That's called "it's 7:00am & I'm madly trying to snap these photos before work" light. If you are looking to find Oil Paintings Reproductions at very economical price or cheap rates, you must visit Extra Large Abstract Painting Vertical Wall Art, Mid Century Modern Painting on Canvas, Minimal Art. And regardless of whether it was a sound pattern, it still looks really neat! I'm intimidated by the painterly arts, but this might help me try it out! Striking, indeed. $54.99. Beautiful, striking, so simple and so classy I'm pinning your art! It's clean, simple, and stunning in your space! Love. Whether balancing traditional furnishings or breaking up saturated colors, black-and-white abstract art makes a striking statement in any space. Love this painting! I love it! I hope you get lots of homie votes! extra Large Canvas painting add a unique touch to your home. I have 14 blank canvases hanging on my gallery wall at the moment… maybe I'll actually try to do a painting! But I really appreciate you letting me know . DIY Abstract Art. It fades in kind of a neat way against the white walls, but it will really pop against the greige walls. Thanks so much – that is a high compliment from an artistic gal like yourself! The trees are the hurdles in life. Disclaimers: Safety, Copyright & Affiliate Links, spotted a great black and white painting on Pinterest, first in my budget-friendly bathroom makeover, Easy DIY Macrame and Driftwood Wall Hanging, How to Replace a Light Fixture (Sponsored …,,, participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. FREE shipping with DHL 2-4 delivery to worldwide! Tanya, your art looks fantastic! I'm glad I'm not the only one totally horrified by centipedes. Thanks! Please DIY safely! HOWEVER, Brooke Batchelor Designs has some tables with a similar feel (but the added bonus of great hair pin legs): Or you might want to try a local antique or thrift shop for something similar. Beautiful! 19. How can I call myself a DIY/home blogger and my bedroom — that I look at every single day — looks like THAT!! I think it ups the stark, dramatic factor of the black and white. Thanks for the comment…and the vote! Nice job Tanya. Feb 13, 2019 - HLBW - Hannah Lee Black White. !Oh gosh, when they end up on the ceiling I am paranoid of one diving onto me. Bravo and well done!!! I hope the person who made the painting I copied feels that way, lol. Our living space shows classic art pieces and the studio is where I display more playful pieces and work from my favourite illustrators. I’m personally a fan of too much color. DIY Project Details: I'm not good at mixing colours, lol. One of the very few bugs that actually grosses me out. well done you! It's great. Looks amazing, Tanya. It should work. Oh, heck. You're very talented! If you're ready to create your own DIY painting, but not sure where to start, check out this super easy DIY wall art tutorial. How big is the canvas? Jun 11, 2020 - Black and White Abstract Art, Digital Art, Instant Download Art, Modern Art Contemporary Print, DIY Print, Digital Print, Printable Wall Art, Abstract Print, Abstract Wall Art, Large Wall Art, Prints, Calligraphy Art, Modern Calligraphy, Wedding Calligraphy MODERN and EASY DIY Art Prints for your Very smart of you to turn the canvas up-side-down for natural stroke motions. I spotted a great black and white painting on Pinterest and that was definitely my inspiration. So just in case our kisses art isn't really your thing, we thought we'd put together something a little more sophisticated and a little less playful. They do not live where I'm from, so they are a pretty new discovery. Extra Large Painting On Canvas, Textured Painting Canvas Art, Black And White Original Art Handmade. And white painting ideas for diy modern art 18 ways dream a little easy diy paintings on canvas abstract 35 diy room decor ideas in black and Shudder. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. I let little pops of white peek through but made other sections very inky. Blech. And I think your blog is lovely. The nice thing with that is if you mess up, you can always paint the whole thing white and start over. No worries, my easel has been lonely too. Thisis my first art project ever and I have no idea where to shop for craft items Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks! You're pretty awesome yourself! Oh, j'adore! The textures add a nice contrast to flat white walls and the colors liven up a room effortlessly. All black and white abstract artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. I want one. I'm so happy you like this painting. I'm thrilled with the finished product and even my husband, who has absolutely no artistic sense, said he really likes it. It is pretty much the largest canvas that can fit comfortably into our hatchback, so that's the logic behind choosing this size ;)Hope that helps! You are an artist and a warrior