Grind only (no fat) $1.29 per pound. Pork added to ground – $3.19/lb. Beef fat adds a noticeable ‘beefy’ flavor to your venison. Sale price The tenderloins will be removed and wrapped. Armenian Beef Salami with Brinza Cheese, Regular price Pennsylvania. 239 South St. C Front Roayl , VA 22630 ph: 540-635-6900 fax: 540-635-1900 twofatbu tchers Cut steaks and roast $1.15 per pound. Regular price £37.99 Sale price £29.99 NEW! £8.99 £6.50 Some people even go as far as to say that it is hard to chew not just dry like jerky. Headmounts – $20.00 Also known as a cape or shoulder mount. £27.99, NEW! Gutting and skinning, at a minimum, should start at $50, and by the time you factor in standard steaks and summer sausage, the costs could be in the $300 range for the average sized deer. RDS-1025. Regular price But not every cut of venison is the same. Sale price (Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley photo) Next, remove as much silver skin as possible from the meat. £5.99, Regular price We also sell corn fed hogs, whole beef & 1/2 beef & roasting pigs. £9.99 Burger Regular (20% fat) $1.79 per pound. Sale price £13.99, Regular price £7 Beans & Greens Farm - Gilford Andrew Howe 293-2853 or email website Grass fed beef, GMO free pork, chicken, turkey. Regular price £10.50 Save £8 Festive gift box. Sausage – $2.50/lb – We make our own Hot or Sweet Sausage and wrapped in butcher paper. Beef includes purchase of a locally grown choice beef, processing to your specifications, vacuum sealing, boxed, and froze. Pork fat has a more neutral flavor but goes rancid quicker in the freezer. It's waste and you wind up with less burger. Home; Services; Deer Processing; About Us; Smoker Info; Deli Info; Packages; Deer Processing ATTENTION HUNTERS: Call before you drop off your deer ..Due to 2020's madness we will only be able to accept 60 deer per week. The head and hide down to the shoulders are left intact. £29.99, Regular price Deer fat (as well as elk and moose fat) is largely considered inedible due to the pungent flavor. Birch Rise Farm - Sanbornton Kate Osgood 259-6660 or email Website Pasture raised Berkshire pork by the cuts, halves, or wholes and poultry by the cuts or wholes. A beef animal selected for slaughter should be healthy and in thrifty condition. The rest of the meat will be ground into burger. USDA Certified. Use 20 percent bacon for the cut and you will love it. Finally, processing your own deer creates a much greater connection to the hunt. Messages: 2,573 Likes Received: 3,552 Location: South West Michigan. £6.99, Regular price We do custom processing for Beef, Hogs, and Deer. Bacon--Most commercial hamburger is supposed to be a mixture of lean beef, tallow, and water. Fullmount – $20.00  The head and hide are left intact with the feet and tail still attached. £14.99, Regular price Render some in a pan with a little water, and if it smells good it is good. Regular price £7.99 Bajoru cold smoked salami ~ 550g. A deer eking out a living in the Great Basin or the desert might not have any fat at all, and what fat there it may well taste unpleasant. Sale price Midway Meat Market 5901 Hwy Blvd. Beef Bacon--one strip per pound of beef Knife Cutting Board Butcher Paper Meat Grinder Large Bowl Beef--I shop around and buy what is on sale, any cut of beef will do. The back straps can be left whole for roasts or cut into chops. £3.49. Procedure to render fat into tallow or lard. £10.99, Dried Red Deer BASTURMA with Armenian spices, NEW! Pork Fat added to ground – $1.69/lb. As QDM’ers, I am sure many of you have experienced the enjoyment that comes from harvesting a deer that benefitted from habitat management practices you implemented. Not only is ground venison much leaner and healthier than beef, it can substitute ground beef in virtually all recipes. Deer Processing. Pork Processing Prices and Options. Some grocery stores have irregular cut bacon in 10 lb. Beef added to ground – $3.69/lb. £11.99 Regular Cut – $110.00 – We will skin the deer, and freezer wrap/label your meat. The fat from buffalo, on the other hand, is quite good and adds … £6.99 £5.99, Regular price Dried Red Deer salami with Boletus mushroom, Regular price This same satisfaction can come from the last step in the hunt, which is turning that animal into food to be consumed. £12.99, Venison Haunch Steaks. Sale price 20% Fat – Best for juicy venison burgers, venison meatloaf, and venison meatballs. Legs can be made into Roasts, Steaks, or Ground. 