You have the ability to enter the medical field, a high-paying and emotionally rewarding career, all without the same rigors involved in becoming a licensed physician. Just a ton of material all at once and you must be able to understand (not memorize) concepts and connect it all. That’s not what nursing school is. It's also a lot of information and material to be covered. Mine was kinda hard with lots of miscellaneous nutrition assignments due every week and her tests were challenging. How hard was it to get into nursing school? Hours on lab reports, it was ridiculous. And believe me, nursing exams are no joke, arguably as difficult or harder than medical school exams. Make your nursing degree easier on yourself. Some people are not good critical thinkers and just want to be given a list of facts to memorize. Sadly, I have heard of people who contemplated not going to nursing school because they … Had to basically work for free in a hospital 2 days a week for the duration of the program. The real obstacle to increasing the workforce is often at the educational level: having enough classes, enough locations for clinical training and enough nursing instructors. Reddit, where their use is encouraged without professional medical consultation. Nursing school isn’t just for twenty year olds, as some may think. And probably some selection bias, because people who coast … YES, you have to study! I don't think it's really comparable to most other degrees. Many teachers will give you a lot of silly busy work, which might be an attempt to prep you for the time management skills you need as a working nurse, but it could also be jerk teachers being jerks. I will nor have I ever let anything deter me from becoming a nurse. Once you’ve been accepted into nursing school, the next step is to figure out how to pay for it. I feel like people make it harder than it is. Nursing-Specific Exams . I have never experienced anything like it and likely never will again. The points worked like this...specific science courses (chemistries, microbiology, medical terms, pharmacology, etc etc) would grant you: When the time to apply to the program came, they threw everyone on a list, calculated your total points and test score, and just went down the list til they had the top 30 applicants. and they take clinicals very seriously. Here are 22 prime examples of just how hard nursing can be. Many people apply and they can only take a few. And it's hard because it's A LOT of information all at once. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the StudentNurse community. Nursing is Tough Work. I was never the brightest kid in school. Exhibit #5: The Volume of %#* To Do. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, ADN, RN| Critical Care| The Chill AF Mod| Sad, old cliche. It's different and a lot of people find it more difficult. Still glad I did it though. The questions are designed so that you have to reason through them. NCLEX Pass Rates. TAMADUITOAREA SARA MARIA. For me, nursing is no where near as mentally challenging than bio and chem. It really depends on the school and even the specific teacher. I'm a medical student now that got his Bachelors in nursing a few years ago. As someone who is about to complete medical school, and who went through nursing school for a BSN, the knowledge gap between the two is exponential. I have friends who live at home don't work and complain about how busy it is.. it's all relative. I learn the important shit so I'm competent), and study. Source: Aspiring nursing students must first apply and be accepted into a college degree program. Xavier is one of the few nursing schools in Cincinnati to offer a second-degree ABSN program. I believe how many outside commitments you have only intensifies things. Thanks! Senior project was a community outreach/health education fair we had to set up and run at a school for...behaviorally challenged kids (see also they all got kicked out of their regular high schools). Inpatient emergency, oncology, and critical care nurses have been studied and are found to be at high risk for compassion fatigue and nurse burnout (Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2016).Interestingly, the literature review also found that high rates of compassion fatigue and burnout are often coupled with high levels … Nursing school is hard for so many reasons. Frankly, yes. a five-minute shift report. Setting priorities means giving up things even when you might expect it. Do you want to get a jump start on Nursing School? AND YES, you need to know what you’re doing and WHY! After all this preparation and studying, most students are still nervous about taking the NCLEX. Hard isnt how I would describe it. Anonymous. Take my advice and do what I don't (I do, but half assed. If you approach them with a grad school attitude, they aren't bad. It is a ton of content and can include a lot of busy work (think "essay on my favorite historic nurse and how I will apply their methods to my nursing practice"). What's hard is the fact that the faculty act all annoying saying "THIS IS THE HARDEST THING IVE EVER DONE YOU SHOULD BE SCARED AND JUST DROP OUT NOW BC ITS SO HARD". Check out our free dosage calculation course! It’s not as hard as people say it is, but it is very hard for some people. The second-attempt pass rate for domestically-educated students taking the test was 45.56%. 2 year LPN and after that 1 year RN school. When I applied to the program I had already obtained an A.A.S. Sheena Maireen Saavedra, BSN, R.N. Hope that helps! Yes, but not because of the information. I got into nursing school with a 3.5 gpa but I had a strong essay and my TEAS score was 99%. Many potential nurses work hard to get into nursing school so that they can practice as nurses. I didn't do it in a college program. On some occasions, I milly rock at school to relieve the stress. You sound a bit like me. However, nursing school isn’t for the weak-stomached or faint-hearted. If you are not sure of the caliber of education, go pick up a few of the texts on nursing or the journals and browse through them. Looking back, I would have made some different decisions to try to alleviate as much life stress as possible during school because nursing school itself was very overwhelming without all of the other distractions. 