Made this tonight and it was awesome!! I am almost 48 years old and my ex husband did a lot of the cooking through the years. The only thing I would change next time is not add as much salt. It was the best piece of beef I’ve ever had. Sadly this did not work for me, either. THANK YOU! The only thing I thought may have been a mistake about this recipe was rubbing the roast with the spice rub and then searing it. I just made this EXACTLY like the recipe and it was delicious. I made this tonight and it was superb!! I am at a “high altitude” (colorado) so hoping that doesn’t change anything thing. I also made Yorkshire Pudding to go with it. You need this to get those grill marks! Hr perforating meat also to tenderize. Everyone is happy. My family and I love this recipe! At 145 I browned the roast in my cast iron skillet, moved it to a plate & let it cool down then put it in the fridge. The key, I found, was that in order to consistently cook a perfect roast, you absolutely need to invest in a good meat thermometer. We had it for my dad’s 86th Birthday dinner and everyone loved it! I am tying this beef roast tonight ! thank you so much I too have not had much luck with roast beef has been pinned to my board. Although we only left the roast in for an additional 10 minutes after turning the oven off. I absolutely loved it. Are you sure it’s a meat thermometer? Add the … I think it smells disgusting. When I checked temperature, it was already at 160 so I took it out and skipped the oven rest, covered with foil and let it sit on the stove for about 30 minutes while I made my sides. Wow! It is added to my favorites. As a child though, our roast beef was always well-done, needing loads of gravy for moisture and flavour. It’s practically the only way I ever get a roast to come out right as my oven runs hot. Juicy and so full of flavour, I immediately thought back to that chicken I ordered and regretted it completely. I have done roasts in both cast iron and non stick. How does the cooking times change for a 10 lb roast. I wasn’t able to cook it according to the directions, however. I did it anyway, and sure enough, the spice rub just ends up burning on the sear and a fair portion of it stuck to the cast iron skillet. Grilled Preheat the grill for indirect grilling. Have to compliment you on this recipe. Just delicious! I used a baking sheet lined with foil and placed the roast on a cooling rack that fit inside. I thought it was under-cooked and “yucky.” See my dad likes his steak well-done, so that is how I ate mine too. This looks so good and I can almost smell it, And These look beautiful and delicious. For a Mediterranean note, go ahead and marinate the roast in this Greek marinade. The problem wasn’t with the seasoning of the roast, but the seasoning of the OP’s pan. Excellent recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. I served it with baby carrots & homemade mash potatoes. It came out basically raw , except for the edges that looked like your photo. The best roast ever. Excellent recipe! If I do this recipe again (I haven’t actually taken it out of the oven yet), I will definitely sear the roast first and then add the spice rub. It was easy to prepare. *While marinating is recommendable for an inexpensive cut like this one, don’t do the mistake of marinating cuts like a rib-eye or porterhouse since it will definitely affect their quality. Best roast recipe – thank you! But, all that being said, I will make this again because I loved the flavor and I will just cook it probably at 350 (after searing it because that definitely helps the flavor) and use my meat thermometer to check for desired doneness. And the timing was perfect. I think I seared it a bit too much, but the thermometer kept me on track during roasting and the times were right for 3.3 lb roast. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I will use it from now until I can cook no more. Should I double or triple the ingredients, and how long or what temperature for medium well roast? FWIW, I have a 14″ rounded edge non stick that I LOVE, have even done whole turkeys in it, fried chips in it…its no cast iron, but it doesnt weigh a ton either. Heat oil in a 9″-10″ cast iron (or oven-proof) skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium high heat add olive oil. That worked really well. Some background: I am diabetic and see a nutrionist. Thanks much , I’m cooking 2 for Christmas. London Ontario! Regarding the rub and searing…due to current dietary restrictions, no oils of any type are allowed, so I applied the rub omitting the olive oil. Required fields are marked *. Ugh, I’m in heaven. I eat a lot of fish which is good but she told me I have got to get more protein in my diet and red meat is the best…you can eat a little and get a lot of protein. This looks so good – so glad I stumbled upon this recipe, Kim The spices on this roast were out of this world. However, do not let the sirloin tip sit for longer than an hour since there is a danger of bacteria growing. We all agreed it was DELICIOUS! Add the ease of preparation factor, and the fact that it will only take up 10 minutes to prepare it, to the equation and you will get the best meat sauce recipe ever! But did you really have to show nearly the exact same photograph nine times in one