Showing all 1 result. £175.00 for all. Open mon-sat 9-5... ... We have had to sell all of our Koi as my father passed away recently and Mum is unable to maintain the pond. Desiese free been in pond with mixed other fish for 5 years. We are looking to clear the pond and wish to sell all the fish as soon as possible. I am happy to accept offers. 1 white and orange koi 3 years old 65cm Ghost Carp. Spooky Ghost (Carp) Steam Halloween Sale. For sale, two much loved Koi, £50 the pair. Various Koi Carp for sale: 1 Ghost Koi apprx 17" FISH STOCKS. email me . Ghost Koi Carp I had this fish along with another 7 ghost koi carp in my pond I have 3 left wanting to get rid nice fish very distinctive fractures on it. 1 Bronze Ghost Koi - £60 This entry was posted on Thursday, November 27th, 2014 at 4:09 pm and is … We are selling a selection of koi and japanese koi. £40.00 for 2. Two 25cm grey carp. Sold with a variety of koi,ghost koi and goldfish. Questions and answers (11) Log in or sign up to ask a public question. However he is now too large for the pond so needs a new home/ pond . If You Have Any Questions Please a... ... Hi, I'm selling all my pond fish such as koi, ghost koi, carp, gold fish, 1 blue orfe, 1 golden tench, golden rud, and I've got a big water fall for sale. Both come with metal stands and homemade wooden cabinets and hoods . Preloved supports a number of accesskeys to help you navigate our website, they are as follows: Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Moo Limited. will pay good price. Buyer to collect. These 2 are around 10 years old and have lived in my pond since they were purchased from Porton Aquatics. Ghost Carp and Koi for sale - 5251894807. Please email me if you are interested. I'm selling these lovely fish as we are moving home and will no longer have room for them. I have recently inherited after moving into my new house 2 big Ghost Koi Carp, 2 smaller ones and several other pond fish. Check out some similar items below! Various fish for sale. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) 2-3” £2.... ... Hi we inherited a large pond when we bought our house. 5 dark ghost 7-14" koi carp/pond fish 12 inch. I have 17 koi carp ( ghost carp, mirror carp ect) 5 gold fish Carp size 6inch - 1ft Only selling due to grown to big for where they are kept. They are now too big and I have to get rid of them - its cruel to keep them as I don't have a pond. I am selling due to thinning down pond sto... ... Three large Koi Carp, approx 1.5-2 foot long. Sold: 10. Job Lot of Koi, mixed pond fish, filers etc... Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved! VARIOUS KOI & OTHER FISH FOR SALE, PLUS EQUIPMENT WHEN THE FISH HAVE GONE. Please take time to look at all the fish I have on offer to see if you can give them a new home. A Orange Koi Which Is 9-12"Long. Will sell seperately to the right buyer. 1 Sturgeon Fish apprx 32" They are … Please bring your own net / bags / oxygen boxes. please contact me on 01937 862494 I have about 40 goldfish, various sizes, colours and types plus one very attractive ghost koi called Moby, he is about 12 inches long.They are housed in an outdoor, terminally leaky pond, so I reluctantly need to sell.Price includes large spring and autumn food mix, cost £18, summer food mix, net an... ... A Ghost Koi Which Is Atleast 18"Long. Clint Walker - Pike fishing with Deeper Sonar. APPROX 18" LONG, YELLOW/GOLD, BRONZE AND SILVER/GREY. No illnesses, diseases etc. Ghost koi from 8 inches, Goldfish from 8 inches, Koi Carp 12-18 inches and 1 Common Carp 20 inches. 2 years old. pump Burntwood, Staffordshire. Unfortunately he has got to big for our pond £600. Large torpedo barbs £15 100%. To read a little more on the Varieties please click here to read our guide. open to sensible offers.All fish in good condition and health,the chagoi has slight mark ... ... Due to a friends precious tank being raided by some greedy otters he has 1 remaining fish that I'm selling for him. Cichlids 1 Pump and 2" hoses for emptying pond they are in perfect condition and are kept in a pond which i have tested every 3 months, Buyer to collect from Ripley, Surrey. I have 5 22 inch fish, including a goromo, ogon (orange and a white ogon), shiro utsuri and a ghost koi. Hence the price £100.00 for the whole lot (approx 25 fish) Please... ... 