2 steaks ~ 200g. Extra pure, extra delicious, naturally shelf stable with a high smoke point (375°F) and reusable. Pork Slaughter Fee: Skinned, $60.00 or Scraped $65.00 (can not scrape over 300 lb) Pork Processing Fee: Wrapped, $.65 lb dressed wt. Just remember the more fat, gristle, or silver skin the more work there is in step 2. Sale price Skinned Deer – $80.00 -Same as above but If you bring a deer in already skinned, the processing price for a Regular Cut will be reduced from $110 to $80. £8.99, Regular price £20.90, Save We will skin and process the meat, then it will be distributed to food banks and shelters. Regular price £3.99, Artisanal alpine hard cheese. Dried Red Deer salami with Boletus mushroom. Sale price (includes normal processing cost) Cube steak $1.89 per pound. £6.99, Venison, juniper & sweet black cherry meatballs, Regular price To render beef tallow, you need to get your hands on some raw beef fat. We typically add 10% beef fat to deer grind. Locally (central NY) I pay $0.50/# most of the time for either beef or pork fat and I pick up 30 or so pounds shortly before deer season. Beef Hog Lamb/Goat Not for Sale Slaughter $90.00 $80.00 $45.00 USDA Slaughter $100.00 $55.00 $50.00 ( Add $20 to keep beef hide ) Not for Sale Butcher’s Choice Cut & Wrap $1.00 per pound Not for Sale Cut & Wrap $1.10 per pound USDA Cut & Wrap (Packing Slip included) $1.30 per pound < … And why we do this is because it adds some fat back into the meat. £37.99 Its better to just buy regular hamburger? I process my own deer (usually 4-5 a year) and 12-15# batches of burger, meat loaf mix and sausage work best for us so I bag and freeze fat in 3# bags and adjust the amount of lean meat to the recipe (usually 20% or less). Sale price DUE TO COVID, DROP OFF HOURS HAVE CHANGED. £5.99, Regular price CHUCK n BUCK, Nov 21, 2008. Tallow made by rendering calf suet. £2.01, Save Pasture raised eggs. £4.99, Regular price You can also use beef suet, but the texture and flavor aren’t as good as pork. £4.99 Call: (606) 787-7070 Text: (270) 551-5224* *Msg & Data rates may apply . To make venison meat more edible in places where it is commercially available, the gamey smell in deer meat is removed replacing it with something less gamey. The very best cut of backstrap will look much like the very leanest USDA Select cut of beef. Elk Sausages ~350g. A deer that had been pillaging an alfalfa field or a cornfield will have fat that tastes a lot like beef or lamb fat. £60.89 Hot smoked , Ready to eat ! £6.99 It's cheap, it's readily available, and it makes good soap. Mediterranean Garden CousCous with Chicken, BBQ Pork Tenderloin with Asparagus and Wild Rice. Hot smoked ,Ready to eat! Choose: Pork Chops and steak thickness by inch; Pork Cube Steak: $.70 per pound; With or without: Head (scraped only) Feet (scraped only) Fat back (scraped only) Fat scraps Deer, Beef & Pork Processing Jerky, Summer Sausage, Snack Stix Bratwurst, Hotdogs And More! *****WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY DROP OFFS (This includes cut/quartered/cooler deer) BETWEEN NOVEMBER 21st THRU NOVEMBER 26th DUE TO THE HOLIDAY**, Christmas: Chipped Steak or Cubes – $5 per leg. Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat, primarily made up of triglycerides. ; half a beef will be approx $1050; final price will be determined by live weight @ $1.68 /lb. £2.99, Regular price Sale price Barnstead Shane & Jenn Forest 603.345.5277 or 603.591.2910 website We carry pasture raised black angus beef. You can incorporate a little into the mix, but be cautious about how much you add to avoid bites that coat your mouth with wax. For more information on HSH:, Thanksgiving: You can also buy whole lambs and suckling pigs if you are cooking for a crowd. Your nose doesn’t lie. CHUCK n BUCK, Nov 21, 2008. £17.99, Regular price £10.50, Regular price £7 Just make sure you clean up thoroughly once you're done. Regular price Bulk Ground – $1.00/lb – You bring in your boned out meat and we will grind it into a bag. £4.99, Regular price **25% pork