Acetate Polymer 104 It is not. 98. There are two general types of joint compound, setting type and drying type. ME-DRY 0.32 Multicomponent A soap, or detergent, is a complex mixture of ingredients including, but not limited to acids, bases, antimicrobal agents, antiredeposition agents, colorants, fragrances, defoamers, foamers, hydrotropes, moisturizers, preservatives, solvents, thickeners and surfactants, selected from many possible functional groups. 0.88 The term “base joint compound” is used to refer to any joint compound before the surfactant additive of the present invention is added. Shrinkage and cracking are generally less of a problem with setting type base joint compounds, because some of the water is being absorbed by hydration reactions instead of being driven off by evaporation and because in setting type compounds, the matrix of gypsum crystals formed before drying provides strength to resist shrinkage during drying. STEPANOL ® 0.26. The surfactant additive of the present invention preferably comprises at least 90% by weight of all surfactants present in the joint compound. DDBSA Ready-mix joint compound is usually more forgiving than the setting type of joint compound. 15.24% Either setting or drying type joint compounds are suitable, although the results will be more evident in a base joint compound of the drying type. In addition, it is also very handy for fixing minor blemishes or damages to walls. BIO-SOFT ® N-411 0.41 The second component of the present invention is a base joint compound. The surface of the joint compound made with one of these compounds has fewer flaws, such as cracks or craters. Where the additive has a very large cationic portion, as in Example 5, and where the anionic portion is a phosphate group, as in Example 7, performance was also poor. The acids, sodium or potassium salts of the hydrocarbon substituted sulfates or sulfonates are the preferred compounds. Aldrich 4,463,039 and 4,504,602, teach the use of sodium sulfonates as additives to a sprayable acoustical composition to promote foaming.  65 Attapulgite Clay The composition contains mineral wool fillers containing polyolefin fibers. ",, Articles needing additional references from April 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 19:05. Certain fillers will be present depending on the type of joint compound to be prepared. Lightweight fillers, as used in joint compounds, are taught in co-pending application U.S. Ser. A joint compound composition comprising a filler, a binder and a hydrocarbon substituted sulfate, sulfonate, sulfuric acid or sulfonic acid is disclosed. The dust reduction additive also imparts adhesion to the wall repair compounds to which it is added, for example to a joint compound. Shrinkage It provided as a powder, the binder and surfactant additive are also mixed with the dry components. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Certain other additives may be incorporated. Shrinkage and cracking were evaluated using the ASTM 474-97 procedure. The surfactant additive consists essentially of a hydrocarbon substituted sulfate, sulfonate, sulfuric acid or sulfonic acid. It is a dry powder that usually comprises at least about 50% by dry weight of the joint compound composition and generally falls within the range of about 50-95% of the dry weight. A joint compound additive for reduction of cracking, cratering and shrinkage. " benzene sulfonate Specialty Reduces pock marks, even on the first coat; Saves material by requiring fewer passes that will reduce your compound usage 10  BIO-SOFT ® All percentage amounts of materials were calculated on a dry weight basis. Supplier [1] Some drywall professionals use setting type mud for the first coat and a drying type for the thinner finish coat. The preferred filler is finely ground calcium carbonate. About 16% of these are Adhesives & Sealants. 206 Chemical Corp. of the elastomer of the latex. Contractors who apply these compounds in large quantity become fatigued less quickly when handling light products. Stepan Addition of the hydrocarbon substituted sulfonates sulfates, sulfuric acids or sulfonic acids of the present invention is completed during the manufacture of the joint compound. The composition of the present invention produces a joint compound that shrinks less and is resistant to cracking and cratering. USG CORPORATION, ILLINOIS, Free format text: Several surfactants were tested to determine if they enhanced joint compound performance in the areas of cracking, shrinkage and surface defects. Use a pipe joint sealant for major plumbing projects. Water is added to the joint compound at the time of manufacture or just before use to achieve the correct viscosity. Stepan However, soap or detergent addition has also been known to cause a number of problems. In North America the application of joint mud and drywall tape sealer and trowelled joint compound on gypsum panels is a standard construction technique for painted wall and ceiling surfaces. Sheets of drywall usually have tapered edges to provide space for the thickness of the tape and mud at the seams. TABLE I The dry components generally include the fillers, suspending agents and thickeners. Name Branched Some ingredients, including the preferred surfactant additive, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, are available in either