article? I left out the turmeric because I didn’t have any, I put only a tiny bit of chili powder, and PS it was the perfect amount of everything else. Didn’t change anything. I added water to the pan I seared in and then threw that water into the roast and veggie pan. Here’s what you’ll need to cook the best Beef roast of your life: Sirloin Tip Roast:  I used a Silroin Tip Roast for this recipe because it is a cheap cut that can be hard to cook right. The Sirloin Tip Roast Recipe makes use of the classic rub. Heat the remaining Evoo in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. There are also fancier meat thermometers with an alarm intact, they will be pricier, but since it is a one-time investment,  maybe you should consider purchasing one. Used a Beef Tip sirloin. Add the roast and sear until browned on all sides, about 3 minutes per side. I was thinking of cutting it in half and cooking one half now and freezing the other half. Yes, you can skip the sear and just cook until it reaches the indicated temperatures. This did not create any pan juices. I love a good beef roast,i like mine well done but hubby would enjoy your he loves his medium rare. Perfect Medium Rare. You just combine the sirloin tip roast with half a cup of red wine (say pinot noir) and 2 garlic cloves in a plastic bag, seal it, and leave it to marinate for 12 hours in the fridge. Canadian Lifestyle Blogger sharing recipes, crafts and more! Anything less will be tough and tasteless, and still expensive….don’t chance it. My granddaughter and her fiancee are coming for dinner tomorrow. This looks amazing! Perfect char. 250f is too low a temp to roast vegetables. And I agree definitely purchase the meat when it’s on sale. The flavor is great, though. Oh my goodness!!! Tried it for the first time today. I wish I had taken a picture, mine looked almost exactly like yours. Will let you know how it turns out. Being at room temperature will allow it to get cooked fast and evenly. Hi, Elizabeth I purchased a Petite Serloin Ball Tip Roast. Blessings! We’ll see in about 1hour and 40 minutes . I don’t tent rather I just stick it in the microwave to keep it out of my dog’s reach. To avoid blackened pans, use a Dutch oven if you have one. My oven has a temperature probe but the minimum setting is 170 so I had to check it regularly. Nice recipe. Hi Elizabeth ~ I’m cooking this right now but I think your temperature of 115 ˚ F can’t be right? We didn’t change a thing and loved everything about it! It was wonderfully juicy and pretty tender. I also can make lovely soups and stews, I’ve just never really been very good T meat recipes where I’d like it to come out medium rare. I feel like a food network rock star!!! I will likely change up the spices some, but that is personal taste. It was tender, succulent, flavourfull and amazing. Having said that, I followed the directions, EXACTLY. Using a meat thermometer is key to roasting a perfect cut of beef. I am going to try this recipe; it sounds amazing!!! Searing the meat will create a flavorful crust and it is a process you don’t want to forget. I seared in my cast iron skillet after having put a little bit of water on the hot surface..Each time I turned the meat, I gave another splash or water. Brown roast on all sides in Dutch oven over high heat. Cook roast medium rare can always cook meat in drippings or au jus (beef)for more doneness ? Maybe next time! Thank you!!! One of my favorite foods. Instead, the stone burst into several pieces a few minutes later. I still ate a good portion of this but because every one in my family eats meat any where from done to medium rare not everyone cared for the bright red meat. Make sure the knife you use is very sharp so you don’t have to put too much pressure on the meat and lose juices that way. WOW! . It came out exactly like the pictures. So tender too. This was Fabulous! Just made this for dinner this evening. I think that is where I went wrong. The meat came out med rare, tender, juicy, and flavor in every bite. Got the sirloin tip roast from a well known local butcher and I am sure that helped. I tend to overcook meat because I’m easily distracted. Using your recipe for the temperature guide I cooked mine at 250 degrees (which in my hot running old oven is closer to the 300 degree mark). The prices of good quality beef is, yes, getting very expensive, but if you factor in the health aspect of eating less red meat, twice a month is an easy goal! If you were meant to cover it, the recipe would say it! Can I give this 10 stars?? Your recipe is a keeper. I think we will try 1tsp instead. The author says a roast is “one-note and over cooked” when made in a crock pot. I don’t enjoy the taste of blood, so a platter with sliced beef dripping blood isn’t exactly appetizing. Follow exactly as written except sear. My only question, is why do you tie the roast and is this essential to the recipe? This is a keeper! Usually for Sunday dinner whether at home or at my Grandparents house. Thank youu for the recipe. Also, meat is best raised to room temp first anyway. Thank you! It should be brown but you don’t want to cook it. The spices were outstanding, and it came out just like your picture. Remainder of directions. I want to try this recipe, but do not have anything to tie my roast.