princess! I had one run at me one day when I was watching TV. I'm happy I found time to do this, but if you watch the clock move in my pics, it less than half an hour (minus the white, which took a few minutes another night). In return, I offer . minus the centipede – UGH…one showed up in my BATHROOM the other day and I had a coniption fit, but it was 6:50am and I couldn't act fast enough and it slithered away!! This makes such a dramatic statement with such simplicity. I assumed you painted a sound pattern of some sound that was meaningful to you, such as your name spoken out loud, or a piece of music! It actually worked really well. Ok, I didn't expect to like it. I'm not sure if foam board would work – the surface might be too slick for the paint to adhere, but I've never tried! Do you think it would look good with layers? Thanks!! I want one. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm so happy to hear that your paintings turned out and that – most importantly – you had fun! Silk scarves might be another neat option. Apparently magnificent abstract paintings need not to only be hanged at art galleries that only rich… And carefully painting each shade in each triangle following the sample pixel image. And it’s a great way to avoid deciding on a frame (although I have some tips on that). In my painting today I only use the colors black and white. I actually thought the first picture was your inspiration, not your painting! Love it! I figured if he wanted the living room that bad, he could have it. Pinning it! It's so easy, I promise! May 2020. You make it look so easy! What a great piece! The thing with abstract art is that a lot of people argue that you don’t need talent … Feb 28, 2016 - As you might already know from my last DIY wall art project, I tend towards a modern style. Thanks! When I first picked up this canvas to get to work, I narrowly missed touching the giant centipede lurking inside. Aug 8, 2013 - DIY Simple But Striking Painting DIY Wall Art DIY Crafts DIY Home In high school I had a skirt of the same print! You can use a plain, gessoed canvas, fresh from the store, and skip this step, but I do like the look of brush strokes. Your photography gets me every time! Enough was enough. Short Brushstroke. Awesome! Good eye! Yup! The folks at the paint shop will know more than me and let you know about which brands are best, in case they don't have what I've listed. Super Simple DIY Abstract Paintings. This might sound very pretencious, but I like to give things a story. It’s actually an assignment I have had to do for art classes and a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for letting me know!! Or try etsy for vintage fabric by the bolt.Good luck with your search! Thanks for sharing. Step 1: I flipped the canvas upside down (to encourage paint to flow) and, with a giant paintbrush quickly dipped in water and some black acrylic paint, starting making broad brush strokes. Richa. Good luck!! Awwww, thanks! (I hate those damn centipedes too — we have really gross furry-looking ones. . The flea market seller had painted the legs matte black and refinished the top, so be open to something with room for a little DIY love. design projects, diy interiors & crafts, inspiration /design tips, home, DIY September 04, 2020. Did you know you were the inspiration behind One Ten Plus Two's paintings? 32)! I’ve seen a lot of black and white abstract art lately. The tiniest bit of off-white and a smidge of teal. I have a canvas with no purpose at the moment and this might be the perfect thing! Had to kill one that got onto my ceiling once!). Your email address will not be published. I'm in exactly the same boat…love the B&W but I just can't think of a place in the house to put one! Great project…this art is gorgeous! Required fields are marked *. design projects, inspiration/design tips, home March 28, 2020. I love it. Feb 26, 2020 - This series of Abstract Black and White paintings takes inspiration from Mid-Century Action Painters and Japanese brush painting. Contemporary Art. See the full Disclaimer here and Privacy Policy here. I love how you added the colourful pillow to the whole space to bring in the colour. This looks really great. I’ll even show you how to frame it! DIY craft projects. But not me. Learn how to make your own simple but striking DIY wall art with the tutorial for this black and white abstract painting & learn how to frame it and style it. Here’s a close up view of my new DIY wall art (in real life, there’s more texture and depth): You should know, I suffer for my art. DIYing the painting this eve. Could you tell me where the side table is from? 5 out of 5 stars (641) 641 reviews. If you’re ready to create your own DIY painting, but not sure where to start, check out this super easy DIY wall art tutorial. I love it. If not, I promise to paint one for you That's the Dans le Townhouse guarantee. Thanks! Skip the mat Read More. In fact, I like yours better!! Please also ignore the mess (someone clearly broke in and started painting random parts of the wall and made a mess; I blame teenagers). Thanks for your vote and for your kinds words! Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. But you could also keep the paint a bit wetter so the colours bleed together a bit more and would look more "flowy" (not a technical term, lol). I'm going to try something similar one of these days! I've got the supplies on hand, so we'll see…Thanks for the inspiration! I thought long and hard on what type of piece we wanted up there and we decided to go with some abstract canvas art to pull some more white to the main wall to contrast the dark wall. . Great-looking project! To keep the crispness, let the light pink layer dry, then apply some in a darker shade, let it dry and then do the red. This is so striking, I just have to try it someday. DIY craft projects. I didn’t achieve an exact replica (far from it), but it was a fun challenge to try to imitate someone else. Here you'll find modern DIY projects and craft tutorials, home renovation and home decor projects (big and small, for every budget), and my adventures raising backyard chickens and gardening! Four Square, 1956, oil on canvas by Franz Kline. Because paint is so expensive I cheated and used primer. eww. I just stumbled upon your blog today because of craftgawker, I love it! And, voila! I'm so glad you stopped by D.I.Y. Read how Sarah made her DIY wall art at Oh Sarah O! 4.5 out of 5 stars (938) 938 reviews. I flipped the canvas back around so I could shape the composition and I built up the paint in layers. Not everyone can afford hundreds of dollars for a piece of art for every wall in their home.… Feb 11, 2017 - Some people will say a big no-no to “homemade art”. Looks awesome! Hi Richa! I stopped by your blog the other day (and voted for you). Good brands are liquitex, galleria and golden. It may be the first DIY art idea I've seen that I feel like I could actually attempt and succeed at. . I love this artwork! Thanks for the ideas! I am the WORST at cleaning my brushes and will often work on a few paintings at a time, forgetting to clean in between. What a striking painting! I left it because it added a bit more depth in real life. Now I can't remember how I found your blog (via Centsational Girl maybe? So if you have a negative view on things, you will never "arrive" and trees, which you can walk around, represent a dark big wall.The second picture, although very similar, looks like flames of a fire. Thank you for the idea! That must look so glam!! I'd be over the moon if you could send a photo (or link) when it's done?? A happy accident! Canvas comes in a variety of styles and layouts. Let it dry and then blow black ink to create spidery lines. The frame is not included, it's only for illustration, and it's not stretched on wooden bases as well. UPDATE: I have loved this piece of DIY wall art so much that, over the years, it’s moved spots – first in my budget-friendly bathroom makeover: This pretty black and white wall art – even though it’s so simple – has been such a keeper! Create, is nowhere near the big leagues, but we've got a few votes. You'll have to let me know if it's a success. Thanks for sharing and linking up! Love how it turned out…you've done a great job! (I even made some of my own.) You just got mine (no. Pour a line of paint on the edge of the plywood. I want to do one! Since it looks as if there is a roof behind a tree line I gave it the following interpretation: The night (black color) represents negativity and the house represents the home, a place everyone is looking for. You have styled the painting very nicely, match made in heaven! DIY Projects Simple and Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art; Simple and Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art. Black, White - Canvas Wall Art Black & white color combination is always on-trend, elegant, and timeless. WOW! Will do. June 17, 2013. Good luck with the Homies! Don't know what I'd do if one took over the bathroom . I am not really a painter at all, but i can't wait to try my hand at creating something like this! Our Abstract canvas wall art pops off the wall with rich texture, color and detail. wall26 - 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art - Black and White Abstract Brush Painting - Modern Home Art Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang - 16"x24"x3 Panels 4.5 out of 5 stars 149. [you have my vote;)]. When you use black and white photographs, you can even use each one more than once to give you double the grid. I know that's their plan. Your painting sounds gorgeous – I love that you added a gold background. It looks great! I'm so, so happy that this idea was helpful to you. It's so simple to make a striking piece of canvas art, even for the