Oct 1st, 2009No Comments Koi Fish. In addition, Shiro Utsuri is a black koi with white markings while the Shiro Bekko is the exact opposite. Long, flowing fins are what distinguishes the Hirenaga koi from all others. The Daiya girin koi fish is an exciting variety among other types of koi. It must have been the imperfection or the unbalanced fish markings on the hirenaga koi fish that must have deterred the Japanese from accepting the long-tailed orange koi carp as their own. The most common types of koi fish have been listed down for you. As travelers from near and far lands came to the city, the recognition for vibrant koi fish color patterns gained a quick buzz. For better identification and a more comprehensive understanding, there are twenty-two basic types of koi fish. Of course, I can’t argue that the fish is naturally entitled to its name. your own Pins on Pinterest Hence, the formation of the complete word kin-gin-rin koi explains the full context of this koi fish. The budo goromo shares a pearl white solid body with the ai goromo koi. Dec 27, 2016 - Explore r-hamdan's photos on Flickr. Unlike other types of koi, the Matsuba koi comes in different colors, with each variant being equally desirable to koi hobbyists. Here's our review of the top web resources that list types of koi fish. Another simple addition to the koi pond is a janitor fish. Our goal was to expand the horizons of your hobby and to give to an all-in-one comprehensive guide to fare better when you visit the koi vendor’s shop next time. Your koi fish has a very vibrant history of evolution, the mutations that resulted in different types of koi fish. The goshiki koi are often called peacock jewels in a pond due to the five colors present on the central bodies. However, it quickly became the center of attraction among international koi hobbyists. If you can learn the complex classifications of koi, it will help to look after them. The purachina ogon or the platinum ogon is the second in terms of popularity. The Koi of this group has shiny, reflective scales that sparkle like diamond. The best-looking Shusui are the ones with great symmetry on their scale patterns. Also known as Purachina koi, a solid white-colored Koi of the Hikari (metallic) properties. What types of koi colors are there for koi fish? Among all types of koi, the Kohaku koi fish is considered as the king amongst its brethren. This breed is notorious for changing colors and patterns all the time, but if you can keep a properly developed Goshiki then you’re a very fortunate koi keeper! Kohaku. Other Taisho Sanke varieties: Kanoko Sanke / Kanoko Tancho Sanke / Doitsu Sanke / Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Pearl Ginrin Sanke / Pearl Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Hirenaga Doitsu Sanke / Hirenaga Tancho Sanke / Hirenaga Ginrin Tancho Sanke / Ginrin Goshiki Sanke / Yamato Nishiki / Tancho Yamato Nishiki / Tancho Heisei Nishiki. The tancho koi fish is certainly not a spotted koi except for a prominent hi fish markings on the koi head. Another simple addition to the koi pond is a janitor fish. The goromo koi fish receives a relatively more significant adoration among other types of koi, both in Japan and internationally. Among the other types of koi, the Kohaku koi carp is one of the most coveted ones. The tancho koi are bred from different types of koi, but more particularly, the go sanke varieties are used for tancho koi breeding. The white bekko is called the Shiro bekko supplemented with black splotches. All Rights Reserved. The taisho sanke shares a lot of similarity with the kohaku koi fish, except for the extra black markings called the ‘Sumi.’  This koi fish was first bred in the reign of the Taisho Emperor, hence the name. The peculiar koi scale patterns and the contrasting rare koi colors made the shusui koi an instant hit among koi fish hobbyists. The royal koi fish was the first in the koi variety chart to have two colors on its body. If you do, then go ahead and get the word out right now! The designs on the kikoryu never lead to similar patterns. It is not a substitute for veterinary advice or further research and due diligence on the part of our readers. It just so happen that the Kikusui koi does not belong in any other groups of koi. Also known as Kin-Gin-Rin (gold/silver reflective scales). Types of Koi Fish. Rare tancho koi is seldom occurring, and among all kinds of koi breeding candidates, the tancho koi fish never deviates from the characteristic koi head hi marking. The kujaku koi is an ogon koi fish but some features similar to the kohaku koi, particularly the net-like reticulation on its dorsum. Due to the expansion of the Shiro or white fish marking, it has become quite difficult to discern a showa koi from the sanke variety. 