fat is added to deer to aid in binding and moisturizing the product. £7.99 £7 £17.49. £3.99, Regular price How can you tell? Skull Caps – $5.00 – Just the antlers and a section of the skull. For example, a fillet knife designed for processing fish would be much too flexible for getting around a deer’s thick bones and joints. £16.99, Regular price The company sells a wide variety of wild game and exotic meats in numerous different cuts. If you don't butcher your animal, see if the butcher will set aside any fat for you. £4.49, Austrian Wild Red Deer Salami with peppers, Regular price £7.99, Regular price 8 months matured, Regular price Dried Red Deer GARDZIO sticks. Deer Sausages ~350g. £8.99, Regular price It is a blessing we can … Half a Penny Farm - Ctr. Cryovac packaging. Some are succulent, tender and rich—perfect for a hot grill grate or pan-frying. Without going into great detail, deer or elk fat is different that fat in beef or pork. £39.99, Regular price It is not as marbled as beef or lamb. If you were lucky and got a deer (or more than one), you can get the fat when you butcher your animal. Venison is low-fat. Cut for Jerky or special cut $1.39 per pound. £5.99, Regular price Materials Needed . ≡ Home; Retail; Livestock. Individual assort… Ground on your deer means meat ground with no spices, identical to ground beef except it’s deer. …so approximately 250 lbs for half beef, 500 lbs for whole beef. Sale price Another option is tallow from wild game, although deer fat is very saturated and waxy. That’s part of the reason why we love it. Small amount of water. This is our flagship fat and the one that started the Fat Revolution! The fat on antlered game such as deer and elk should be trimmed away during the butchering process. £11.99, Regular price Muscle meat is all right, just keep meat to a minimum. Quick facts you should know about ordering one of these fine grain fed beef: Usually yield 40% of live weight as take home weight (more bone in = more take home weight). **ATTENTION** UPDATED CORONAVIRUS DEER PROCESSING RULES FOR 2020-2021 DEER SEASON** We will only be accepting Deer Pieces for Processing this deer season; NOT ACCEPTING ANY WHOLE DEER for processing (regardless if it has skin or no skin) We will only be deboning Deer meat & grinding it into Burger or Sausage Bags. £5.49, Regular price Beef Fat added to ground – $2.99/lb. Bacon Burger $2.09 per pound. Sale price £3.50, Save To render fat of any kind, including beef suet, fill 1 stock pot ½ full of cut up fat. £7.99 so i shouldnt just buy beef fat at a store to add to the venison? £4.99 £18.49, Regular price Others are a little thicker, a little tougher, but tasty nonetheless. Like us on Facebook! It is solid at room temperature. Sale price Additional charges will apply with cube steaks and patties. £1.01, Save Sale price Fresh Sausage $2.29 per pound. 2 steaks ~ 170-190g, Regular price Meat without any sort of fat tends to be dry as well as falls apart in the pan while you are cooking it. £3.49, Free Next Working Day DPD Delivery on Orders Over £29.99 If Ordered Monday to Thursday 2PM, Save Burger lean (10% fat) $1.59 per pound. It’s called suet, and the best stuff for rendering is going to be solid and firm. £14 Best Fat for Grinding with Venison . Sale price Sausage and smoked items are made in bulk, Hunters Sharing the Harvest – No Charge–  We participate in the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program which allows you to donate the deer. De-Bone .39 cents per pound . £2, Save It is a total protein boost, and also includes Iron, Niacin, Omega-3, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6. Jan 14, 2009 #7 . Regular price £8.99 Save £2 Dried Red deer salami SUDZIUCH. Buy Beef or Hog New Everyday Prices. On average, processing the deer itself is going to cost anywhere from $65 to $165, and this will not include processing it into premium cuts such as a hamburger, jerky or sausage. Unlike beef fat and pork fat, it is waxy and often has an off flavor that only gets worse in the freezer. £3.79, Regular price Usually deer and elk fat tastes bad. Regular price Now Taking Orders For Your Holiday Favorites! £12.99, Regular price £5.99. £5.99 Regular price £6.99 Sale price £4.99 Oak Smoked Skilandis 900g-1kg.