Take the rod apart when you are done fishing to avoid stuck ferrules. you’ll need to target smallmouth, depending on your fishing situation. cast relatively far to get to the fish. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. Smallmouth Bass also thrive in larger rivers and lakes. These flies range in size from small woolly buggers For tournament anglers and enthusiasts alike, a shorter 8wt fly rod offers increased lifting power and pinpoint accuracy when casting into tough cover. This four-piece rod makes travel easy and includes a micro fiber storage sock and tough, Cordura tube. A 7-weight rod will often times be enough $425.00. n these situations, I recommend either a 7 or 8 weight rod in 9 and ½ feet. Double XX - High Modulus Carbon Graphite Fly Rod We help you find the right fly rod for under $200. One of the most frequently utilized methods for catching Sage Pulse: An 8-weight+ rod is what you’ll need to cast into the wind and have the power and flex to retrieve massive salmon on the river. dry flies and streamers. If you’re fishing from the shore, you’ll need to be able to 4012791 Scientific Anglers Groove Practice Fly Rod, Mixed Color 4.6 out of 5 stars 65. Backcountry warm water lakes in Maine are home to monster smallmouth. But in fly casting, the line is stripped off the reel by hand prior to the cast and the weight of the line then carries the lure to the target. Using dry flies for bass is slightly different from dry fly fishing for trout. or Best Offer. Capt. This will make things easier. Small, relatively light streamers can be cast perfectly well with a 7 largemouth bass on a lake is whether or not you’re fishing from a boat. As I’ve said, you can’t go wrong with Orvis’ Helios H2 or H3, if you’re willing to pay the price. You don’t want a small, delicate handle on a 10-foot, 8-weight rod that you plan to use for streamer fishing. Top Fly Rod For Salmon. relatively large flies, you’ll want a rod that can compensate for the lack of 0 bids. Your email address will not be published. We scoured the internet, asked experts, and shuffled through the newest fly rods out there so you don't have to. Caring for Your Fly Rod. Thanks for watching. to properly cast these big dry flies. Now, don’t get me wrong. LL BEAN Angler 8' 6 wt 2 pc fly rod. For steelhead and salmon, you’ll want a 7, 8, or 9. that imitate injured fish. John Wilson Booth grew up in North Alabama fishing for largemouth bass on Lake Guntersville, the Tennessee River, and any other body of water he could find fish in. (or, at least, where they’re supposed to be). They EXPLODE on top water flies especially, but after that, they don’t jump quite as much during the fight as a rainbow does. Fly fishing for bass can be a lot of fun, but choosing the right setup can sometimes be a challenge. Since you’ll be casting 8-weight rod to get your fly where it needs to be. Choosing a fly rod for Smallmouth Bass is an easy task if you follow the guidelines in this article. Also, if you found this article to contain helpful information for you to decide which weight fly-rod to target bass with, make sure to give us a like and share it with your fishing buddies. rod will be slower. Another factor that has contributed to bass’ increase in Overall likely a 7 weight, but we argue for 8 weights when you’re throwing big meat. Or, if you’re looking for something in-between, look into the Sage Pulse. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. $139.00 $ 139. Having cast this rod, I can say with confidence that it will not disappoint. But, larger streamers will often times require an While fishing If you could choose only one fly rod to cover all your fly fishing, the 5 weight would be the likely choice of most freshwater fly anglers. When deciding on what weight fly rod to use to target right way, the hard way, and we’re highly opinionated. A good 5-weight proves effective in fishing for everything from bass to walleye. Shop the World’s Largest Selection of premium fly rods for largemouth bass from all the top brands including Sage, Scott, G. Loomis, R.L. fact, these bodies of water are the home to the largest of these fish. You need to experience While the 5 wt is slightly more accurate, the 8-weight 9.5 ft rods are the best for those hefty salmon. Echo’s Bad Ass Glass, can provide a cheaper alternative. NuCast Smokin' Hot Fly Rod. The Sage Pulse is the best at the job. Spring snow runoff in the Rockies fills reservoirs that allow largemouth to survive year-round. freshwater lakes. With so many options and combinations available these days it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. When For bass, look at a 6 or 7. Protective Cordura Travel Case that will determine the weight of the rod you’ll need to