Adjustable from 28.5" to 37.5" in one inch increments. Some are adjustable. The small base design can help you move at a faster pace. Standard - 250 lb capacity Heavy Duty - 500 lb capacity Lifetime Limited Warranty! It can stand alone for convenience when not in use, and does not require you to bend over to pick it up from floor. $23.95. UPC # 50822383231087. 4 point base for added user safety and stability; Aluminum shaft and steel base construction for durability CLA4 Lightweight Walking Cane – Adjustable Folding Cane – Bonus Quad Cane Tip; 4. Available in either Black or Silver finishes. total weight; Center balance offset handle; Nylon security nut; Adjustable 30"-39" Small base quad. Our study revealed that single-point canes require less oxygen use at a given speed and permits greater speed at the same oxygen consumption for hemiplegic patients with good balance. Small and large base models available in black or silver finish with a limited lifeti Quad Canes - Walking Canes with Quad Base, Small and Large … Part (Large Base) Part (Small Base) Features › Easy to use, one button height adjustments › No assembly required › Limited lifetime warranty . Pros: Ample support for one side with individuals that have mobility issues. The vinyl grip handle helps give you a better grip on the cane … capacity One of these canes will provide the assurance that rougher terrain or even smoother terrain will be manageable. Features McKesson Small Base Quad Cane Small-based quad-cane … i. Product Title Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use, Ebony, Large Base Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 11 ratings , based on 11 reviews Current Price $26.95 $ 26 . SKU. Quad Canes, Large and Small Base, with Silver Vein Finish. A quad cane is a cane that has a base on the bottom with four small feet. Wide base quad canes (WBQC) have a larger base where the four legs are attached. Hugo Quad Cane, Large Base, Ebony For people who need extra help with balance, the Hugo Quad cane offers ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight cane. Quad canes lend extra stability to the classic walking cane. Add to quote Description: The lightweight, aluminium walking stick offers increased stability to the user by providing a larger base consisting of four legs with anti-slip rubber tips. Quad Cane, Quad Cane Large or Small Base, Adjustable, Chrome. Hugo® Quad Canes, with a large or small base, colors: Ebony, Cocoa, Rose Featuring an ergonomic handle design, a K-shaped quad base and multiple height settings For people who need extra help with balance, the Hugo Quad cane offers ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight cane. 7" x 13" large base; 2.5 lb. Quad Cane Large / Small Base Quad cane - an important mobility device/ equipment for the elderly and disabled. This item is discontinued, please make another selection. Item # 10301-4. It also offers bariatric strength to support a 600 pound individual, and is height adjustable to provide stability and support for a tall individual. Duro-Med Adjustable Large Base Quad Cane. It is designed with four legs and anti-slip rubber tips to allow use r … The Duro-Med Adjustable Small Base quad cane on Amazon is a great cane for someone who needs a quality quad cane that also works well on steps. Quad Cane with Large Base, Offset Handle and Strap Model: MCN-5610BK/BR/SI. The four point base provides additional stability compared to traditional single point canes. Item # 10384-4. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Quantity. The handle rotates allowing for a proper fit with right or left hand use. This quad walking cane adjusts in height from 28" to 37" with just the touch of a button and has a 250 lb weight capacity. A wide base quad cane is heavier and may be more difficult to maneuver. i. The Small Base Quad Cane features the style and added support you need for everyday life. Quad cane. … Finally a stylish quad cane in wonderful color, featuring a supreme comfort handle. The Duro-Med Adjustable Large Base Quad Cane has four points of floor contact along with rubber/latex blend of feet composition. A walking cane with a rectangle base and four small supports that contact the floor is called a quad cane. (Generally speaking, the bases on large quad canes are too big to fit on the steps.) Part # 01A 14246 Heavy Duty Quad Cane, 500 lbs Capacity, Choose Large or Small Base. Despite their sturdy design these canes are very lightweight making them accessible to any user. Probasics Quad Canes feature a unique four-point design which allows for greater weight-bearing and stability than a single-point cane. No assembly required. These quad base canes come with ergonomic handles to give you a comfortable grip. weight capacity. Quantity. Details. In addition, manufacturing of PPE and many other wound care and infection prevention products have been impacted by global response to coronavirus. The offset handle rotates for use with either the left or right hand. The smaller, rubber-tipped quad base measures 6" x 8", which is the size you need if you want to climb steps using your quad cane. Your choice of large or small base! Product Details. Each foot will have a rubber cap to reduce slipping. UPC # 50822383100949. Quad canes are the ideal solution if what you require is a walking aid for medical purposes. There are Colors, Patterns, and More. The main reason to use a quad cane instead of a regular cane is that a quad cane provides better stability than a regular cane for some users. Colorful Quad Canes, in large or small base. SIGN IN TO VIEW PRICE. Log In to Order View Alternatives #796429; Apex-Carex Healthcare #FGA41500 0000; Small Base Quad Cane Carex® Steel 28 to 37 Inch Height Black. Nova Small or Large Base Quad Cane Lightweight design and low center of gravity combine for greater stability and balance. FEATURES/BENEFITS. Walking Stick Quad Cane with Large Base quantity. The oxygen cost for the quad cane was lower (p<0.01) than that found for any the other cane types among the patients with relatively poor balance. McKesson Small Base Quad Cane from balances the maneuverability of a standard-style cane and the stability of a large-base cane. This cane is durably made and has an attractive silver finish. Offers slip resistance and eye-pleasing coloring for everyday use. 10-position push-button height adjustment. Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, global demand for some personal protective equipment (PPE) is exceeding supply. Tab-Loc silencer provides added … A narrow base quad cane (NBQC) has a narrower base … Carex Health Brands Quad Cane with Small Base - Adjustable Height Quad Cane and Walking Stick with Small Base - Holds Up to 250 Pounds, Black, Universal 4.5 out of 5 stars 479 $19.99 $ 19 . A quad walking cane offers the highest level of stability out of all the supportive base walking cane styles. This helps provide more support and improved stability while walking. Quad canes are made of lightweight aluminum, and can vary in weight and height. I know, no one ever tells you that ! Color: i. Four feet give increased stability and weight-bearing capability compared to single-point canes, reducing the chance for falls. SIGN IN TO VIEW PRICE. Large base quad. 7. No rattles or vibrations. Drive Medical Quad Cane with Large Base. Availability: In stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare . Whether you need a cane because of surgery or an injury or any other reason, a quad cane can help you get around better than ever before. Quad cane with large or small base. Drive Medical Quad Cane, Small Base. 29"-38", 1" increments • Small Base: 7"W x 5"L • Large base: 11'W x 7"L • 300 lb. Walking Stick Quad Cane with Small Base View details. Quad canes come in two varieties depending on the size of the rectangle base. They have a lightweight design and low center of gravity, which combine for greater stability and balance. Four point base, combined with offset handle provides additional stability and … McKesson Large Base Quad Cane uses a four point base combined with an offset handle to provide stability and support. Carex Large Base Offset Quad Cane: Adaptable for right- and left-handed users; Classic silver finish The four-pronged large or small base quad cane is convenient because the cane stays standing, and it's more stable, giving you extra support to lean on. Built for longevity from ultra-durable aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this Size. Quad canes provide top-level stability. 5" x 8" small base; 1.9 lb. This large base provides more support than the above two canes. 95 Be the first to review this product . Small and large base models available in black or silver finish with a limited lifetime warranty. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Share this: View Product Options Close Product Options Walking Sticks. The Large and Small Base Quad Cane features a four-legged base and a low center of gravity to ensure maximum balance and stability for the user. This small base is ideal for active users who need additional assistance when climbing stairs. Appropriately they are categorized as small base and large base quad canes. Specifications. These canes are made out of aluminum and have a large base (12 & 1/4″ length) and an offset handle. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. This cane stands on its own, too, so no more leaning-cane woes. Share this: View Product Options Close Product Options . They have a four-pronged base that permits you to walk on unstable grounds with no worry of losing control. Quad Cane small or large base. Log in for pricing and availability. ArmaGedon Walking Cane Stick for Elderly with Cushion T Handle and Pivoting Quad Base; 6. Height adjustable from 30" - 39" with one-button, and the locking bolt, allows for quick, safe fitting. Aluminum Canes - Offset, Tripod, & Small/Large Quad Base. Small Base Quad Cane drive™ Aluminum 29 to 38 Inch Height Silver Vein. Powder coated steel base. The easy to use, one button height adjustment with locking bolt allows quick, safe fitting. It's adaptable for both right- and left-handed users. 1038x. Anodized aluminum shaft • Chrome-plated steel base • Ht. McKesson Small Base Aluminium Quad Cane – Adjustable 30″ to 39″ 3. The handle rotates allowing for a proper fit with right or left hand use. ONE STOP FOR THE EXTRA SUPPORTIVE CANE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - We offer a large variety of the Offset 'Swan Neck' Canes and Low Profile Canes with either a Single Point Base, Tripod Base, or Quad Base (Small or Large). Quad Canes, Small Base. Add to cart. Qty. McKesson Large Base Steel Quad Cane – Adjustable 29″ to 37.5″ 5. Height adjustable from: 28-1/2" to 38-1/2" Weight: 3 lbs. Featuring a 4 point base, combined with offset handle, you will find additional stability and support with our Easy-to-use, Quad Cane with a Small Base by Drive Medical. Add to Cart. The Grand Line Heavy Duty Extra Tall Quad Cane is designed with a rectangular metal base with four small legs to provide more stability for the user. Stable Base Quad Cane Low center of gravity for balance. Features. 300 lb. 2 colour options. We sell top brad quad canes, small/large bases and replacement tips at fair, affordable prices. ProBasics Quad Canes feature a unique four-point design which allows for greater weight-bearing and stability than a single-point cane.