Best superhero moment: Peter Porker (AKA, Spider-Ham, voiced by John Mulaney) asking Miles whether animals can talk in his dimension, "cause I don't want to freak [anybody] out." List Rules Only superhero protagonist characters from comics. Some superheroes also have disabilities that counteract their skills, weapons or unique talents. You have to admire his strength, and the fact that he struggled mentally at the age of 8 after seeing his parents killed right in front of him! They made a man that is not only the most powerful of all fictional characters but the most famous and recognizable pop culture icon ever. The best of the best. Daredevil is a great superhero, even with his powers he still relays mostly on skill. Kingpin Flash – Wally West (DC) The original Kid Flash and the third guy to put on the Scarlet Speedster’s suit, Wally West is the fastest Flash of them all. He pretty much only uses a bow and takes down murders that have men and guns, he pretty much single handedly takes down anyone who is "poisoning" his city! Think about Thor, for example- he was already a character of much fame! He is just a normal human, who's humanoid abilities have been enhanced to some degree by a serum and having a shield and a bike (he doesn't even have a proper weapon like hawkeye). Originally by Ranker Community. So if he wants to, he can travel back and stop you even before you commit a crime. best. He is stronger than superman in every way. To atone for "his" sin he had to perform twelve labors that only gods could acomplish. Ranking comic book characters by their powers, strength, physical traits, affiliations, and other features, like how just goshdarn super they are. As a mythology fan, he has kind of botched the whole Norse mythology thing, but he is quite interesting and Chris Hemsworth’s performance as him was admirable. Vibrainium suit full of neat ricks. Peter Jackson was born as an only child in a small coast-side town in New Zealand in 1961. Not only is her beauty beyond that of any heroine, but her godly strength and her status as an Amazonian warrior princess make her unstoppable. He's rich, has awesome trick arrows, and his bow is awesome. He kills enemies with a bow and arrow, and is an extraordinary fighter. First of all, he has a cool costume, but that's besides the point. ... it wouldn't change the fact that Supes is the best superhero objectively. Mjolnir, Stormbreaker) than almost no one else can.With all this under his belt, he is easily one of, if not THE best and strongest superhero. He can go back in time and if he fails a fight he can go back in time and redo that fight and knows what his opponent will do so he can win that fight. Vote. Second on our list of the top 10 popular superheroes of all time is – you guessed it – Spider-Man. By Fergus Halliday Jun 16, 2016. But after that night, I was running from something much scarier. Hal Jordan, or the Green Lantern, wields a mighty power ring that can generate a whole bunch of effects sustained by the wearer's willpower. Like Superman, an alien that has adopted Earth as his home, but unlike Superman, MM operates in the background, using his mind instead of his fists. By the way, I am a professional movie critic and generally I like the movies with Thor in them, more so than ones that centre around Cap and Iron Man. Don't believe me? Dead pool loves captain America and would give his life for him even though he is a deranged lunatic, is like the only person wolverine trusts, is the only mortal that thor will take orders from, is best buds with the black panther (black panther even put caps original shield from ww2 on his wall).Ps. God of Thunder, son of Odin, and has a mythical hammer made of enchanted efrom the heart of a dying star, called Mjolnir. He may not seem that cool but he is basically like Tony Stark. Though the word "superhero" began to be used as early as the 1910s, the concept really took hold in the public's mind following the introduction of Superman in 1938. Please excuse my favoritism, but Captain America by far should be at least third place, if not first. He is supernatural motorcyclist. Iron Man has tangled with gods. He managed to stay light-hearted, funny and caring despite all that happened to him; watching his parents die before his eyes. AND HE ALSO IS THE LEADER OF ALL MuslimS. Come on, at least put raven before robin or in the top 50s! In a fraction of a second, he could phase through your heart before you could blink. No villains or superhero teams (of course there is often a fine line between hero and villain). He can also burn people just with the touch of a finger he can also call in his motorcycle to ramp on someones face he can bring someone to wards him with his chain which can go and unlimited reach he can turn any vehicle into man's dream vehicle. Iron man is obviously the best. He's inspirational. SUPERHERO. Not unlike an all-time pound-for-pound ranking, this list compares fighters across different weight categories and different eras. And then there's Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. 2 years ago. He's still super caring, he just doesn't really joke around or even smile much. Then they come out with Infinity War (in which he's absent) and faboof! 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Except the batman family, because those guys have a big ass heap on their plate. 10. 15 Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul While Batman travels all over the galaxy with the Justice League of America to fight super villains and otherworldly tyrants, in his own title he tends to stick with defending Gotham City. As Bruce Wayne once said, I think God for every morning that Clark Kent wakes up and doesn't think "Today I'll take over the world." In the process, to coincide with Superman Day on Sunday June 12, 2016, they have suggested that the best-equipped superhero of all could be DC's Superman, followed closely by … He is by-far way better than Green Arrow! The Weird Comic Book History Of Shazam And Why DC Was Right To Make The Movie Version A Comedy. SPOILER ALERT:DON'T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN END GAME...I'm so mad they killed her! The Flash is the best because super speed is unbeatable. No powers, just money, he's an underrated version of batman! He risked getting hurt for Vision in Infinity War and continues to fight on for the right thing. Trump hails vaccine progress in first remarks since loss. Wonder Woman may be a "role model" but Black Widow is a better character, a role model for those on the path of redemption. Barry has fazed through steel before, he can literally faze through ANYTHING.