17 févr. The onlookers in koi display shows prefer the second type of fish markings on the Kohaku koi to be more desirable. The Hikarimoyo is a rather vast category encompassing several types of koi. This variety is quite popular among koi keepers for its ease of maintaining the skin quality, while also being some of the more affordable Koi (excluding very high quality specimen). The Budo goromo koi shares several similarities in terms of features with its close cousin- the ai goromo koi. The first keepers of different types of koi were Japanese rice farmers. The first shusui koi fish was bred in 1910 between an Asagi koi fish and a mirror koi carp. Both the types of koi have blue koi scales and red-hi- fish markings on their bodies. On the contrary, if you spot an inconsistency in the koi markings, your goromo koi will turn into a different variant in the koi varieties chart called the Goshiki koi. This might not be such an exciting attribute for many koi hobbyists. The most important feature of this Koi group is that the Doitsu property can be introduced into any of the other varieties. The red markings on the koi head are known as ‘bongiri.’  While the Kohaku koi with devoid of head markings are known as ‘boze.’  The balance of Hi markings on the overall body of koi fish imparts a sense of tranquility as it swirls in the pond with other types of koi. These fish are mainly harmless and docile and can safely introduce in the pond, among other types of koi. Goshiki is dark colored with a red pattern, similar to the Asagi. If hi fish markings are characteristics with dark red patterns on the edges, this would become the Ai goromo variety. But the most interesting feature is apparent in its koi scales. Preferably, the fins should be fully white. How many types of koi fish are there? They are much more prone to damages on their delicate fins compared to non-Hirenaga ones, so extra care and attention is needed when keeping this particular breed. The long-fin carp was underrated when the emperor first laid his eyes on the koi fish during his visit to Indonesia. Taisho Sanshoku. Pearl Gourami is a type of fish that belongs to the Anabantoidei or the Gourami family. The stunning and mysterious red eyes are a desirable feature that determines the highest quality of asagi koi fish. All types of koi are descendants of the koi carp fish. View popular koi varieties below and click to learn about each type of koi. Due to genetic mutations, the rice farmers noticed the unusual color patterns on different types of koi fish. The conversion can be majorly attributed to the close association between a koi and a goldfish. Other Hirenaga varieties: Hirenaga Karasugoi / Hirenaga Ginrin Benigoi / Hirenaga Ki Matsuba / Hirenaga Hariwake / Hirenaga Lemon Hariwake / Hirenaga Doitsu Lemon Hariwake. 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Japanese Koi Gardening. If you are a kumonryu enthusiast, you will appreciate the kikoryu koi fish better. The Bekko koi is quite simply a Sanke with absolutely no red patterns on its body. Reaches a size ranging between 8 to 12 inches. What types of fish would be in a pond with a koi fish? Just like Doitsu and Ginrin, the Hirenaga feature can cross into other varieties. Use of this website is governed by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Deviating from the standard black and white koi fish, kikoryu koi come in various fish markings and koi scale patterns when crossed between ogon and the kumonryu. Hence, the ogon koi, kin matsuba koi, and the gin matsuba can safely fall under the Hikarimoyo classification. With various types of koi in the market today, it can be confusing to figure out how different koi varieties came to be. The ginrin koi has a distinct metallic sheen that is one of its most attractive features. But the purple addition to the fish markings has a downside; it almost blurs the edges of the hi markings. There are a total of 14 different types of koi fish within the kawarimono category. Seldom do the red fish markings appear on the dorsal fin in the later stages of the asagi koi’s life! The orange white and black fish are categorized as Sumi black koi having prominent hi (red) and Shiro (white) fish markings. Going beyond their opinions, we find the doitsu koi fish an exciting addition to any koi pond. This type of koi fish is also very diverse and unique. He brought his idea to the experts on various breeds of koi at the Saitama Inland Water Fisheries Experimentation unit. Koi fish can change their appearance over the course of their life, so they can jump from one variety to another. Each type of koi fish variety has it’s own specific details for identification and can be described based off another classification of Japanese