January 21, 2014 1:09PM. Rock Me, Asmodeus! Although "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" was the first episode ever aired, it was actually the eighth episode produced. Tonight's episode of The Simpsons focused on hoarders, a topic that must have seemed prescient when the show went into production eight months ago. GWMatMILO. I think that this will be up for the next Emmy's and it probably will win. Previous. I thinks she was in season 15 quite a bit and she was in at least one episode during season 9. At first, it seems like the episode had created the character Eleanor Abernathy, but as we learn by the end of the segment, she actually goes by a more well known alias: Crazy Cat Lady. (originally aired November 20, 2005) Feeling like three stories smashed together, this episode is just a jumbled, aggravating mess. My only wish is that she be a free character and not premium. Replies. Abernathy’s more-is-more attitude to cat ownership: metal. ... probably the most in the last 5 years, and even though it was a pretty silly episode, it still managed to have a really sweet ending. Eleanor Abernathy (voice) Karl Wiedergott (voice) Full episode cast. View Larger Image; Episode 128: I’m Sorry Mr. Abernathy. These 5 Episodes of The Simpsons Have NOT Aged Well. 0. 5 Eleanor Abernathy It's unclear what the minds behind The Simpsons are saying with a character like the Crazy Cat Lady but her story sure is a sad one. 73 posts. I'm looking for a video clip of any Simpsons episode that has Eleanor Abernathy (crazy cat lady) on it. Eleanor Abernathy, The Crazy Cat Lady Cats are metal: they’ve got fangs, claws, black fur and they don’t give a shit. Best episode … ... the Crazy Cat Lady is Eleanor Abernathy… From top to bottom, he's just way too mindlessly… She's awesome. We open to see Homer crowing about Father's Day and being incredibly giddy, and my fears of him being completely grating through the entire show are confirmed. no. Home / Amy, Episodes, Geoff, Shannen / Episode 128: I’m Sorry Mr. Abernathy. Comic Con poster The Simpsons Guy The Griffins meet the Simpsons. Season: 13 Episode: 01 Total Episode Count: 232 Prod. 20 posts Member. Love it! January 21, 2014 1:16PM edited January 2014. We need Eleanor Abernathy. ewaldklement. I only want the link if it gets me to a video, I already have seen all the web pages that provide reviews, pictures and other stuff besides video clips. Ftball2theGroin wrote: While the majority of these tertiary characters are incredibly one-dimensional, there are a select few who are teeming with potential and deserve a lot more attention than they have so far been given.