90 is the A threshold. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on CNN. They routinely have to make life-and-death decisions for multiple patients at a time, often with little notice or preparation, i.e. While getting accepted into nursing school can be difficult the reward is well worth the hassle. Oh, forgot to mention that I was working on my master's for a diff non-science major, and this is not as difficult. report. I'm at the end of level one and the people we are seeing struggle are the ones that got behind. And no you don’t get paid for them either :/ So alllll of this makes nursing competitive and hard. I love to help people. For the most part you can’t just memorize everything and barf it back out on an exam. We welcome high school seniors to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. I don't know why I avoid studying but I do. Just how hard is this exam? Academically, it was moderately challenging, but that aspect was very manageable. I am currently taking prerequisites and am applying to a competitive ABSN program. I believe it is one of the more difficult but it is ludicrous to assert that it is more difficult than the path to becoming a physician with an MD ,DO, etc . I feel like I can't compare it well to those other majors, and it's hard to describe so that's the best I can do. Apart from the busy schedule and endless reading and memorization, you need to face intense situations that won’t only test your patience but your dedication, too. It's no where near the 'memorize and regurgitate facts' you've done before. In your RN program, you will work hard and study even harder. How Hard is Nursing School? In other words, you really need to be sure medical school is right for you before starting down the long road to … everything is a bit more spread out and not as RUSHED as the 2 year degree. Getting into a Nursing Program In the coming years, there is expected to be high demand for registered nurses. I almost failed that course as well...but almost failing is still passing. Enroll in our Free Dosage Calculation Class Today! While these tips just hit on a few strategies, I do hope you feel like there is a way up and out of the academic hole you find yourself in. 5 Answers. Nursing school isn’t for the faint of heart. It's mentally exhausting, sure. But after the dust settles, a hard reality sets it: Oh, no — you’ve been accepted into nursing school. Easy to get caught up in the gossip and high school nonsense. Nursing school sucked...not even gonna lie. Secondly, as an accelerated nursing student who is in the final stretch of her program, let me provide you with some survival tips: 1. It can be hard to get into nursing school, but if you study hard and plan ahead, you’ll have a much better chance of getting in! Studying and memorization could lead you to a correct answer. We’re type A personalities. There are many elements of truth to that. That’s up to $15 in savings. You’re starting nursing school this year and embarking on one of the most important journeys of your life. Another aspect that makes it more difficult is that there seems to be a culture designed to foster stress, at least it seems that way. In nursing school, it took me forever to complete care plans. I had to retake my sciences since they were more than 5 years old, and was missing a few other courses for my ADN program (nutrition, medical terminology, developmental psych). Favorite Answer. 0 0. They'll require you go to class, waste time, go to labs, add mandatory lab dates when you're scheduled to work, etc. I did, through both majors. Here's how you do it. Since we started in 2010, Nurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. YES, you should become competent in skill sets. Nursing school time management is one of the biggest hurdles you will have to conquer. Manage your time, ignore the drama and stress that magically seems to follow certain people, and stay in your lane. You may have 4 chapters to read for one class period. I'm guessing some of it is exaggeration for dramatic effect. Still, programs are competitive. By. Get a jump start on your Nursing Career. We welcome high school seniors to apply to our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. ADVERTISEMENTS Home NurseLife 6 Hard Truths You’ll Face Once You Become a Nurse. You're going to have to take some info from pharmacology, A&P and micro to noodle out the best answer. Nursing is one of the most difficult professions. If you are someone who was always fascinated by medicine, procedures, health, if you have cared for someone with chronic illness, if you have good communication and language skills, you have headstart. Get up to 20% off some of the best NCLEX prep courses on the market today! What I would say is that in order to make it, you have to have a passion that will carry you through and override any sense of Inadequacy you may feel from time to time. Does the School of Nursing provide lockers? You need to know how to determine which signs/symptoms are most important if there are multiple to choose from, how to prioritize, and even how to answer questions that you don’t know the answer to by using the information you do know. For example, in microbiology. Before you know it, you could be on your way to a rewarding career. Ended with hating almost all of them. How hard is nursing school?Hey guys! Hello I have been out of nursing school in Georgia for 29 years is there anyway that I can just the state board exam or do I have to attend school or anything. Answer Save. Is math in nursing school hard? Use nursing school as a coach to develop good habits – You can see nursing school as an obstacle to get past to become