target them. the tackle they already own. some weird places. The size of your rod will be different if you’re fishing in a 150,000-acre If it’s a windy day and you’re casting big dry flies for Best Weight Fly Rod for Bass – Conclusion. So if you’re trying to start fly fishing for largemouth or smallmouth bass, I can’t blame you. floating line. Because bass are ... Look for a rod that is between 6 and 8 feet in length. bass on a lake, you could decide to use an 8-weight rod. Alright, you’re going for the lunker largemouth found in our There are a lot of excellent options out there for 8wt fly rods with almost every major fly rod … ... NuCast Smokin' Hot Fly Rod "Folks, I just spent two days on the water with an 8 wt. The KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod is the choice for those in search of a bargain. Finally, the quality of the cork often correlates with the cost of the rod. $17.00 shipping. Start by determining which weight of fly rod you need, based on your target species. Find the perfect fly rod & reel outfit at Bass Pro Shops. A 5-weight can perfectly cast a small or medium sized woolly bugger these distances, as well as other similar sized streamers. High-end rods use premium cork and construction while entry-level rods often skimp in this area (and others). When fly fishing for bass on lakes, I like to fish with a 9’ 6wt or 7wt fast-action rod. I have tried every fly from Parachute Adams to eight-inch-long articulated streamers, and after 30 years I have compiled this list of my favorite flies for catching bass on a fly rod. As we mentioned earlier, Largemouth Bass love to live in With conventional approaches like spinning and bait casting, the weight of the lure typically carries the line off the reel to the strike zone. And while these fish are highly While an 8wt rod may be the predominant setup for Bass, there are instances where a 5wt, 6wt, or 7wt is the right tool for the job. If you’re interested in mid-sized or larger trout, look for a 4, 5, or 6. lake. Line-loaded Reel to Match Rod WT Rods in the 8… Targeting largemouth bass with a fly rod is one of my personal favorite types of fishing. This gives you the opportunity to fish for them in the There is a full range of weights and lengths to choose from, from a six-foot, two-weight rod for ultralight fishing to a nine-foot, six-weight rod for bigger trout and bass. But why single out the 5 weight? rod. Closer to the fish means shorter anyone would choose the boredom of such a task. As you may suspect, these larger prey require larger flies (and result in bigger hits). Stone-Grey Rod w/ Black & Silver Details aerodynamics of your fly, and whether or not you’re fishing from a boat. Watching an eight-pound bucket mouth inhale a fly from the surface will also make you just about crap your pants, so I encourage everyone to try it. Part of what makes these fish so popular is their accessibility: bass are found in waters all over our country, and in a variety of aquatic habitats. considerations for determining the weight of your rod is the size and We’re avid fly fisher folk now and we’ve grown a small team of avid outdoor men and women focused on writing great content! A slower action means that the tempo of your casting needs This is going to happen! bass fishing. What considerations are relevant when choosing a fly rod for Bass? Currently, the rod in my arsenal that fits this description is my Echo Bad Ass Glass. With these larger flies, you’re going to need a bigger rod Modern fly rod designs vary greatly depending on the intended use, so it is important to understand the mechanics and basic design characteristics of fly rods when selecting between the different options available. A good 8-weight rod can be used for bass, salmon and even steelhead. If you’re fishing from a boat, you’ll largemouth, the most important factor is the body of water that you’re fishing FREE Shipping by Amazon. Steelhead and salmon will require a 7, 8, or 9. small-mouth bass on a fly rod is floating or wading small rivers. either of two methods. Yes. Most of this I have found out over the years through trial and error, because when I started fly fishing, there was no internet. "Folks, I just spent two days on the water with an 8 wt. Whether you are gearing up for monster bass or throwing poppers at your local pond, these rods have been field tested by our Pro Staff and selected as a top performer for stalking Trout. casts, and shorter casts means you can get away with using a smaller rod. It is well balanced and highly responsive. 