non-painter. I don't know the first thing about sounds or music so that never dawned on me but that is an AWESOME idea!!!! Thank you muchly! So glad you like it. Art. I am constantly ogling dramatic black and white art but a stark, graphic painting just didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the townhouse . I would like mine to look as though it's been soaking in espresso from the bottom up. First off, I voted for your blog yesterday! Hello, I really love your painting and want to make one by myself too I have a huge piece of Foam Board and thinking to use it instead of Canvas. I'm definitely going to try this out. I called it "Black Fire" as fire can be passion and give light, but again, if it is tainted, it will lead to nothing good.Thanks a million for your tutorial – I am not a painter at all, but you managed, for the first time in my life, to have fun painting. YOU WILL GET: Five zipped (.zip) folders containing the artwork in different size ratios: 2:3 RATIO for printing: 4x6 in – 6x9 in – 8x12 in – 10x15 in – 12x18 in – 16x24 in – 20x30 in – 24x36 in 3:4 RATIO for… I'm so excited!! My style is a mix of vintage finds and coastal vibes, with a relaxed approach to sustainability. Nov 12, 2018 - Canadian DIY Blog featuring Modern DIY Projects, Budget-Friendly Home Decor and a Taste of Life on Lake Superior. THESE ARE 5 but it was definitely the image of this painting that hooked me. I liked them a lot and was tickled to find she was inspired by you!Alyssamyclevernest.com, Hi Alyssa! DIY Dip-Dyed Macrame Rainbow. I love the contrast of the bright, bold pillow in front of it. Step 5: I flipped the canvas over again so I could paint the bottom. Imitation IS the highest form of flattery, right? . I only have two canvases…1 for practice and one which will hopefully turn out great. Here's a reader's gold and navy & gold and red versions:, hi am sherif i will like to work with you .am an artist and i know you will like my way of painting. Well done! When it comes to abstract art, it really can be as easy as taking a paintbrush to canvas and going to town. Can you make me one? You make painting look so easy . I didn't watch TV for three days. oooooh this is gorgeous!! From shop PrintsVilla . Thanks a million for the inspiration! View in gallery. Have fun!! I have spent a good amount of time over here enjoying your blog. I've had a number of readers try this and theirs have all turned out beautifully. Also, take a look at these Artistic Abstract Painting Ideas For Beginners. It is officially his job), then took anther look and the centipede seemed to have vamoosed. Could I really? DIY Glittered Wall Art | THE BEST DIY Home DecorHey guys! Your blog is just great and I am heading over to vote. However, I'll buy super cheap white for mixing and sometimes I'll splurge on a pricier tube if I like the colour. Hi! Here’s how you can make your own, easy black and white abstract art: Ignore the bad lighting – I was painting in the evening, in our super dreary basement. I hope you do!! This website uses affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from your purchase - at no cost to you. Or you’re striving for that cold, colorless, Kim Kardashian aesthic… Not judging if you do. See my work featured in print and online by Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor, Country Living and more! And we all know, a bigger grid is a better grid. But for my basic colours, I like mid-range price. Sorry for creeping you out! Can I brag and say it was only $20? I hope someone takes your suggestion! This one is really just simple brush strokes so it's a great project to start. DIY Abstract Art. Thanks for the tutorial- might have to try this out! Diana says. I like your art. diy interiors & crafts, inspiration/design tips, home, DIY March 14, 2020. You're art's awesome. I have to admit, I am the resident bug-squasher & spider hunter around these parts (but I don't do snakes or rodents); it's not a job I relish, but I can't rely on my other half when he squeals like a girl over anything with multiple legs!Definitely jealous that you're able to find time to paint in your evenings, my easel has been particularly lonely these days. I'd be happy to share and you might think its cool. I love it next to that pillow. great job! And thanks for the tutorial. I'll definitely let you know how my painting turned out What type of Acrylic Paint and brush did you use? Dec 24, 2020 - Ready for YOU to print! For this project I used a wide (maybe 3-4" brush) from the hardware store – not angled, just straight bristles. You know what? Large Black and White Abstract Modern Art - "Shadows #2" Unframed Giclée Print. Your lighting is perfect! I will show you how to make your own Abstract Wall Art. I saw this on a linky party today. Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. I actually spray painted the canvas I used gold first and then used leftover paint we had laying around (a chalky blue and black) to cover it up so that just a little bit peeks through where the two colors come together. I am terrible about my supplies: I don't use appropriate materials. You pretty much have that. I also kind of have a thing for geometry. Where did you find such a fabulous pillow? was surprised when it turned out you didn't, but I love it anyway. If it doesn't work, priming the surface first might work. Awesome! Sorry I can't be more help with the fabric. It turned out completely fantastic!!! I had originally painted it a shade of cream for another (abandoned) project, so I painted over it with white. I can't wait to see what you do. By reading Dans le Lakehouse and attempting to recreate any content shared here, you assume all responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred. Ugh I hate centipedes!!! I moved the sofa and couldn't find it. This will ensure the rougher brush strokes. Black and white abstract art ... Black and white abstract print, abstract wall art, black and white wall art, abstract ink print, set of 3 prints, canvas print, canvas art WallPrintStory. Yes, that makes total sense!! If you want to make your home really look really beautiful , paintings are the best way to do it believe home looks very well decorated . I love how organic it feels….very creative of you. Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry for asking so many questions . Thank you for your support! I will sometimes buy artist's brushes when they're on sale, but even then I like a wider brush. I hope you share photos of your version :)Good luck!!! I've been having a difficult time finding fun, colorful pillows lately. Anyways, I digress. I threw down the canvas, phoned and harassed Hubby at work (looking for centipede squashing tips, I guess? Just trying to get a good judge of its size. Modern, stylish and unique design will be the most special piece of your decor. Explore. Really clean, simple. The nice thing about acrylic paint is that it is forgiving, so there's no need to worry about being committed – I've tweaked and re-done paintings until I've been happy with them. HOW IT WORKS: Upon clearance of payment, Etsy will provide you with download links. I squashed it, but it lived and darted under the sofa. Thanks so much for sharing! Love this painting! I like pretty much all of it, but there’s something about this one that jumped out of me: Kristen Nix via Domino Such a simple trick to recreate the look of a “cleaner” abstract. I'm so jealous! but back to the pretty. We could use some Homie love over at too . It's all served up with a lot of turquoise and a slice of rural life on the shores of Lake Superior. And you gave me the creeps with that centipede story…I can deal with a lot of creepy crawlers, but centipedes are *NOT* one of them! I bought a massive canvas during one of Michael’s sales last summer (it was the biggest one they have in the store, and I got it for $30) and DIY’d a big black and white abstract design using cheap paint I also bought at Michael’s. Some art for adults, if you will! Hey there! You could easily create this DIY art in other colours or by using gold leaf instead of paint. I really like that your DIY pieces have meaning and inspired reflection – what wonderful things to think about when you look at your work. My simple but striking, DIY wall art! They’re symmetrical and pleasing to the eye so you aren’t second guessing the arrangement. Hope you are having a great week so far! You're right, I did a little research too and found out about this primer named Gesso. So it is a mid-size piece. Filed Under: West Elm Tagged With: abstract black + white wall art, copycat, diy wall art, diy wall decor, paint your own art, west elm inspired. I use the middle priced brand wherever I go: not the beginner one, but not the pricey artist quality. DIY Pixel wall art created by tracing a grid on the canvas. Marbleized wall decor ideas are incredibly popular right now among interior design trends and you can easily see why! I'm so happy Brooklyn Limestone featured this I think I *might* be able to actually do it and have it turn out nicely! By: Jacquelyn Clark. And you make it seem so approachable. Each room in our house has a different style for the art we display. Clump the gray and black spots to create a strip. Add a sense of style, beauty, and sophistication to your living room walls with black & white canvas art prints designed with your needs in mind. In any wall art situation, grids are always the easiest layout. Um yea….. this is really good. I'll even show you how to frame it! Dare I? YOUR ORDER WILL INCLUDE 5 DIGITAL FILES WITH DIFFERENT SIZES . Abstract Print, DIY Print, DIY Wall Art, Black and White Print, Line Print, Abstract Art Print, Printable Wall Art, Printable Art, Digital We offer VERY FRESH DESIGNS and HIGH-QUALITY DIGITAL FILES for your home or office.