dry or liquid form. said surfactant additive consists essentially of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate. Arden Hills, MN Joint compound drying time varies; some types dry more quickly than others do, but they require special care when applying. In the past we have always used the joint compound to fill holes, irregular surfaces etc. Use of expanded perlite in a lightweight joint compound is taught in U.S. Pat. A joint compound composition that reduces shrinkage and increases crack resistance and crater resistance, wherein said composition is characterised by comprising: a binder and a calcium carbonate filler in an amount of at least 50% by dry weight of the joint compound composition; and, a surfactant additive consisting essentially of a hydrocarbon substituted sulfonate, wherein said hydrocarbon … Shrinkage Two references to O'Connell et al, U.S. Pat. Amount Our joint compounds are especially suitable for thin joints which are usual in the mosaic world. Minor cracking related to panels with 1-4 check cracks, moderate cracking had 4-8 check cracks and major cracking represented a panel with more than 8 cracks. This is sanded lightly, then a third coat applied and conventionally finished. 0.30 BIO-TERGE ® Minor Sodium Lauryl Sulfate No Pock A patterned effect may be given to the finished wall and joint with the all-purpose joint compound to provide a textured finish. Moderate Minor Often referred to as drywall taping mud, joint compound is the primary material used in the drywall industry by a tradesperson, or applicator, called a "drywall mechanic," "taper," or "drywall taper." a preservative, a suspending agent, and a pigment; and. Offering the industry’s broadest selection of finishing solutions, our high-quality drywall compounds, joint tapes, beads, and trims provide superior performance on every job, every time. Minerals A Brabender viscosity of 350-550 is most preferred when the viscosity is measured at the mixer. Aldrich We are a supplier of automatic taping tools, drywall finishing tools, taping knives, joint knives, dust-free sanding systems and drywall hanging tools. Powdered drying type compounds are available. Minor This joint compound additive helps drywall finishers consistently achieve high-end smooth wall finishes with complete accuracy, while saving time and money. Other surfactants may be present as long as the nature and/or concentration do not seriously disadvantageously affect performance. 4-Octylbenzene When silica is present, workers may also face an increased risk of silicosis and lung cancer.[7]. 4,525,388, which is hereby incorporated by reference, so that the material does not increase in weight due to water absorbed by capillary action. Cracking was determined by a modified version of the ASTM 474-97 test. The concept uses arrowhead-shaped pins 3D printed as an integral part of additive manufacturing metal components. When used for new walls, joint compound effectively eliminates all blemishes from the surface of the drywall, such as fasteners, damage, or drywall tape. Sodiumxylene The overall chain length of the hydrocarbon substituent group is variable from about C12 to about C24. The “Gypsum High Strength Accelerator” additive reduces setting times for both Sheetrock Brand Setting-Type (Durabond) and Lightweight Setting-Type (Easy Sand) joint compounds. Improvement in the overall surface appearance often results in trade-offs between the specific characteristics. Low density products are also less expensive to ship than their traditional counterparts. The fact that it stays gooey also means that it's easier to disassemble pipes later on without damaging them, unlike hard-curing compounds. Add No Pock to standard drywall joint compounds. Although reduced shrinkage was not the sole criterion under consideration, nor was it the ultimate goal, materials considered part of the present invention all exhibited shrinkage less than 14%. Joint compound is used to finish gypsum panel joints, corner bead, trim and fasteners, as well as skim coating. LARGEST DRYWALL TOOL INVENTORY. Troy This type of compounds should be used at temperatures above 55 °F (13 °C) and all of the materials should be a similar temperature.[1]. TABLE II A wide variety of joint compound adhesive options are available to you, such as classification, usage, and main raw material. Area per Reagent grade All-purpose joint compound adheres well to most surfaces, so you can use it to make repairs on plaster walls. Preferably, the substituent group includes an aromatic ring.  77 Less joint compound will be required to complete the job. Area 0.48 Some of these have been associated with varying degrees of eye, nose, throat, and respiratory tract irritation. Add to standard drywall joint compounds. 5 0.50% This product is usually not labeled as being dry. Hydrocarbon Available in silver and gold, this glitter powder can be added to any of our grouts. Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (“DDBSA”) is the most preferred surfactant additive for several reasons. 240S The hydrocarbon substituent group is an aliphatic, olefinic, alicyclic or aromatic group, or combinations thereof. Manufacture of the ready mixed joint compound includes combining of wet with dry components in a mixer. Shop drywall joint compound and a variety of building supplies products online at