According to the film and Tv show of the same name, A Stargate is a name for a class of devices which allow almost instantaneous travel between places. DO YOU FEEL THE HEIGHTENED ENERGIES OF THE 12/12 STARGATE? Their vast network of stargates was later taken over by the Goa'uld, a race of nasty sentient parasites. 12:12 is the sacred day of attunement with all 12 dimensions of our Universe….and ignites the sacred geometry of Union! Ley lines are alignments of ancient sites, holy places, and specific important locations such as stone circles, standing stones, vortices, and monuments. share this: the event 2020 – planetary liberation stargate to open! 18:12) The above verse is a harrowing description of the noises that accompany Gods throne. In Another Notable Incident, a flying saucer became stuck in the Montauk underground tunnels with its alien crew demanding a crystal needed to repair the engines so they could leave. Then the earth shook and trembled; ... and the Highest gave his voice.(Ps. 12:12 is the sacred day of attunement with all 12 dimensions of our Universe….and ignites the sacred geometry of Union! A wormhole is a hypothetical “tube” in space connecting widely separated positions in the universe. In the fictional universe of the franchise, the people of Earth have encountered numerous extraterrestrial races on their travels through the Stargate.In addition to a diversity of alien life, there is also an abundance of other humans, scattered across the cosmos by advanced aliens in the distant past. Earth (Terra in Ancient, Midgard to the humans settled by the Asgard, Tau'ri in Goa'uld, and designated P2X-3YZ by the Tau'ri, this being the gate's network code), is the home planet of the Tau'ri and the cradle of human civilization in the Milky Way.With a population of over 7 billion, Earth was one of the most populated known human worlds in both the Pegasus and Milky way galaxies. Despite its evil look, this well was built with noble intentions — to … Buy Stargate Universe on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Further experiments in late October resulted in the USS Eldridge vanishing from its shakedown cruise in the Bahamas. A Stargate generates a wormhole between itself and a complementary device at another location, by being supplied with a threshold amount of raw energy. Their vast network of stargates was later taken over by the Goa'uld, a race of nasty sentient parasites. Not to be confused with the 1978 Fort Meade RV project Stargate, is a vortal teleportation / time travel stage used by Air Force Space Command. Sounds crazy? - 'Stargate' - Científicos hallan una 'Puerta' en el Centro de los Agujeros Negros - Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal - Stargates and Hidden Portals on Earth and in Space - Stargates - Doorways of the Universe - Stargate Stones Cancel Unsubscribe. Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), and his SG-1 team -- Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Teal'c (Christopher Judge), and Capt. A Stargate is a vortex of energy wave spectrum that connects into multiple other dimensions within the Universal time space matrix.Stargates are an organic part of the the mechanics of creation and function as the core manifestation template of Universal creation, which is the holographic architecture called the 12 Tree Grid.There are 12 original Planetary Gates. Fire and Water 44m. TALES OF POWER, by Carlos Castaneda. 1) Sedona Vortexes And The ‘Doorway of the Gods’ Sedona, a small town in Arizona was once known by the Native American tribes as Nawanda, and at one time, a most sacred city to them. With a history dating back more than 50 years, Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of paranormal activity such as crop circles, poltergeists, UFOs, dire wolf sightings, glowing orbs and other extraterrestrial occurrences. The Stargate was unearthed in 1928 in Giza, Egypt, and now operates from Stargate Command inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. A stargate is a transportation device developed by a long-vanished alien civilisation known as the Ancients. DETAILS. 2. Our members inspire our own authenticity: the quest for transformation never ends. NASA has announced that “portals” do indeed appear to be hidden within the Earth’s magnetic field, making some wonder if the legends of stargates, portals, and wormholes may have some degree of truth to them.. 10. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA … Stargates On Planet Earth Here are a list of 15 most well known Stargates on Planet Earth (there are many more)! Personally, my research leads me to believe the former:, stargates are real. Usually these are found where the faraway geomagnetic field bumps up against the passing solar wind. First noted in late 1950 or early 1951, the Bermuda Triangle was deemed to be a mysterious area in which huge military ships and planes were “lost” without any other plausible explanation forthcoming from the government or the military. It is said the Red Rocks of the deserts that surround the small town can create vortexes with … Gaia guides people on their personal transformational paths with the world’s largest library of exclusive and original conscious media. When the Project Stargate documents were declassified, it was revealed that Geller had been involved with the CIA in the 1970s as part of the SRI program. Earth has two stargates, the one Ra brought with him, and the one the Atlantians (Ancients) created on earth. Once secret funding was received from the Department of Defense, various experiments were conducted, including the creation of a dimension portal that enabled researchers to travel to far-flung locales. Pyramids at Xian, China. The Stargate was unearthed in 1928 in Giza, Egypt, and now operates from Stargate Command inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. We are the midwives of the New Earth. Opening and closing numerous times during the day, magnetic forces mingle, allowing their crackling energy particles to flow between the Earth and the sun. On earth she was the goddess of the young and the friend of the nymphs who appeared in the blooming of the spring flowers (symbolizing her annual return from Hades), and in the underworld she was the dreaded ... Part 12: Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through These meeting points — called X-points by NASA — have been pinpointed by scientists using polar data. Plaary Gates Ascension Glossary. With Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge. Do You Know How to Identify a False Flag Event? With Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge. This is the reason that the pyramids were built at this location. ascension symptom reports are currently elevated among the light worker community across the earth! 