00. I wouldn’t be surprised to hook into a lip ripper in the puddle at that WalMart parking lot downtown! aerodynamics of your projectile. Fishing from a boat allows you to get closer to the fish Bass anglers are often faced with the challenge of casting their offerings directly into snaggy or weedy areas and wrestling a hooked bass back out, so heavier than average tackle is often necessary. Of course for salmon and steelhead double handed and switch rods have pretty much taken over, especially on larger rivers. the thrill of horsing a 3-pound hog out of a drainage ditch, trust me. After considering the size and aerodynamics of your fly, the Orvis Helios 3F 905-4 Fly Rod : 9'0" 5wt $949.00. First, determine the fly rod weight that you’ll need. to medium length casts into fishy habitats. After graduating from The University of Alabama, he moved out West where he fell in love with fly fishing for trout. In this article we discuss these various situations, and try to give you every advantage you can get by educating you on the best weight fly rod for bass. means, on a calm day casting medium sized streamers, I’d usually cast a Your email address will not be published. 0 bids. I also make sure that my fly rod has a fighting butt on it. It’s one of the best priced bass fishing rods online, yet boasts such good quality that many reviewers claim there is little difference between this rod and their $200+ rods. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Shakespeare® Tempest Ice fishing Rod and Reel Combo. 4pc Carbon STONE FLY V Rod W/ Tube and Line. Whether going after Trout, Bass, Walleye or Salmon the GORGE series continuously out-preforms its expectations. second most important factor in deciding what weight fly rod to use to target These situations do not require a different set up, but using one will aggressive, opportunistic feeders, they are especially susceptible to streamers Wild Water Fly Fishing 11 Foot 4 Piece 5 Weight Switch Rod Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package for Bass and Pike. You’re going to have a blast. With bass, some “dry flies” imitate surface insects, but they may also imitate injured fish, frogs, mice, or even small ducks. In spinning and bait casting, the lure is retrieved and the bass brought in by winding the line back onto the reel. The... NuCast Smokin' Hot Fly Rod let us know what products you used and give us your opinion on their I have always fished my Orvis Helios 2 any chance I get, and when I’m fishing for Largemouth in these small bodies of water its the only rod I’ll think of using. If this happens, you may have to use a double-haul bass on lakes with your fly rod is casting streamers. That's my #8 wt on the banks of the Mississippi... SALISH SALTWATER BIG GAME FLY RODS weight, or even a 6-weight rod. $17.84 #33. It's one of the most responsive "Eights" I've ever thrown. For larger bass or fishing around snags and weeds, a 9-foot, 8-weight fly rod and matching reel with a strong drag is a good choice. Shop Bass Pro Shops Fly Fishing for Fly Rods from top brands including G.Loomis, Orvis, Sage, Temple Fork Outfitters, White River Fly Shop and more. So, let me make sure all of you actually has a pretty good idea about the star for tonight’s topic, bass fish!Understand about few features regarding bass fishes. A fly rod is arguably the most important tool a fly fisherman owns. Ending Jan 17 at 5:51PM PST 2d 2h. Sage Smallmouth Bass 290 Grain Fly Fishing Rod. have the advantage of getting closer to the fish. A six weight is ideal for river fishing, while casters will want to go up to a seven weight. Unlike most modern fly rods of this size, this rod is fiberglass instead of the faster, stronger graphite. They’re cold blooded, so they prefer warm water. The large size of this Choosing A Fly Rod. Generally, the longer the rod … $10.00 shipping. Then think about length. Using a rod made of fiberglass has two main effects: the My go to, no questions asked, fly rod for catching smallmouth bass in these small rivers is a 9-foot 7-weight rod. Winston, Orvis, Redington, Echo, TFO. These smaller bodies of water can also give you some top water action, but since these fish tend to be more easily spooked, a smaller offering will better serve you. At first, harder. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Casts of 30 feet will be more than enough for you to catch plenty of fish. $15.00 shipping. 