5 in total ranging from appros 3.1/2 - 4lb down to approx 1lb. 3 GREEN TENCH 1 Black and orange 18" female Large orange and black koi £35 2 x Bronze Koi (1 @ 18-20", 1 @ 16-18") They are being sold as the pond is to be closed down. Common Carp For Sale. Gold Severum £6.95ea SHIRO UTSURI 18" £140.00 Ghost koi for sale. I have 17 koi carp ( ghost carp, mirror carp ect) 5 gold fish Carp size 6inch - 1ft Only selling due to grown to big for where they are kept. Also for sale is a Japanese White/Bl... ... For sale i have the following, 37 inch grass carp a real monster will need a big pond to hold this fish. moving home and need to empty pond. Filters Kockney Koi/Yamitsu 10000V FG Multibay Filter System . I have a lovely ghost koi, c18" - healthy and happy, been well loved but has outgrown my pond and I feel its time to find a more suitable home. Watercolor Koi Fish.. English Bred Koi, Ghost Carp Ghost Koi 2 – 3″ (5 – 7.5cm) English Bred Koi, Ghost Carp Ghost Koi 2 – 3″ (5 – 7.5cm) Very popular Ghost Koi for garden ponds. I have had them in a tank beside Oscars and they have been sound. From now until 1st November you can get 25% off on Fishing Sim World Standard and Deluxe edition. Fishing Sim World . I have 3 large koi and alot of other smaller fish that need a new home. Thread Tools. I CAN ALSO ORDER VARIOUS GRADES OF JAPANESE AND MILASIAN KOI AT GOOD PRICES. I have 2 large pearl scale ghost koi carp for sale as they're too large for their current tank & would prefer them to be re-homed in a large fish pond. julius chromis WE HAVE A VERY LARGE SELECTION OF GOOD QUALITY TROPICAL AND COLDWATER FISH FOR SALE IN OUR SHOP, WHICH ANYONE IS WELCOME TO VIS... ... WE HAVE 2 SYNO GRANULOSUS FOR SALE. I have around 15 Ghost koi measuring around 8" in length.Looking for £10 - £15 each for them.Will discount if taking a few.Tel 07551972272.South Yorks. Now open sundays 10-2. They are approximately 10"- 20" Check it out! Varied Prices, Hi 44+(0)1732886002. e-mail We have about 8 Koi (8 to 12 inches), 3 Ghost Koi (12 to 18 inches) and a mixture of other fish. WE HAVE A VERY LARGE SELECTION OF GOOD QUALITY TROPICAL AND COLDWATER FISH FOR SALE IN OUR SHOP, WHICH ANYONE IS WELCOME TO VISIT. to name but a few £4 -£8each (loads in stock) All probably about 20-24 inches long and appear in good health, as follows: silver sharks Gravel. 1 x Black / Blue Koi is 18" (Shior Utsuri) Find local ghost carp in fish in the UK and Ireland. 2 Large Ghost Koi Carp, food & tank for sale: 15/08/10: Yes: I have 2 large pearl scale ghost … Mayfly Aquacare produces and sells its own strain of stunning common carp from C2 to C6 (including C3, C4, C5 and upper 20lb, 30lb and 40lb carp) on our CEFAS registered site near Lewes in East Sussex. Dimensions are 366 X 241x 76 cm, Am about to drain and clear out my pond and these fellas are just getting too big for it. Ghost Carp. Good healthy fish in good condition. This is a in Shrewsbury SHR posted on Oodle Classifieds. Ghost Koi, Golden Orfs & Red Comets For Sale. 1 Beautifully Bright Ghost about 13" long 1 Light Grey Ghost Koi nickname Thunder he likes to play and splash. selling them for £400 ono. email:, ghost koi 2 x 12 inches long Response rate. Offers around £150. I have 17 koi carp ( ghost carp, mirror carp ect) 5 gold fish Carp size 6inch - 1ft Only selling due to grown to big for where they are kept. There are a couple of large Ghost Koi - 30+ years old - and a number of large goldfish; they need a new home. Photos to follow (when it isn't snowing)! 1x 6-8" Brown ghost koi The smaller tank has had the base repaired but is fully water tight .