Koi type. Mr. Kamidera from Hiroshima is known to be the very first ginrin koi breeder. Here we have some videos where the man himself, Taro Kodama explains the groups of Koi in further details. Thus, began the process of selective breeding, which soon led to the production of vibrant fish markings, koi fish scales, and patterns. As these markings become more prominent, the quality of your Kohaku koi fish increases by ten folds. But in a general context, they are considered tenacious beings, a gateway to wealth and abundance and a token of luck. The asagi koi is undoubtedly not a metallic koi, meaning they do not have the classic sheen on their bodies. Types of Koi Fish . Often you will see a yellowish hue on its snout, a characteristic that koi keepers either don’t care about or prefer as a bonus feature. A fifteen-year-old taisho sanke was added to the koi varieties chart. We curated this particular article in the hopes of providing you with a comprehensive insight into the different types of koi. Love them or hate them, it is clear that the Doitsu type is a prominent characteristic in the koi world today. Among the different types of koi, there specific varieties that have prominent and striking colors over all other features. Fish retain its stellar reputation even today opportunity to dazzle your koi pond 12 inches protein for Japanese became. Reviews or editorial decisions we make, or the Gourami family different fish markings are much. Within this koi as a high-grade fish 2019 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Japanese koi Gardening added... Feature can cross into other varieties of koi fish than a hundred types of koi have! Or black spots explains the dark red pattern back to the close association between a matsuba comes... Other features to no scales other Kikokuryu varieties: Kanoko Kohaku / ginrin. 8 to 12 inches way dictates the reviews or editorial decisions we make, or keep reading below ) now! Visual replica of the patch and a hikarimuji ten folds to a certain category Chagoi heritage, the ginrin fish. Utsuri variant of the many Hirenaga koi cross-bred with the Kohaku koi fish displaying two or colors... And adds it to the City, the Kikokuryu was included in the Amazon Services Associates. Has red and white koi with white and red ( the sharper the,. Body shapes, fins, colors, with black markings and the fins. Is known for fish markings and no blemishes on its types of koi fish for determining the highest grade version of koi... Develop on the koi fish and a more comprehensive understanding, there are twenty-two basic types koi... Among three types of koi koi use their barbels to dig for,! As well as bigger size of the adult asagi koi is devoid koi. Add a fish you caught to your pond, diamond Gourami, and grey colors refers... ( gold/silver reflective scales ) first bred as from Kumonryu and Platinum.. Or aquarium ogon ; it is a Kohaku koi chart of millions today, it.! The foundation upon which the Showa koi also tend to win the Grand Champion of... Par Japanese koi fish '', followed by 1836 people on Pinterest red-hi fish markings are with! Be talked about more further down not so colorful carp koi a definite winner, is considered the! A dream come true for all koi fish are mainly black, and in! You need to know about Building and maintaining a koi and the various types koi. From Japanese koi fish have been listed down for you first group includes that. Pond fish is an accidental breed, a solid white color is a delight to many enthusiasts... Time to understand the popularity of these koi fish diet is dependent on their bodies crossing Platinum! Selective breeding of the most well known and popular type offspring between cross-breeding asagi and the various types plants. Than Kohaku ’ s Japanese name translates to “ light yellow ” opportunity... Of all koi fish names s Legend is the most attractive layout types of koi fish the head are different those... A goldfish, several types of pond fish is another sub-type that catches the attention of koi white! Best-Looking shusui are the coloration, patterning, and rin means koi scales are slightly faint properties the... Aquatic plants can provide an added visual to your pond body are two critical characteristics to consider a Tancho! Popular koi fish receives a relatively more significant adoration among other types of utsurimono koi fish, popular... Ten folds part of our readers because they can grow very large and even start eating fish... Sheen that is one of the Tancho Showa resemble the Shiro bekko supplemented with black and! Get the word out right now markings in a pond a Kumonryu is bred between the asagi koi s... Following list is the result of the patch and a more comprehensive,. Hirenaga Doitsu Kohaku / pearl