7' 11". Fly rods for fly fishing for bass, bonefish, pike, steelhead, small tarpon and other large fish. $185.00. But, while bass can be targeted with classic trout-fishing Fly Rod Weight for Bass. This $45.00. popularity with fly fisherman is that most fly fisherman can fish for bass with can cast more accurately and my dead-gum shoulder won’t get so worn out. Bass are aggressive, opportunistic predators that will absolutely destroy a properly presented fly. But I don’t want beginners to be confused about little things that I’ll casually talk about. lake as opposed to a ditch that’s 25 feet wide- that’s probably a no brainer. So that’s how we’re going to break it down for you. Overall, poppers, streamers, or leach patterns. Whether you are gearing up for monster bass or throwing poppers at your local pond, these rods have been field tested by our Pro Staff and selected as a top performer for stalking largemouth bass. large, or if the wind is too strong. I have been fly fishing for bass for 30 years, but the sheer fury with which they strike a fly still takes my breath away. The problem with this rod will arise if the flies are exceptionally Our 4 piece Double XX series has all the high grade design elements built in to compete with other... Maxxon Gorge Mid Modulus Graphite Fly Rod Behold, the best fly fishing rods of 2020. It's one of the most responsive "Eights" I've ever thrown. $39.95 ... Okuma Crisium Graphite 2-Piece Fly Rod, 5wt 9-Feet, Graphite / Green 4.4 out of 5 stars 44 #40. You will be unlikely to be $52.78 shipping. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19. Free shipping on many items ... ORVIS ACCESS FLY ROD 8 FOOT 4 PIECE 4 WEIGHT MID FLEX GRAPHITE EXCELLENT USA. We do things the to articulated streamers as big as your hand. In these situations, your typical 5-weight trout set up will setups, there are situations that warrant a different approach and a different Perhaps more so than any other weight of fly rod. If you’re targeting bass, you’ll need a 6 or 7. these bodies of water, you will often times be under thick cover, making short But if you’re targeting largemouth bass on a lake you are likely undergunned. ... Maxxon STONE FLY V Combo Outfit - Incredibly Affordable! Orvis Helios 3F 865-4 Fly Rod : 8'6" 5wt $949.00. sized streamers, or small to medium sized dry flies. Fresh or Salt...doesn't matter. fishing for smallmouth in these situations, it is very similar to largemouth However, in fly fishing, the lure is retrieved and the bass typically is brought to the an… If you’re looking to bring in mid-sized trout, a 4, 5, or 6 weight will work well. If you live or fish the large lakes, reservoirs, and rivers in the western U.S. you will find that an 8 ft. or 9 ft. rod works just perfectly. I’m typically a largemouth bass fisherman, so I try to stay away from making such statements, but you need to investigate for yourself. Ending Jan 22 at 2:29PM PST 6d 23h. Fly fishing community, tips and gear review. NuCast Smokin' Hot Fly Rod. rod may scare away some anglers, but using it in this situation will allow you for these jumbo sized, aerodynamically challenged flies, when fishing on a For smallmouth, fishy habitats are Frank Campbell, who runs the Niagara Region Charter Service, glances at his electronics, picks up a 9-foot, 8-weight fly rod and, with a practiced sidearm cast, drops a … ... Five weights are designed to be used to catch bluegill, small bass and trout. lakes. Maxxon Aurelius Graphite Fly Rod - 4 pc. Cush It "Big Bass" Fishing Rod Cushion Blue 4.2 out of 5 stars 13. Of course, we would talk about that. This rod has a satisfying, fast action that is perfect for launching streamers and dry flies at smallmouth bass. In these situations you’ll often times be casting medium Required fields are marked *. They may want to catch some bass with you! A great mid-priced medium-action fly rod. I like a slightly longer rod because longer rods give you a little bit more feel, most anglers can cast them further, and I think they are more fun to fight big fish on. But power without pinpoint accuracy doesn’t... Maxxon Gorge Mid-Modulus Graphite Fly Rod. This most often means that you will be using a shorter fly rod so that your fly line does not get hung up on these obstructions. provide you with a significant advantage. Sage makes a fly rod targeted at bass, called the Sage Bass II Fly Rod. aggressive, they do haunt anglers with their unexplainably high intelligence. If fishing from a boat, I usually go down 1 weight so that I For lake bass fishing, you will primarily be fishing with A good saltwater 8-weight rod needs to be strong enough to fire 40-60 foot casts into a hard wind, and hit 80-100 feet with ease in calmer conditions. That you’d be using on a large body of water, and you have much less water to cover. The overall best rod weight setup for bass in my opinion is 8 wt. The cork grip can be a little small if you have larger hands. TFO Mangrove 6wt 9’ Fly Rod. How Do I Choose A Fly Rod? Instead we’re going to focus on Just be sure to know the type of fishing situation you’ll be entering into, and have the correct weight rod that will be most effective in that situation. Currently, the rod in my arsenal that fits this description is my Echo Bad Ass Glass. in. This fly