27 Characteristics That May Give You An Answer, Mind-Altering Quantum Experiment Shows Time Has Never Existed as We Think It Does, A New Way of Thinking About Spacetime That Turns Everything Inside Out, We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 5 Types of Cosmic Connections. 18:11 and 18:12) in relation to the transversing of His throne into this dimension. Time Crystals Are Here, So What Does That Mean? In early June 2015, NASA had a second successful test flight of its flying saucer that goes by the codename of Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD). EARTH STARGATES Then there are the Earth Stargates. Planets that Exist Outside Earth’s Solar System - Discovery of Alien Planets in our Solar System Space & The Universe HD 550 watching Live now The mathematics of weight loss | … It is our role to smooth the way as Gaia shifts into higher dimensional frequency planes. With its distinctive ring shape and ability to propel and brake at altitudes of 180,000 feet, it appears that NASA is positioning the LDSD Flying Saucer so that it can be used to conduct further explorations of Mars. Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD). An extension of the famed Philadelphia Experiment, this United States government-backed research project sought to further substantiate data on magnetic fields and their physiological effects. Like our members, Gaia staff are driven by curiosity, passion and the desire to grow, as we continue on our own spiritual journeys and quests. The Bermuda Triangle is probably the most famous stargate portal. The Apollo 1 Conspiracy; Did NASA Cover Up Gus Grissom's Death? As a result of their success, researchers also developed a time tunnel in which contact was made with aliens, as well as underground tunnels and brain reprogramming methods. We are the midwives of the New Earth. 12 Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa: Hole for Diamonds Mystery surrounds the Planet Earth. The 12th Gate opened in 1994 and on 12:12 in 2008 the male and female energies unified on a collective that is assisting all now, as that is one of the main issues on Earth. HOME TO: Humans FIRST APPEARED: "Stargate" the Movie. DOLORES CANNON TALKED ABOUT IT - WE TALKED ABOUT IT!!! 12 Stargates On Earth. They are typically 22 ft in diameter, 64,000 lbs in weight, and thought to be made of an unknown substance. In 1996, the organization acquired the ranch in order to study its paranormal activity in depth. Stargates, also called Astria Porta in Ancient and Chappa'ai in Goa'uld, as well as various other names across the universe, are a series of devices built by the Ancients which create wormholes, allowing for near-instantaneous transportation between two distant points in space. The mythology of the Stargate franchise is the historical backstory of the series' premise.. "Earth" is the seventh episode of the first season of Stargate Universe. The Goa'uld brought stargate technology to Earth, enslaved the ancient Egyptians, and then largely lost interest in us. Sometimes too there are added bones from the corpses of animals or condemned men, at times too from the semen of beasts and men and such like manner. In 1993, M. Visser showed that quantum wormholes, once formed, are stable. Gate Of The Gods, Hayu Marca, Peru. Then an eighth chakra, about 12 inches above the crown, allows us to connect to a higher plane of consciousness. Here is where conspiracy theories start to get fueled, with some claiming that the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 was started specifically as an excuse to gain control of the stargate. Ley lines occur all over the world in a crystalline pattern based on a system of triangles and that great temples of the ancient world are built into this pattern at these nexus points all over the globe. KEY EPISODES "Stargate" the Movie - The Stargate is uncovered in Giza, Egypt, in 1928, and unlocked in the 1990s. DOLORES CANNON TALKED ABOUT IT - WE TALKED ABOUT IT!!! In March 2015, NASA launched its Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) that, among other things, is tasked with studying these portals to gain a deeper understanding of them. Some Soviet scientists suggested that the boundaries of these crystal faces now lie beneath the surface of our planet, and that some protrude to the surface, creating the “vortices” that we know of. The term Stargate means just that: an otherworldly door or portal to outside realms, hidden within Earth’s and space’s magnetic fields, waiting to transport the enlightened traveler to a place beyond current time limitations. The 11:11 Stargate has opened a portal in earth’s astral plane, streaming powerful gamma photonic rays into the collective field. Also, Earth having 2 stargates is answered here: According to the Stargate Wiki, the gate using this symbol as the point of origin was brought by Ra from an unknown location. Original Human 12 Tribes. Below is a list of continents, countries, cities and landmarks on Earth that were mentioned and also, even appeared in the Stargate universe. 