a nurse. Very frustrating and sometimes full of hopelessness.. but it's not impossible, and the content is manageable. This is really all relative , to some easy to others not so much. My ADN classes are about as difficult and heavy as the two 500 level classes I took back then were. It’s no exaggeration to say that medical school takes far more time and effort than nursing school. UCLA’s nursing school had 604 total students at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Not hard, but very demanding on your time. It's hard because it's application questions and 'hey we know you have zero experience with x situation specifically but in general how would you handle x situation' questions. First you take an A&P, 101 course on microbiology, a introductory 12 week course in "orgo/gen chem, Biochem" all combined superficially in 12 weeks, 12 week course in Pathophysiology 101. Nursing school was very stressful itself and it was hard to learn the balance of what was manageable to take on in addition to school. I got a 4.0 in all the nursing prerequs (chem, A&P1/2, micro, etc). School of Nursing Course delivery Our faculty, staff and students are working hard to support the pandemic efforts, reduce the spread of the virus, ensure students can continue their academic progression, and join the work force that needs them in whatever capacity that they are able to help. I am a terrible student when it comes to lectures i just felt like falling asleep all the time. I even got a stomach ulcer because I felt so burned out and stressed out. I was a CNA through school and worked weekends and THAT was hard! It makes all the difference. I believe I have a 92 in one, a 93 in another and a 94 in the last. There are different pieces of information to know; some require straight memorization and repetition (dosages, names, antidotes), while others require some deeper understanding (like the mechanism of action, applying it to a clinical situation). The amount of stuff to learn—Some people say that nursing school is hard because it requires you to learn a large volume of new facts, terminology, concepts, and practical skills. After high school, choose whether you want to complete a 2-year associate degree or a 4-year bachelor of nursing program. But succeeding in nursing school is possible if you put in the work, get organized and are willing to sacrifice some of your free time in the short term. But how hard is the NCLEX? I was at the top of the list from what I was told. I currently have a 3.8 and the only class I ever received a B in was “Nursing in Nutrition” and I missed an A by 0.8 . Are we talking like aerospace engineering or physics degree hard? Nursing News. Your letter of intent or admissions essay should demonstrate not only why you want to become a nurse, but also that you have what it takes to succeed in nursing school. I'm Caroline Porter Thomas with some information to help you prepare for success in nursing school. Nursing school is hard for all the above reasons, and then probably fifty-five more. Nursing school is hard for all the above reasons, and then probably fifty-five more. At the end of this road begins the journey of a lifetime. Getting one point wrong on one single test can really irritate us. I would have a better time if I was a better student. NurseLife; 6 Hard Truths You’ll Face Once You Become a Nurse. A community for nursing students and nurses who love students. One reason people find nursing school hard is that you have to be a strong critical thinker. :/. I have a good job, nearly limitless areas to go in to if I get burned out in one, employers BEGGING me to join their system (I got a $15k bonus for taking the job I have now), and sometimes at the end of the shift I feel like I've actually accomplished something and feel real great about what we've done as a team. med school interview process reddit. Nursing school teaches you how to not kill your patient so you can pass the NCLEX which is a minimum competency exam. Some choose to advance their education by applying for admission into CRNA school. Of those 30, 6 total failed out. 2. As a Nursing student are there any certification and/or documents that I need to submit? The stress of clinical, the stress of constantly performing and feeling like you’re under a microscope, the stress of living up to very subjective standards... it all takes a toll. (I've heard its very consuming and difficult) Is getting into nursing school very competitive? Either way you’ll become a nurse. An 80 was the minimum passing score and still counted as a C against your GPA. Leta April 30, 2020 at 3:59 am - Reply Hi everyone I am currently a LPN in NYC, and obtained my LPN license in 2002. Academically, all these are true. Time management. A place to discuss the topics of concern to the nurses of reddit. After some remarks, the department head said “Ok, look to your right and left”. I've been told by more than one MD that their partner is a nurse, and from what they saw, nursing school is harder than med school. Failing nursing school can be scary, especially considering how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. But other people enjoy this aspect of the training. Nursing is a vocation, not a job, and if you realise that and still want to be a nurse, it wont be hard to get through Nursing school. I think with good time management skills and great study habits and consistency you'll do fine. questions to answer. See more data on the 2018 pass rates here. Or maybe you are aiming to do better than in previous years of study. I got an A in both Anatomy and Physiology classes but did find the material to be challenging. Next semester will be very different. Nursing students do go to school and on top of their busy school schedules also go to the hospital to do their clinicals- which can range from 10 to 20 hrs a week. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's not. Sure, the content was tough, and lord knows some days I just cried myself to sleep because no matter how much I studied, some topics were just over my head. What is the curriculum of nursing school like? It is, however, clear that most of the programs offered by the schools are challenging and time-consuming. It’s also hard to go straight from no healthcare knowledge to being an RN, if you’re already in healthcare, it likely won’t be a terrible transition. Mental health-wise it was absolutely brutal. It’s like drinking water from a firehouse. Using your current financial and family situations, the FAFSA determines which government assistance … I’ve heard that obtaining a BSN is the most difficult undergraduate degree. Apply for multiple schools. Nursing school is very hard. Nursing school is one of the most rewarding paths you can consider for your future. But, with a solid time-management strategy, you can be the boss of your schedule, get to bed on time and still see your family and friends. 4 years ago. Nursing Videos. All over reddit and the internet, nursing students talk about how insanely hard nursing school is. In fact, it can take upward of 15 years (sometimes more) to become a practicing physician. Relevance. What was hard for me that I was doing the RN program while working as an LPN. Depends on what are your strengths, experiences and base knowledge. I think nursing school is a challenge in the sense that there is a lot of information to understand. 1. Nursing school teaches you how to not kill your patient so you can pass the NCLEX which is a minimum competency exam. To get into nursing school, potential students are often required to take a test specifically designed for nurses.Though little of the content is related to the exact duties of a nurse, the tests are meant to rate your abilities in areas such as comprehension, communication, critical thinking, as well as your knowledge of the core subjects involved in the healthcare field. I found very few of the subjects we covered difficult on their own, but the sheer breadth of what you're expected to know and the critical thinking involved in putting it together can be very challenging. Or, you can see it as an opportunity to develop lifelong habits that will serve you in every area of life. I guess I’m letting you know that you should expect the academics to be hard, the time requirements to be hard, but also don’t forget to expect sitting down and desperately wanting to do anything else but know you can’t and when you do it’ll hurt. NurseLife. were easy for me. My guess is that’s what people mean when they say it’s hard. Does it suck sometimes? First-Year Students are admitted to either a 4-Year Degree Track or a 4.5-Year Degree Track.. Dominican's Nursing Program for first-year students is direct entry based on successful completion of the pre-nursing requirements listed in the degree tracks. One of the hardest schools to get into is nursing school. Definitely adhere to the last part lol. As a nursing student, you will have to do much more than passing exams and tests. Lots of group projects (fml I hate group projects). We have 2 weeks between tests, and each of the 4 classes is a different subject matter. You have to understand not only the medical/physiology/pharm but also the nursing interventions. But … This reason closely dovetails with Exhibit # 1 and Exhibit #3…the schedule and all the material you need to learn make for a super long “to-do” list. Does that make any sense? The amount of stuff to learn: Some people say that nursing school is hard because it requires you to learn a large volume of new facts, terminology, concepts, and practical skills. My hobbies getting pushed away I was ready for at the first like 5 months. Press J to jump to the feed. That is why I strive so hard in college … Do the reading and pay attention in lecture and skills and you’ll be fine- that’s what all the nurses I work with (most have graduated within the last 5-10 years) have said. Skills/sim lab is a unique challenge but can also be fun at times. They talk about countless hours spent studying, giving up friends and family, breaking down in tears at least once a semester. However, at the end of the day (barring any med school apps/etc) the classes can be retaken with the only consequence being you delaying graduation a semester. It is a passion. Almost nothing from nursing school carried over to real life (thank god). In terms of the fail rate, the program I'm in has a very low one. Nursing Care Plans are Different. I've been sick as all hell with walking pneumonia. The freedom of undergrad bio/Chem was great. People switch careers all the time during their life and choose to go to nursing school in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s (yes, even 60s). Is nursing school really hard? 1. 4 the first semester and then the last two ate it to OB/Pediatrics course. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you don't study, you won't do well on the exams. Lots of busy work. If your Cs are in high school science you may have problems. For that reason, many of the people we talk to are unfamiliar with this type of program. In light of recent arguments made by militant nurses who argue that the required nursing courses to complete an associates degree or BSN is just as good as medical school. It’s not as hard as people say it is, but it is very hard for some people. Just be prepared for it to challenge you in ways you don’t expect, and have a good support system so that when you are frustrated and stressed and irritated for the umpteenth time you’ll have people willing to listen! Nursing students spend thousands of hours studying, going to classes, preparing for skills tests, and attending clinicals in order to prepare for graduation and taking the nursing licensure exam, the NCLEX. Nursing is as hard as you make it to be. The only actual prerequisite course was basic biology (though there were a lot of corequisites that you could take before or during nursing school) but if that's all you had, you weren't getting in and you'll see why when I talk about the point system. Whatever your level, these nursing school tips and strategies on how you can prepare for and survive nursing school will help you hit the ground running and stay on the top of your game throughout the year. The NCLEX is the test you’ll take to become certified as a nursing professional. They are multiple choice and select all that apply mostly which is nice but all the fuckin answers are correct....but which one is MOST correct...I wanted to flip my desk on many occasions. You have to be willing to spend time and effort on it. I get by on my former smarts alone. SRNAs say they have their noses to the grindstone all but the 3-4 hours of sleep they get each night, and they have some of the brightest, toughest, smartest instructors there are, who make life almost unbearably difficult… 17/11/2017 They even thrive on it because they simply love learning and growing. On paper, nursing school education seems pretty clear-cut and it makes sense, but as you’re going through it you realize that it’s actually a very convoluted, time-consuming, and challenging education! Most C students do not get into nursing schools. Same for A&P or pharmacology. Edit: Looking at your comments OP, I see you're curious on the requirements to get in to nursing school. . Many nursing students take these courses more than once. Ive been told how much easier FNP school is than CRNA school. Dec 29, 2010. are you taking any of these online? They want to see who can function through a certain level of stress and high see who will make it and who will crack. This thread is archived. ... Getting into the program can be difficult. Sooner or later I really got upset and angry and sad that I couldn’t go hike, finish my book, even find time to go to the gym. What's are the challenges of nursing school? Nursing is a wonderful profession that will challenge you emotionally and mentally and help you comfort and care for those in need. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, in 2017, the first-attempt NCLEX pass rate for U.S.-educated nursing students was 87%. Just how hard is this exam? I've found it easier (especially if your a busy person) to split it up so you dont physically have to be there and can do it on your down time- that way it wont be too stressful. Just take a look at the curriculum for the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing—a school that, by the way, is consistently ranked in the top three nursing schools in America. Sure, it will definitely be a challenge. Nursing instructors are used to that type of student. You have to build better work ethic, time management, critical thinking, cooperation skills and communication doesn't matter what is your starting point in it. If you don't prioritize, you'll scramble. In my opinion that's the most important part of becoming a nurse, and that's what can be the hardest. I was in an awful car accident that has had many mental consequences. By my third semester I was ready to bang my head against a wall and scream every day. First you take an A&P, 101 course on microbiology, a introductory … Because nursing is not all unicorns and rainbows. The tests are stupid hard and not something you will pass just by retaining information. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Worst experience of my life. USMCseng. Then it's hard because you have new skills to learn (ie how to properly help someone out of bed, how to properly give them medication, how to properly clean them up). It’s unlike anything you had to go through before. When I started my nursing classes (the formal part of classes after pre-requirements were filled) about 120 of us were all gathered into one large lecture room for the welcome/orientation to the Nursing school. What's are the challenges of nursing school? Like they're saying, every school is different so you'll have to see a counselor at any given school...but for your curiousity this is how my school was: Admission was based on a standardized test score (the TEAS) and a point based system. One reason people find nursing school hard is that you have to be a strong critical thinker. save. If you expect them to be like other 200 level classes, you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. Then, she startled us. It’s very hard to get into nursing school so once we get into nursing school and then we realize that we have to work a little harder maybe in nursing school than we did to get in, it can be very hard for us. share. The hardest part for me has really only been so hard because my boyfriend and I share a car, so I have to plan my work schedule + my school schedule + clinical schedule + his work schedule. 0 Likes. I opted to take ALL the nursing school corequisites prior to going into the program to make it easier on myself. It does take a lot of time. Search. Today, most students interested in this career have a purpose to what they want to become in future. You’ve probably heard it from working nurses that nursing school is one of the toughest things you’ll ever do. I heard that nursing schools have dosage calculation tests on the first day and if someone doesn't pass it, then they're kicked out of the program! hide. Nursing school is as hard as you make it. We still have a final test AND the final and a HESI or two left in the school year. I expected it to be academically rigorous and I prepared and planned for it. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis after July 1st. Well I guess what I'm asking is for personal experiences. I mean do the teachers teach you how to do the calculations? If you have the time and money go for the four year degree. Is nursing school hard? Has anyone here been through nursing school? People also warned me about giving up things like family time and hobbies. so. Any insight or help would be appreciated! I wouldn't say that school is hard, but the amount of studying and preparing for tests and clinical days, It was hard in that way.