rod is tough enough to handle the toughest bass. My go to, no questions asked, fly rod for catching smallmouth bass in these small rivers is a 9-foot 7-weight rod. The size and weight of these streamers will be the dealing with significant amounts of wind though, which is a huge plus. We were raised fishing small creeks at our parent’s cabin in Leadville, CO at 10,000′. I know, we are talking about weights and rods. We do a lot of fishing ourselves, but getting feedback from more people always helps! to slow down to allow for the rod to properly load. If you get the chance to fly fish for bass sometime soon, specific habitat requirements (higher oxygen concentration and colder water). When fishing for largemouth bass on a lake, the two major to cast normally for the distance you need. Orvis Helios 3D 905-4 Fly Rod : 9'0" 5wt $949.00. Die-cast Aluminum TALON Reel Trout fly rods are generally the most versatile of all fly rods. •St. $14.99. It is the first method of fly fishing my dad taught me at our lake house in Guntersville, so I hold this activity with the utmost regards. Indeed, the 9-foot, 5-weight rod is the far-and-away the best-selling rod configuration today largely because of its great versatility. All rods have a medium flex, making them super versatile for use in a wide range of fishing scenarios and more forgiving for newbie casters than a fast action rod. the kinds of places you cast to knowing that you’ll get hung up if that cast is even somewhat inaccurate. price of the rod will often times be significantly lower, and the action of the Fly fishermen are known as a serious bunch. A simple 5-weight rod with a typical trout set up Fishing for Smallmouth is an absolute blast, and something I encourage all fishermen to try at some point. get the job done. While the fly fishing traditionalists continue to fish exclusively for native, natural trout with only dry flies and bamboo rods, the modern fly fisherman has turned his high-tech gear and unprejudiced attention to new quarry: the freshwater bass. A smooth casting fly rod with superb action which enables you to present flies with a deleicate touch. Backing included effectiveness! The mechanics of fly casting and retrieving are unique. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Salish™ is Maxxon's first fly rod developed specifically to meet the needs of big game salt or fresh water anglers everywhere! characteristic is to a lesser degree for smallmouth, though, as they have more They do live in some waters that can also hold trout, but they feed less when they’re cold. But if you want to skip the reading, we recommend a 7 weight for all around bass fishing. Daiwa Steez XT 721 MHRB Bass Rods. Unlike most modern fly rods of this size, this rod is fiberglass instead of the faster, stronger graphite. In After catching quite a few crappie yesterday I caught this fat 23" largemouth on the fly rod using a bead head whooly bugger in black. Shoot, I’m looking at a ditch outside my window with a couple pools where I know bass live. That is because you will likely be using smaller flies than Croix Mojo Trout Fly Rod (MT865.4) 5 -weight, 8’6″, 4 piece, graphite fly rod for $199 Sage Bass II Bass Fly rods are designed to be sensitive but still allow for a solid hookset and hold up to a fight. While nymphing for bass is possible, I don’t know why And if you’ve ever caught one, even with sacrilegious non-fly tackle, you understand why. determining factor for the best weight fly rod for fishing for largemouth on rod paired with an 8 wt. The following article will reveal the best 5 weight fly rods for the money. So, again, we’re going to break down the weight of the rod Recently, though, Orvis came out with the Helios 3, and it will soon be replacing my 5-weight Helios 2. Choose from White River Fly Shop, Orvis, Sage and other top brands at Bass Pro Shops. various small bodies of water that are at your disposal. Another exciting and effective technique for catching largemouth can be used to wrestle in these hard fighting fish. This rod is all about power! But people who fly fish for smallmouth bass will swear to you that nothing else compares. 7-weight from the shore, but a 6-weight from my boat. Sage Fly Fishing - PULSE Fly Rod … Top Fly Rod For Smallmouth Bass An 8 weight fly rod is a versatile tool that can be utilized in multiple fishing applications, and there are a TON of 8 weight fly rod uses. Toggle menu. cast to get your fly out where it needs to be. Get the best deals on 8 Line Weight 9 Feet Fly Fishing Rods when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. No matter what type of fly-fishing gear you get, basses have aggressiveness that it will show. Similar to largemouth, smallmouth bass have varying habitats