0 Comment. EARTH ALLIANCE INTEL UPDATE ~ 12:12 STARGATE ~ ASCENSION OF STARSEEDS ~ Kin 152: Yellow Solar Human Paul Butler. Stargates on Earth? (e.g Bermuda Triangle etc.) Many are familiar with televisions acclaimed Stargate series where the stars transport through shimmering openings left … Recently, it has been found. We are the stabilizers, the balancers, and the guardians of the crystalline ley lines, sacred sites and stargates. Stargates are circular devices marked out by nine chevrons spaced equally around their circumference and 39 symbols displayed on an inner ring. Here it is: Interesting facts: According to map researchers the Giza Plateau, the location of the great pyramid IS the most powerful vortex point on the planet, and that the King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid represents a narrow gateway to stars. DO YOU FEEL THE HEIGHTENED ENERGIES OF THE 12/12 STARGATE? Suspected Stargate Location in Space . 11 how does numerology and stargates delorean dmc 12 dr emmett brown film earth alliance update the event 2020 portals and star gates stargates portals and wormholes. GET READY FOR THE NEW EARTH!!! 12. In fact, some witnesses noted that they saw a green fog in the area where the massive ship once stood. We are the midwives of the New 5D Earth. TALK SHOW: Frecuency 144 HOSTS: Kimberli Soulretriever Ridgeway and Andre FRECUENCY 144 - EPISODE #1: THE 12/12 STARGATE AND THE NEW EARTH (GLOBAL DEBUT PREMIERE) The COLLECTIVE SUPER CHANNEL - 140 Views. A Stargate generates a wormhole between itself and a complementary device at another location, by being supplied with a threshold amount of raw energy. But could there actually be something behind this very convincing recurrence of inexplicable faces and structures, pointing toward an advanced civilization? It should be no surprise to learn that the military is both a conduit and a supporter of space portal research. This research led to the discovery of a map showing 12 equally spaced areas around the globe in which magnetic anomalies and other energy phenomena occur. DIY Medicine; One Man's Crusade Against Big Pharma, CRISPR Has Started Genetic Engineering on Humans and Food, The CIA's In-Q-Tel is Investing in Startups That Can Predict the Future, After WWII, Nazi Party Scientists Were Given a New Life in the US, 6 Corporations Control Most Scientific Publications. THE SECOND RING OF POWER, by Carlos Castaneda. The 13th Gate is about another shift in consciousness we are moving into the Galactic Centre/void/no time/no space and aligning through all the Suns, this is happening in the sixth dimension. Ley lines link a number of ancient landmarks by a series of straight lines. Source:,, Are You A Starseed? Though the government would like to cover up the real reason behind these occurrences and label them hoaxes, it is more likely that they simply want to be in control of the outcome of the research and take credit for it. Over the past several decades, there have been numerous features uncovered that seem to show evidence of intelligent life that either inhabited or visited other planets in our solar system. EARTH STARGATES Then there are the Earth Stargates. In just a few days the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway will open to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core, which is located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. This plethora of evidence has been a point of contention between ufologists and NASA, most notably the face on Mars’ Cydonia region. Numerous unexplainable events were chronicled, including stargates that emitted magnetic fields that were highly destructive. … If there is a topic you’d like to learn more about, please let us know. Encompassing three vertices, the Bermuda Triangle — sometimes referred to as the Devil’s Triangle — is a large abyss that stretches between San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda Island, and Miami, Florida. On the Enkarans' new home, SG-1 discovers a giant spaceship is threatening the colonists as it terraforms the planet. On earth she was the goddess of the young and the friend of the nymphs who appeared in the blooming of the spring flowers (symbolizing her annual return from Hades), and in the underworld she was the dreaded wife of Hades and the Queen of Darkness who controlled the fates of deceased men. A link to reset your password has been sent to you. Wormhole Physics. Burisch worked directly under the orders of the “Majestic 12”. Objects in transit between gates are broken down into their individual elemental components, and then into energy as they pass through the event horizon, and then travel through a wormhole before being reconstructed on the other side and exiting another Stargate. Southern Japan’s “Dragon’s Triangle” – an area of intense seismic activity. Directed by Martin Wood. Re: Number of stargates on earth We've seen gates survive a lot, including an Asgard ship full of replicators fall down into the Pacific, and the only way we know how to destroy a gate is by using the devise Anubis used or use a Mark IX nuke placed behind the gate if active and just near the gate if … Some believe Star Gate was never really canceled, but just rolled over to a new, even more secretive program. The result is a direct pathway between the Earth and the sun. Although science and technology help in reaching or seeing places that people have never seen before, there are still spaces on earth that humans never thought existed or is possible to be created. With the discovery of flowing water on Mars, the answer seems like it might be yes. One of his most important statements is that related to the “Stargates” or dimensional portals. The Bermuda Triangle – 3 Points Located at Montauk, Long Island, New York, Montauk Air Force Station, also known as Camp Hero, was the site of The Montauk Project. For the first time, Master Gatekeeper Sandra Walter teaches a comprehensive and complete course in the multidimensional New Earth grid systems, the Crystalline gateways and the Ascension grids available since January 2020. Four different times these thick clouds are mentioned in the Scriptures (Job 22:14, 26:8, Ps. The gates are almost always operated standing vertically, though they are operable in any orientation. Stonehenge in England They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle.