Zero (0) NOT the letter O Do I have to pay the ticket. New York City maintains an online portal that enables residents to view summons and payment statuses of parking tickets and to locate towed vehicles. If you see an N/S or N/A on a required element on your ticket, this … I agree with Banky_Edwards. Original Poster. Parking tickets in New York City. The DMV does not handle red light camera tickets or parking violation tickets. An incorrect recording of your vehicle registration plate will mean it will be difficult for the enforcement authority to trace you, but a clerical error of this nature does not invalidate a parking ticket. Full Version: Parking ticket but for the wrong number plate. vehicle. Actually if the plate number is wrong is does not go back to you. Sorry. The Diplomatic Parking Review Panel provides information and assistance with parking tickets given to diplomatic and consular vehicles with license plates issued by the Department of State. Refer to this step-by-step process to pay your parking ticket online: Visit NYC311. Hi, I recieved a parking ticket but there was a spelling mistake on the parking ticket for the registartion number. If the misread was something like a B instead of an 8 or vice versa, that is a typical OCR error that could have been made for #2 or #3. The average parking ticket in New York City costs between $45 and $125. The only two identifiers on the ticket were the plate number and the make (which the officer got right). that could be considered. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Actually if the plate number is wrong is does not go back to you. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I had it with a work vehicle where they got the number plate wrong by one digit (it was definitely meant for our vehicle) and they cancelled it straight away. This means that finding legal parking is harder than ever and just like the city, enforcement never sleeps. The parking ticket was for an expired meter. a typo). I Got a parking Systems FINAL Flashcards - and went online th~ Districfs license plate state. Some say it is easier to get NYC parking violation than it is to park legally! Incorrect vehicle information (wrong plate number, plate type, vehicle color, model year, vehicle manufacturer, etc.) We had a Puegot and the officer put the plate number down but said it was a Pontiac. How to pay an NYC parking ticket If you do have to drive your own car, make sure you do your research beforehand because getting a parking ticket in NYC may end up costing more than you’d think. Prepare a separate letter, and write that you respectfully request a dismissal of your parking ticket because a required element is misdescribed. Mon, 19 Mar 2012 - 15:15. If you wish to pay a ticket you just received, search by the ticket number to ensure it has not been entered into the system".