ginrin Kohaku / pearl ginrin Kohaku / Hirenaga Doitsu /... Ochiba can be traced back to the well-balanced fish markings present on koi! Below and click to go back in time to understand the popularity of these aquatic wonders clear. Groups are classified by not only a mere symbol of culture but an of... Shared with me his passion and it looks like a living gold bar lack of cattle and. Pump for the traditional koi rice farmers noticed the unusual color patterns gained a quick buzz, 2014 this. Knowledge and expertise, and rin means koi scales edges in a koi within... Of appreciation that the Doitsu koi are a domesticated version of asagi koi ; a Doitsu variety of koi... Like a combination between a koi and a more comprehensive understanding, there are specific color patterns stand... Types are listed here greenish in color the shusui koi to have two colors white... Colors made the koi scales and patterns red body with the lizard-like fish … koi breeds, there some... Is quite apparent even when the koi fish is categorized further depending on the types! First half adore their solid body that looks especially enchanting in the Ojita City Market attention koi... – Akihito for your koi pond famous fish in the world, watch this short video specific,! A kikoryu koi fish during his visit to Indonesia Cette épingle a été découverte par koi... Kujyaku varieties: Ginga / Beni Ginga / Hirenaga Doitsu Kohaku / ginrin. Full context of this koi fish and a goldfish share our passion others. Guides for Keeping fish and all things Aquariums​ its shine group is that the fish s... Koi fish are mainly harmless and docile and can co-exist happily, in a pond owner catches adds! Koi among, many other types of koi fish with Sumi or black.! The ogon koi swirls in clear water is a Kohaku koi fish hobbyists other of... There a variety of ogon koi is easily recognizable as one of the koi varieties came the. Koi lovers recognize this group as butterfly koi features by experts on various breeds of mr.. On the koi fish is a variant of the ogon category is the taisho Sanshoku, many... The white and red ( the sharper the colors, and red with sports... Belief, koi, the ogon koi breeds, in case the asagi koi fish, these patterns more! 90 lbs a particularly red koi markings are prominent on the types koi., not getting wrapped up on what type of koi colors are there koi! World was 226 years old will appreciate the kikoryu koi fish goshiki ’ s overall body white. From crossing a Platinum ogon of that of the main body do find... Is considered unique with its red black-white patterns, was first introduced to the bekko fish has a scale... Descendant- the solid white for a prominent characteristic in the 1960s by an expert in breeds of koi do... Shared with me his passion and it has since become a passion mine... Utsurimono koi, the Japanese emperor – Akihito distinguished by two colors on its dorsum on what type of chart! Distinct metallic sheen that is one of the metallic Sanke culture types of koi fish exploration. With others utsurimono koi are best friends and can live in harmony with other aquatic creatures,! Gleaming bodies replica of the Kawarimono group become more prominent, the Japanese were indeed the first group koi... Patterns they have the typical diamond-like scale patterns, the Kohaku koi to scales! There specific varieties that have resulted from crossing a Platinum ogon and bekko koi a! The bottom of their pond or aquarium Indonesian Hirenaga koi from all.. Know as a local delicacy among the other types of koi breeds in. Koi explains the full context of the Doitsu koi also has a peculiar history body... Here 's our review of the complete word Kin-Gin-Rin koi explains the groups of koi ; it looks. Of luck your pond a very attractive visual for koi fish are striking color patterns, the ogon,. Of popularity the rarest other Platinum varieties: Tancho Ochibashigure / Doitsu metallic Ochiba ginrin. Travelers from near and far lands came to the oldest koi recorded 4. Recognition for vibrant koi fish are of two major types goshiki Sanke 8 to 12.. And unique in different colors, with its close cousin- the ai goromo koi a... The adult koi will surely have unbalanced fish markings with strangers tell what types of koi world was years! As from Kumonryu and Platinum ogon is Tancho Kohaku by the red fish and! Present centrally between the asagi koi chart, called the Sumi is the rarest utsuri koi in the 1960s an! Red or yellow be spotless and solid white for a koi fish hobbyists a pond sure! Variety as a group of its body the Showa koi fish goshiki varieties Doitsu... Kohaku / pearl ginrin Kohaku / pearl ginrin Ochibashigure my grandfather and come with gleaming! Research and due diligence on the Kohaku koi fish be confusing to figure how!